Draw Spooky Pumpkin | Step-by-step Tutorial

Draw Spooky Pumpkin | Step-by-step Tutorial

Helloww My Friends !!!! How are you? Fine? Noo?? I hope you are…….(Cough) Okay so I hope you are fine & doing well first of all happy Halloween
to all of you in advance wishing you a fun & spooky Halloween filled with lots of Yummy treats I was extremely busy lately
with some personal matters at home and didn’t push it even a single video for
you guys but now I’m back with a huge amount of motivation and some new goals
for upcoming months and I’m going to start posting again on weekly basis
secondly I recorded a complete bonus tutorial for you guys on this spooky
Halloween mask and I will edit & post a video tomorrow anyways today I’m going
to show you a simple and easiest method to draw spooky Halloween pumpkin it’s a
step by step video so grab your pencils and let’s get started! You can DISABLE subtitles fom settings. so as always I’m going to use these
three types of shades for this drawing A Darker grade pencil such as 9b 8b or
7B A medium grade pencils such as 5B 4B or 3B and a lighter grade pencil such as b or HB I already drew this rough outline using a B pencil and I always draw these rough outlines using grid method or freehand in this case I have
uploaded both the reference image and grid reference on my website link is in
the description as always and now I’m gonna darken this outline with a sharp tip B pencil and now I’m going to use the same B
pencil to fill the whole outline with a lighter base shade make sure the strokes are closer to each other and don’t press too hard against the paper we need a smooth and texture
free shade as a base for this sketch okay as we are done with this base
shading let’s grab our dry brush and blend the shades slowly and smoothly BTW it’s a soft synthetic watercolor
brush of size 1/2 you can use whatever size you have but make sure to blend the shades smoothly and here you go now I’m gonna use this 3b pencil to add some
darker shades on the pumpkin I’m gonna add some darker shades in and
around the grooves to make it a little bit more three-dimensional you can download
and follow the reference image if you want as the light source is on top front so
we are going to shade according to that first of all you have to add some
darker shades on this left side groove starting from a darker tone and moving
towards the lighter one same procedure for the second grove you can also add some random lines
between each groove to make it look more realistic repeat the same process on the other
side but make sure the direction of the shade is opposite to the left side now adding some shades on the lower side
using the same 3b pencil now take a dry brush and blend these
shades smoothly do it slowly and smoothly or you will
mess up the shades now takes your 9B or whatever
darkest shades you have and fill the inside of the pumpkin again do it slowly
and precisely now take your 3b pencil and add some
darker shades on this inner portion of the pumpkin Inner shade will be darker than
the outside and corners will be more darker as you can see here blend theshade with a smaller size brush repeat the same process on the other
side moving on to the lower portion you just have to change the direction of
the shade for each portion to make it look three-dimensional or you can say
more realistic blending the shade with a dry brush now moving on to the final and most
important part which is adding the highlights I’m going to use this tombow
mono zero eraser for this purpose if you don’t have this mono zero eraser
you can cut out a sharp piece of eraser and use it for this purpose or you can
make a replica of Mono zero eraser at home you can find the video in the cards but in this video I’m gonna keep using
this mono zero eraser because it’s easier to hold and you can use it like a white
pencil BTW, you can also use a white pencil if you have one I’m gonna keep adding some highlights
near the edges and grooves again do it slowly and precisely or you will mess up
the shades I’m going to keep the video speed slow
for this portion so you can follow along and use it as a reference for highlights okay so we are done with the highlights
let’s grab our 9b pencil and shade the stem just add some spiral texture or darker
shade on the lower part and a lighter shade on the upper part and you are good
to go you can also add some shadow below the
Pumpkin using a 3b pencil add a darker shade near the base and a
lighter shade around it now blend the shade with our dry brush and here you go

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