Draw This Again | 2016 – 2018

Draw This Again | 2016 – 2018

– [Instructor] Hello there, YouTube. It’s me, Tori and how are you doing today? I’m swinging on by to say, Hey, what’s up? In today’s video I’m mainly sharing what I’ve been up to lately and a long overdue 200
thousand subscribers here on YouTube celebration kind of thing. So, yes, more about that
towards the end of this video, but the artwork I am working on today is a draw this again of a
piece I did back in 2016. Some of you may remember this artwork from the Riggers art
palette video that I did way, way, way back then. And I don’t have the
original artwork any more but I do have this like Patreon
postcard to reference from. And I also don’t have the
original water colors used, I believe they were like the Winsor Newton Cotman tube edition, which I do have like fond memories of. I sometimes like wish for them again. I gave them away to a friend. So instead, I’ll be using the Prima Tropicals watercolor palette because I really dig this palette. I love it so much. Like, I can’t stop yapping about it. And I’m also working
in my Stillman and Bird beta edition sketchbook. My goal is to wrap up this sketchbook for the World Watercolor Month Challenge. Yes, it was during the month of July and it’s already August,
but I really wanted to like, you know, make some more
paintings for a future zine that I will love to create
celebrating this challenge. I’m not sure if I mentioned
what World Watercolor Month was on my YouTube channel, so, any whoozzles, it’s a 31-day challenge of
using watercolors everyday. It’s hosted by Doodlewash and the event is to raise
awareness for art education to get art supplies for kids who need them via the Dreaming Zebra Foundation. So this is pretty much where
I disappeared to last month. Like I heard about it and
I was immediately like, I have to join. Yeah, I love their whole mission. It just really does resonate with me. And I wish to contribute as much as I can. And, I love how this challenge
encourages the community to try watercolors, even
like first-time users. And just, you know, have fun, be creative. And their partnership with
the Dreaming Zebra Foundation, it’s so cool. Okay, so, the Dreaming Zebra, they accept both monetary donations and new and gently-used art supplies. So, if you have any, like
beginner watercolor sets that you outgrew, but they
still have some life to them, give it to the Dreaming Zebra because they will match
it up, send it someone that has like a request for
these particular art supplies. And these, they like reach
out and support like all sorts of communities around the world. And did you know that a
$10 donation, you know, sends art supplies to a child? And I believe it was like $100 that supports a whole classroom? Like, I really want to do
my best to make an art book so that way I can raise funds and support as many of these classes as possible. I want to make this happen
so I thought the best way that I could do this was to,
you know, make an art book of all the paintings I
make during the challenge. And I thought that would
be like the best way for all my followers to
have access to the art that I produced. May have been in PDF
form or a physical book. Hopefully I could raise more
funds to donate directly to the Dreaming Zebra. So, yeah, that’s what I’ve
been up to like in July. I’m really inspired to do this. I love a good charity. And I just want to do my best,
I want to utilize my platform and my skillsets to, you
know, promote art education in communities that cut back
funding on art education. The artwork in this video will be included in that future book. I have a few more pieces
that I wish to make so I can improve the
value and make it worthy of your dollars. Like, I really want to
pour my all into this. So thank you so much
for like your patience as I work on this as I
disappeared like I always do. I’m such a spontaneous Tori. But any whoozles, more
about the actual artwork. This video did take a detour
but I really wanted to share with you like what’s been on my mind and what has been inspiring me to create. And on that tangent or
that note of inspiring me, this particular piece
was inspired by summer and all the cute strawberry
themes popping up lately. This is also totally random
but ColourPop recently released a strawberry shake eye shadow palette. I am a makeup junkie. Ah, it’s so stinking cute. And, no, I did not buy it,
I’m resisting the urge. And instead, I’m redirecting
that into like creative energy and channeling it back into my art. And, while that was
happening, I was also recently going through all of my
previous Patreon postcards, because I’m adding them into
an exclusive Patreon shop, and I saw this postcard. And it just clicked. I had all sorts of like fluffy
memories of making this piece and just like, I really
do appreciate the charm that’s present in my old style and I sometimes find myself missing it. So, I just, I want to
tap back into that energy and what made my artwork
delightful back then. So my goal for today was to
not directly copy this piece but use it as a launching
pad and hopefully, you know, mix a few ingredients and see
what I make in my style today. Now for the art process. The first thing that I did was
a whole bunch of thumbnails, trying to figure out the pose. I couldn’t nail the
particular twist in the body that I did like years ago, so I had to puzzle it out myself, take a whole bunch of selfies
and then I sketched it out until like things clicked and I understood what was going on. I also took a few notes
of things that I enjoyed about the OG piece, like how delicate the
wash on the skin was, it was as if it was glowing. And I really enjoyed how
I simplified the shapes and how it just screams
like just so much cuteness and so much charm, like
it’s the driving force in this piece that just, it’s captivating. I hit the reference photo a lot throughout the whole painting to make sure I wasn’t
directly pulling colors from like the OG, but just get inspired by what was happening on the page with the Prima watercolors. And really just enjoy the colors that was mixing from that set. I think the painting started really well with just, you know,
dashing in some flat color and just being luminous
and not getting caught up in the nitty-gritty details. Things did get a little bumpy
when I was being indecisive about the eyes. In watercolors, you want
to commit to an action and not noodle. And the more you like scrub the
paper, you actually muddy up the luminosity of your wash. So how I messed up the eyes was that lately I have been inspired
to paint darker eyes. Before I would kind of
avoid them and opt for like a very vivid, light
high-key rainbow color eye. It’s only been like probably this year that I find myself creating like browns and richer earth-tone colors. It’s kind of like I am
embracing my own eye color and it’s really interesting
to see that shift within my own interest
and taste as an artist. But yes, going back and
forth on wanting light eyes and dark eyes, then light
then dark then light and dark, I just destroy the paper, I
lost the optical brightness of the paper and it just turned into like a black flat hole. It just didn’t, you
know, it wasn’t cohesive with the rest of the painting. Ah, oh well, there’s
so much for me to learn about watercolors and
much more to practice, so this was a great indicator
of like where I stand. Some errors that I need to just iron out. Okie dokie, more about
like the bright side and a few of my favorite
parts about today’s piece. And like one of them is
how I simplify the shapes. It’s like, it’s so cool. How, you know, I identified
one thing that I loved about the original and carried that theme over to the new one. And I enjoy this in particular
in the shadow wash area on her left arm. Like it has this striking design with a smooth wash and
like subtle hue shifts, but it’s simplified but
conveys the information and I just found that delightful. I’m also fond of the updated figure work. Like before, of course, it
was really stylized, cartoony, there’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s incredibly cute. It’s fascinating to see
that information conferred to something a little bit more realistic. So, in this particular
piece, I enjoy how the volume of the form took shape. For example, the distribution of weight. And what I mean by this is
how she’s carrying her body like, what is the movement? How is she swinging from left to right? How is she shifting her weight
from one leg to the other? Kind of as if it was a body in motion. Overall, I am really happy that I sat down to do this whole exercise. Like it was such a great
experience to kind of like look back on my older work and
try to bring those elements into like my current style. And it was just, it was a good
old time, I had a lot of fun and it was a interesting
kind of reflection into like my whole art journey as a whole that every step I constantly have to like relearn the basics because I am pulling different information into like my style so it’s
comforting to know the, you know, frequent pattern that appears within our journey and that
you kind of get an idea what comes next. And if you’re stuck you
can kind of look back on how you tackled the
problem in the past. So, ah no, I’m having fun. For those who are curious, I do have a few of the OG Patreon postcards
left of the strawberry girl. I’m currently in the process
of updating my website. I’m trying to like, you
know, make a new storefront for my Patreons and
also update the shipping and make it more eco-friendly. But, yes, any whoozles,
once that is all done it will be available to my Patreons because the artwork is
limited to my patrons. Oh yes, the giveaways. So I’ve been meaning to do
this since like the beginning of this year when we
actually hit 200 thousand, but I haven’t found like the
perfect opportunity to do so. I wanted to do like a dedicated video, but it just wasn’t happening. So, we’re going to dive in and do it now. So yes, I have a few goodies
that were given to me by other companies once they heard like that I hit 200 thousand and I wanted to do something special. So Art Philosophy donated
two of their Prima Palettes, the Woodlands and the Odyssey. I haven’t tried either one of these yet, so I’m kind of of jelly
that the winner will. And the Silver Brush
Company was super cool and donating a curated set
of their various brush lines which includes my super
favorite black velvet round number two brush. I love this brush for detailing, it’s like a dreamboat. I also included the Paul Rubens palette that I bought with my own money. Since I already have a duplicate set, I will love to give
this one to a new home. So let’s be twins. The give away is free to enter. All you have to do is be a subscriber and comment your favorite
video that I’ve made so far. Like, I’m really excited to read this. And if you want, comment
what you like to see next because I would love to read that too. Yes, more details about the
giveaway in the description down below. Thank you all for being a
part of this YouTube channel. It has been a true joy
creating videos for you. It kind of feels like
we have grew up together over the years. And I really do look
forward to where we go next. So cheers to continuing
our art journey together. We’re going great places. So yes, don’t forget
to like and subscribe. And just keep on drawing,
I’m rooting for you and sending you many great vibes. See you later, okay? Bye!

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  58. Congrats on 200k! I just recently found your channel and I love your videos. My favorite video of yours is when you painted skin tones with the prima complexion set
    Ig: andrewpalmer6360

  59. My favourite video of yours has to be the one where you told everyone that you are going on a break because you wanted to bring learn how to draw and start all over again and I found that extremely inspirational I thought that somebody of your ability and artistic skills who good look at their own work and think that it wasn’t good enough or not that it wasn’t good enough that you wanted it to be better in it was and how you wanted it is so related bought everything all of the artist out there and then watching you do the things that you’ve done and relearn and constantly strive to be the best artist that you can be is so inspirational to me as a fellow artist! I really love your videos and I can’t wait to see what you do next one of my favourite things are you do is these perspective drawings of your girls and all the Mecha stuff love it!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  60. my favourite video is the prima complexions palette one!! the outcome was gorgeous and it was incredible to watch your process 🥺💕 (ig: @spideysuyt)

  61. My favourite video is 100% the one called something like “starting a new sketchbook”. The reason why I love this video so much is because it always reminds me that it is okay to be messy in a sketchbook and just have fun and learn what to do and what not to do. This video really changed my view on what a sketchbook is for so THANK YOU for that!
    If the universe somehow should hear my wish and let me win this give away my instagram is RoseMuzen_Art

  62. I still really enjoy your skin tones with prima watercolor video because it's still something I struggle with. Congrats on 200k!

  63. my favorite video was the one where you did the haul with the fish pencil case. That's when i started binge watching your videos a year ago, also your christmas vlogs were relaxing and well edited. Your watercolor method is also part of the reason i got back into art.

  64. Iv'e been watching your channel, i don't even know how long. And a part of me realy liked your old drawing style. But the fact that you changed style and eveloped the style to somthing you love is such a insperation. Because the change is in your own hands. Thank you for keeping our spirit up, and for inspiring us. And my favorite is acutually the one with megera (hercules) from 3 years ago

    agand_alf (insta)

  65. I was super excited to see that you had put up a new video; and now even more excited because of your ridiculously enticing giveaway! :B

    Watching your videos has really helped me with seeing the joy I used to get from the process of creating. I struggle on a daily basis with mental health issues, and one of the areas that suffers most is my ability, or belief in myself to be creative. Back in January when you started your "Back to Basics" series it was like you *kneeeeew*, and then later on with "Starting a New Sketchbook + 5 Motivational Reasons to Sketch!"… your videos have just helped me SO MUCH in gradually learning not to overthink as much about the creative process, and that the "easy" and "simple" exercises are very valuable no matter what skill level we're at; and that not everything we produce needs to be "for" something else and that finally, in fact creating purely for ourselves and our own enjoyment IS worth doing, and is actually GOOD for us. <3 <3 <3
    Whatever else you decided to do in your videos going forward I'm sure will be just as wonderful as all that have come before 🙂
    IG: @somadcreations

  66. Congrats tori💖 🎉 its amazing to see you grow everyday <3 my absolute favorite video is where you painted skin colors with prima watercolors! And I love how you review products genuinely❤️
    Ig: softitannie

  67. Your art changed so much, both art styles look amazing !! My favorite videos from your channel are probably the art sabbatical videos those where really fun to watch 🙌❤️

  68. Congrats on 200k subscribers!! I know I’ll get there one day, and I’m super excited!! My favorite video of yours so far is the “Painting Skin Tones w/ Prima Complexion Watercolor”. It turned out so beautifully, and painting skin tones is something I still need a lot of practice with. I really love your work and drawing style btw!!! Anyways Insta is: @mangalove_6788art

  69. I remember the first video I watch from you being the Honey from Big Hero 6 and gosh I could just watch your videos for hours just because they're always so calming. I love your style and how you do watercolor are goals <3 I kind of want to see you try to imitate your old style again as like a fun challenge with the copic markers, prismacolor pencils, uniball signo white pen, and the pilot brush pen! My favorite of your recent would be theee painting with markers process, that was really fun to watch how you used the markers !!! Lots of love to you Tori, congratulations!!!

    IG Handle: featherwishes

  70. I love you and all of your works. I have watched almost all of your watercolor videos, and they are all my favorite where I always come back and rewatch.💕
    IG: alleyah_ovo

  71. Congratulations, Tori!!
    My favourite videos would have to be vlogmas where you had so much fun with your family and mr honi but also showed off your day to day artist life too.

    Instagram: FayeWulf

  72. the fave one? has to be the one where you got the tropical set, it was so delightful to hear you being so so so so so happy with the colors and the paints and just melting with joy, I loved it. and the piece you did was wonderful, as is this one (and most of your pieces). I think you were the one creator that actually got me interested and excited about watercolors, you have such a passion for them, it's contagious. thank you so much for being here.
    and for the off chance the random picks me inst: cathygrechca

  73. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! A give away 😀 Yay! I'm so happy for you! And id love to win! My Instagram is @soulfulartkarp an my email is [email protected] I can't wait to see who wins! My favorite videos that you've done are the ones where you show us new watercolor palettes like the prima watercolors!

  74. This is a great video Tori! I love the way you have her posed, you can almost see her sway back and forth! I have to say there are many of your pieces that are beautiful, but I really like the Patreon post card for January from the video "Painting Skin Tones with Prima Complexion Watercolor."

  75. My favorite is definitely 10000% the Water Based Art Techniques video you did since it turned out so wicked and it's super cool watching you break everything down!! Congrats on the 200k you deserve it so much!!!

  76. my favorite video was your painting skin tones video!! overall though i love watching every single video and seeing the beautiful progression of each piece unfold!! @lavaunx

  77. Congrats! My favourite videos are the ones where you try or use an art supply that you really love. Your excitement is contagious and makes me want to create! It also makes me want to buy the supplies … haha. Content wise, I enjoy the videos where you are trying to learn something (level up!) like the video you made on Monochromatic Master Copy Study. Watching someone learn something new is a bit cathartic and parallel of my own art journey and reinforces the idea that there is always more to learn and that the art journey is a constant process, you don't just wind up one day being good, you are constantly working on yourself and your expression. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what you create in the future!
    IG: @neikedjour

  78. It was a true joy to SEE your videos. As favorite video of yours I truly love your Nashville urban drawing series where you did life drawings of some Nashville views. Also that one landscape video from 2016? Or was it 2017? It is truly a priviledge to see your videos and to see your progress which is fantastic and at the same time it's so unreal because when I subscribed (on my other account) around 2016 your artstyle was already incredible. But you get better and better everytime which is very inspiring

  79. Hi Tori! I've been watching your videos for awhile now but I'm too shy to even post a comment hahaha. Anyway, I love watching your art videos especially when you review art materials and one that stick to me the most was your review on the handmade palette you bought from etsy. This is the video that I can recall because I was looking around etsy for handmade watercolor and wanted to check out first if there's a review on handmade watercolor. I would love to win on your giveaway but if I don't it's totally fine. I'm already learning a lot from watching your videos. My IG handle is: @snowfairy

  80. Hey! My favorite video is when you decluttered your watercolor supplies. Your videos are just so fun to sit down and watch after long days. @hafsa.n.art

  81. Congratulations on the 200k 🎊
    I have been watching your videos since the how to find your art style video it was super helpful😊 I think my favorite video of yours would be the one where you drew the fluffy princess (it's one of the sketchbook challenge ones) something about that video is just really calming and it stuck with me to this day ❤️

    I'm currently not posting on insta, but my username is invuart 🤗

  82. Hello Tori what a wonderful challenge! Didn´t know about it before but what a great idea that you are participate in it. And for the giveaway: I think my favorite video is the sabbatical video where you talk about travel supplies because it made me want to grab my stuff and go paint outside of my comfort zone (Travel Art Supplies + Paul Ruben Watercolor Palette Swatches)
    Also congrats for the 220 000 subs !!!!
    Instagram: @miss.moon.draws

  83. Congrats for the 200k! What change :O

    I love the vlogmas videos, they show little moments like when you want to try something new and create something even if it's not perfect, just doing it.

    IG: zcreol_art

  84. Yes amazing! Def the best video the process was so good and i love seeing how artists mature and change their style over the years! Cheers from Greece @didepux

  85. congrats on 200k!!
    i think this video is my favourite because i used to watch you a bunch when i was younger and recently i revisited your channel and i really got to see how much you’ve improved over time
    instagram: @megmcmolly

  86. I'd have to say my favorite video by you is the old "How to Find Your Style" video from 4 years ago, where you drew Sailor Mars with copic markers. I was just starting to learn about copic markers at the time, and Sailor Mars was always my very favorite because of her personality and abilities. Your voice was relaxing, and has only gotten better since then! Thanks for this giveaway, and congrats on 200k! My Instagram tag is @kittystarkkreations~

  87. I’m so happy I watched this vid! I have way too many watercolors that I’m not using, and was looking for an awesome place to donate them! Thanks so much! 💜

  88. Hello Tori! It's a pretty old video but I've always enjoyed the video where you did the fanart of Megara from Hercules. I think it's such a cute rendition of her! Love your content, wish the best for you!

  89. I’m a little biased but my favorite video by you was the creative brushes review, it was the first video I watched from you on YouTube (I found you on twitch first but I didn’t put two and two together) and wound up getting the brushes because you looked like you were having so much fun painting with them and that’s the experience I wanted with them to (I am glad to say that the experience so far has been wonderful)
    My Instagram handle: queeniki_

  90. My favorite video from you was pretty much your sabbatical series 😍😍 I’ve been a follower for a long time and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come 🙂 You deserve it

  91. Wow!! It's so inspiring to see how your art has changed! It's hard to pick a favourite video but I do really like the one where you talk about starting a new junk sketchbook, I'm trying to do more of that kind of art myself so it's very motivating to hear you talk about it 😊 insta: tor.robinson

  92. My favorite video by you so far are definitely your Sabbatical series. I love the fact you took time off to take a deeper look on your art and to focus on re-learning and growing your art. You’re my number one inspiration to keep art and watercoloring in my life even though I’m majoring in law now! Thank you for being such an inviting and inspiring figure to many of us!
    [email protected]

  93. I'd say my favourite video of yours is the one where you used Prima Complexion Watercolors and achieved that very pretty green color. Love your videos and streams and stuff<3
    ig: dorylan_

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