Draw On Video | Filmora Effects & Transitions

Draw On Video | Filmora Effects & Transitions

People have asked me, “Daniel is it
possible to use Filmora to scribble on your screen?” and my answer to that is… Maybe! Stick around, I’ll show you how! Hit the subscribe button and click the notification Bell to be part of the conversation The first thing you want to do is open up Microsoft Paint or any Photoshop type application that you might have on your computer but you can do this with just Paint, which is one of my favorites! Now this is really similar to the Indiana Jones map animation that we did not that long ago. We’re going to create an open space sized at least 1280 by 720p… that’s
16:9 in the aspect ratio and all you want to do is select black, take
your paint can and turn it black We just want a black canvas The first thing we want to do is save this black canvas somewhere on our computer so that we can
come back to it later and use it in the project Next what we’re going to do is
select the white color, select the brush go for the largest line we can and then
try to draw a reasonably straight line across this horizontally That was awful! Perfect Once you’ve got your line Save that as well while we’re here let’s
create a dot in case we do anything like a lowercase “i” and need to put a dot on
the top or an exclamation point Let’s save that as well Now let’s bring our
black screen and our line into Filmora and bring them down into our timeline we
want to put the blank screen first and then the one with the line on it right
after it on the same track click on the transitions tab and then find your “Erase
slide” transition Bring that down and put it right between the split of the two and stretch it out all the way You’ll remember that this reveals the line and makes it look like an actual line is being drawn across the video itself let’s export that and now let’s open up a new project with
our actual footage in it Now in this actual project we’re gonna want the
footage that we filmed the line transition that we’ve created and our
black screen with a dot somewhere in it let’s bring our main footage down into
the timeline I’m going to find the area in the footage where I pretend to start
drawing on the screen and once I get there I’m gonna bring our line footage
down and drop it right there now I want to find the spot in this line
footage where it actually starts drawing which looks like it’s right there I
don’t need this beginning section let me trim that click on it and delete it and
this should be drawing my line right about here and where it ends I can stop
and trim the excess off as well so here’s my basic line footage now the
first thing I want to do is wherever this line footage is is I can’t see
through it because it’s on black so I’m gonna double left-click on that footage
and in the upper left I’m going to choose the chroma key feature and
activate it by putting a check in the box next to it now this presets to a
green chroma key but I have black as a background so I’ll click on the
eyedropper move over into the field of the preview window and click in the
black area that will now remove the black and just leave this white section
of line can you see it moving around there now the first thing I notice is
it’s moving in the wrong direction let’s go down to the lower left and let’s lock
our main footage so I don’t accidentally move it and in the upper left let’s
relocate and rotate this particular line so it lines up with what I was actually
pretending to draw on the screen my finger started up here let’s see if I
can align that with the tip of my finger and as that
comes down I want that line to move with my finger now my finger is much faster
than the line now this might seem problematic but it isn’t all you need to
do is right-click on that line click speed and duration and then we can
increase the speed to whatever we want eight times as fast let’s see how that
lines up that’s much better can you see what’s
happening but it’s going too far it should have ended right back about here
so let me left-click and grab this and shorten it it’s still a little bit ahead
so I’m going to speed it up a little bit more maybe 9 was our right number these
little adjustments take time but when you do it right it really looks like
you’ve got something great going on that’s pretty close it looks like I drew
a line okay so from there what we want to do is right at the end the very last
frame not before it disappears but back one frame where you can still see that
white line on the screen let’s take a snapshot of that image and the way to do
that is to shut off your main footage click on the camera icon then it creates
a snapshot of that exact position let’s bring that down into the timeline and
then we can turn our main footage back on and because we took a snapshot the
same effects are applied to this snapshot and it’s already got the chroma
key built in and we’ll sit here do you see what we’re doing here kind of cool
huh and if you want that to stay even longer you could drag it out to the very
end and that will stay as long as you want based on how long you drag that
snapshot for so we draw the line the snapshot stays and that line stays there
now one thing I noticed let me backtrack for a second I thought that the line
that I drew was a little thin and hard to see so when I went into that track in
the up early left under the chromakey settings I
actually changed it so that the edge thickness was a little bit bigger and
that actually gave it a bit of a black outline and I pulled the feathering back
and what that did was it allowed my white line to have a bit of a black
outline to it can you see what that did there so now when I go to my last screen
I can say all right here’s one frame before the end we want to turn off our
main track lose the visibility because we do not want that to be in our
snapshot so let’s take a snapshot and then turn our main track back on and
let’s bring that down next to our moving line and now you’ll see it draws that
line with a black outline and stays there
very cold nice face Daniel we can actually reuse some of these pieces I
know I draw a second line right next to this so I’m gonna left click on this
first section of moving line then I’ll right-click and click copy I’m gonna add
one more video track in the left I’m gonna click on it to activate it and I’m
gonna right click in that track and then click paste now I want to line that with
where my finger is my finger starts right up about here so that’s the second
line let me grab that and move it over now the problem is it’s actually
overlapping the first one you can’t even see it but if I lock all the other
tracks then I can go up in the preview window let me move a little bit forward
so you can actually see the line it’s overlapping the first let me grab that
and move that over to where my finger is actually drawing it looks like it’s a
little low I can probably move it a little higher I probably could have done
a better job of writing the word high but it draws that high and right there
is where I kind of want it to end so one frame before the final line let’s take
another snapshot we want to turn off the other tracks first though let’s
eliminate the visual of the other track so we just see this second line let’s
take a snapshot and let’s bring that snapshot down
right next to our second line now we can turn our other two tracks back on and if
I did this right I should be able to see two lines being drawn starting back here
one two you see what I did that’s all that I’ve been doing here let me do one
more line I’ll do the cross section of the age so again let’s go up to the add
video track add one more we’ll right-click on any one of our scribble
tracks and click copy and then let’s find with this next line across starts
right Oh dare let’s click on the track we want
to drop it into and then right click and hit paste now we have that line here and
let’s click up in the preview screen and that will allow me to modify this
cross-section I’m going to turn it because this one goes the other way I’m
going to shrink it down it’s not nearly as long a line as that other one but I’m
gonna fatten it up I must stretch it this way can you see where it’s at it’s
far too low it’s way down here so I need to click and I need to bring that up to
where my finger is somewhere in there and I want it to start right about at
the edge of that page I’m gonna use some of the edge things to pull that into
place it looks like right in here and it’s a little slow so let me look at
that again it comes across starts drawing a line it’s a little too slow
it’s behind my finger so let me take the speed and duration and let’s bring that
up a tad let’s go to like a nine it’s pretty close that looks kind of like an
H so again from that one frame before let’s turn off all the other tracks
because whatever we screen capture and take a photograph of is gonna show up in
that photograph so let’s only capture this one
horizontal line click on the snap shot and now we have that horizontal line
right where it ended let’s bring that down into the track and put it right at
the end of where we stopped and turn on the other tracks let me shrink this down
let’s take a peek at how that looks perfect did you see that I’m holding
down the right arrow key on my keyboard to scroll through this timeline in
slower motion h-bomb and that’s all you do you do the same to create the eyes or
whatever letters you want to do now a letter like a C or an S that has a lot
of curves to it can be trickier and you’re gonna have to play around with
the motion of these but that’s all you’re doing is overlaying these each to
create these letters the way I created that wipe effect is I actually turned
off the main track I exported this sequence and you know when we export and
bring it back in we call that a bounce so I bounce that sequence and came back
into filmora and just imported that entire scribble
as an overlay once I dropped that down in place I left clicked on that track
and I again activated the chrome key and selected black now the way I created the
wipe was right where my hand starts to wipe I actually split this footage I
deleted the second half and up in the upper left I brought down a sample color
of black I clicked on that black color I also added a black chroma key and then
in between the two I used an erase transition the erase slide to create
that wiping effect as my arm came across it actually wiped out the high nice now
I also added some squeegee sound effects to make it seem like I was actually
writing on something but you can do whatever you want at this point and
really create an effect of writing on the screen that can be super convincing
if you want to learn more cool transitions and effects from Filmora, be
sure to click on this video right here

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