Draw My Tweet!

Draw My Tweet!

R: We are playing a game that we made up. (chuckles) R: It’s–well, we didn’t really make it up. It’s like Pictionary. R: It’s called Draw My Tweet. R: We’re gonna ask people to send us tweets of things to draw. R: It’s gonna be #DrawMyTweet R: We’re gonna split up into teams and draw the tweet. Your team has to guess what it is. R: If you don’t get it, you don’t get a point. R: Monkey see monkey do winner (Chuckles) I don’t know W: First we’ll split up into two separate teams… W: Then we’ll each put a tweet out asking for suggestions of what to draw. W: One team will go first and pick one person to start drawing… W: while the other two will be the guessers. W: The other team picks three tweets for the player to draw and that person has to get his two teammates… W: to guess what he’s drawing within 60 seconds. W: Each correct guess is 1 point and each drawer get the opportunity to get 3 points. W: Each team takes a turn and each individual player takes 1 turn. W: And the team with the most points at the end wins. All right. Let’s play. R: How about we just do a cover? AHEM, ready? Five, six, teehee band (that was waaaay too hard to understand) R: He-hi-ho-hahhahahhah (Ukuleles playing) R:It’s [me, Will, and Josh] vs. [Derrick, Sean, and Greg] R: Everybody, welcome Josh to RHPC!!!! All: Ooga Chugga, Ooga Chugga, Ooga Chugga, Ooga Chugga, Ooga, Ooga, Ooga, Ooga, Hercules, Hercules, hercules (VERY HARD TO TRANSLATE) -claps- S: Hey, Ryan, nice haircut. J: Hey, Sean, nice haircut.
W: Nice haircut. All: Ooga Chugga, Ooga Chugga, Ooga Chugga, Merichugga W: We got our names. R: We’re spot..WE’RE SPOT! for short R: Stinky Pile Of Doodles [ Fart sound effect ] R: Spot baby SPOT SPOT-
Team Spot: -SPOT SPOT D: Stinky pile of doodle-RS D: -is what we are. R: That’s wack. [ Chuckes ] Only a doodle person would say that [ All talking over each other ] Pen 15s (x3) Alright, we are going with the Pen 15s cuz we got… how many pens? Let’s draw their own logo. Fif… [Oh, okay.] ty. We got twelve. Scoreboard: 0/0 pen fifth TEEEEEEENSS (??????????) I’ll give a point to you guys cuz your logo is better. Tweet it. Everyone, tweet #drawmytweet Yeahhhhhh. Playing a new game we drew–we made up. Why are you starting off with your with your number one? [ah] there’s Jeff Nick boys. Oh, I like that one That’s a fun one. Oh, yeah, you got to remember — this is Greg drawing Oh, shoot. So that might be easy. True dat. Go! How much time we got? 30…uh…60 seconds Alright, it’s uh, DOG. MARLEY. Pikachu. YODA. Uhhhh… Uhhh… Teddy. No? Uh… Damn, he’s good. What the heck is that? He’s good. Oh, a band-aid! A raccoon?
-ding- Nice. -bunch of people yelling- It’s a… Smiley face. Uhhhh… Regina! Regina! Oh my go– Jenna Marbles. Uuh, Miranda! -ding- Uuuuh… A PUDDLE! A hand!! Octopus! Uum, flubber! A JACKAL! A dead person! Oh right. A dead person? Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! 7 6 What is that? Amoeba? 5 Oh, is it that throwing that stick can thing? That toy. Or ghost? Monkey! MONKEY!! TIME ahhhhhhhhhhh Time. Tell him. What is that? It’s a sloth. Oh, a sloth. That’s good, that’s actually really good. I would have guessed a ditto. That’s hard. Yeah. A ditto. Oh, yeah, a ditto. Good job. 2 points (x10) I’m like legitimately impressed with your guesses. Go. Okay, starting? You’re in the way, you’re in the way! Oh, sorry! It’s a Sean. Just kidding. It’s a Sean! Butt! Farting! Gas! Yes That was good. Is that your final answer? Oh, what did I do? Hey, this is cheat–Pause! What just happened? Can you see? Can you see? Pause. Yeah, we can see. Pause. Resume. [oh] Okay, a girl. We should reset after this, though. Smile? Clown! It’s so hard to– A girl? Her nails. No. A dog. Jenna Marbles. Yes! Nice! Draw next to it. Draw next to it, yeah. Almost time. 20 seconds. Marley. Yes! Oh, my God. (chanting) SPOD, SPOD Hey, ready? Drop it on me. Right on my FACE! And GO! (challenging scream) HAAAAAAAAAH!!! (background laughter) Uh, potato. Damn, hella good. That was a good potato. That was a really good potato. [Bro, it was a mangled oval -_-] Glasses. Uh. Mr. Potato Head. Uh, that’s a face. Ryan. Greg, Will, Sean, Josh, Derrick. What is that?! Alien! Smosh! Uh… Derek [dude], that’s really good. Uh. Uh. That–oh, Squidward! Nice. (???) Squid. Alien. Ryan: Damn. Derrick’s hella (???)
Greg: Mad. Gorilla. Monkey. Monkey. Alien. Alienware. Uh, uh… Ryan? What’s the time? We’ve got 12, 11, 10. Ooh, what’s the guy with the–Harry Potter. What’s the guy’s name? Voldemort! Got it! Yaaaay! Yeah! Greg, great job. Harry Potter, Harry Potter. Good job. Damn. Good job. (Greg chanting) PEN 15. Derrick’s hella good. [David] [Ding] ha ha cat dog oh my God Barson A Brown Flattop on Real King Joffrey oh [yeah], hella good stick man stick muscles You [think] I’d go fun Spa go What? What you got this, what the hell is that? Just go potato Shady or asparagus. Oh what a break that’s not even how it’s a free home the breathed it is, Texas. Oh Nevada [oh] is that right me Derek? [uh] Kyle, that’s [right] will Ryan Greg Sean Sean And you just join [everyday] [or] about it already. Oh my gosh. She’s a racist. [oh] my gosh We’re gonna be the race oh. Oh. Oh my gosh. She was [race] [enta] was it time [oh], and I’m talking to T-Rex. Oh Chair a chair unicorn oh drawing Hard the worse for snow oh my go, [ahh]? A dog rock doesn’t work. [I’m] [harley] [teddy] for me. Uh uh beach. You’re going home uh two more Damn, what the frick is the power you do Rizal wah? Wah? Mama knows it jump is my face on you honestly looks like a [llama] [Llama] [it] looks like a horse and I hope Your eyes this it look good bla bla my face. I won a cheek. I think I picked yourself Good what go all right one? No? I yes you point go for the easiest. Oh gobo gobo it’s all my jackal uh-uh-uh-uh-uh hair a bomb girl a ponytail a unicorn teenage my little pony girl eating a banana a girl licking a lollipop oh Britney Spears Singing it’s a girls. I read abroad it. Yeah, oh heart a heart with a [moustache] valentine’s day uh Chocolate yep, damn. He’s going out of a tank so good ah so good. You’re so [good] What? Hitler so awesome you Jesus. Oh great break a [moustache] great excuse oh, uh Greg’s stops me hey Great [moustache] Fathers McGee mustache [laughs] McGee Okay, Sprinkles guy great without a mustache That was delegated we got to we got to it yet. Come on draw eyes You win [all] right, so we lost spot spot [quality] loss and bought one Yeah, we’re doing like a bonus round. That’s just for fun [base]. This is Gonna pick [one] that we want to do that’s really hard, but they’re funny so and Yeah, we’ll see if we can get it [Teddy] I entirely play poker yeah creepy version of Marley John do the [Hessin] whoa? Why you guys? Agree Agree, those are people I’m a person Isn’t necklace wait? That’s a wait. [oh], [hey] baby What’s up guys? It’s me will hope you guys liked that first episode of drop my tweet in a comment below for What games you want to play next and click on this video right here to see the last group game? We played which was spiteful alright. See you guys next

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  1. When josh says a bomb on Ariana grande and the Manchester bombing in uk at an Ariana grande concert occurs

  2. So they did greg without a mustache before and the advanced level in the recent video is greg with hair and without a mustache

  3. No one appreciated this but Sean called the sloth drawing at 3:00 a beebah and it unlocked old memories of watching that god awful show lol

  4. PEN15 huh….. Im gonna scroll through the comments section to check if somebody has pointed out that kinda spelled out P3NIS… y'know?…. YUP somebody has called that out already DANGIT!

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