DRAW MY LIFE – Zach King

DRAW MY LIFE – Zach King

Hey, my name is Zach. And I’m going to draw my life. Actually, I’m going to do a pop-up book. So, here we go. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I have a dad, mom, and two younger sisters. And we also had a dog named Lucy and a goldfish that I thought was going to live forever. But, it didn’t. My mom homeschooled my sisters and I while my dad worked out of the home office. So we were a really close family. My mom is a really good cook and makes most amazing meals ever. Two great things happened to me when I was 7 years old. First, I became a Christian. And second, I discovered the home video camera. I started filming movies with my sisters. But they didn’t really enjoy it because I was a really mean director and got mad all the time. yeah… So when I was 12, we moved out of the city to a farm. Weee! My dad built most of the house himself and while we were building it, we lived in a motor home. My dad is Chinese which means he made all my sisters and I learn piano. Sometimes we had to practice 3 hours a day. I didn’t always like playing the piano that much. But I’m glad we did. It taught me hard work and impresses the ladies. Well, I’ve never had a girlfriend but yeah… Okay, yeah. Anyways… It was pretty cool growing up on a farm. But our family wasn’t complete there. One night, we were driving home from a dinner, and our family was like, we should adopt somebody! We spent the next year preparing to adopt this little girl from China named Yi. Finally, we flew to China as a family to pick her up. We spent a month there and saw the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and had lots of Chinese food. Adopting Katie into our family is the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced. So my grandpa, who kind of looks like a pirate, wanted to get me a car. But I asked if I could get a computer instead. And he said, “Yes!” So, I got Final Cut. I read all the manuals. Asked to film weddings for free. And eventually people started paying me for them. I ended up buying more film gear. I also had this cool job on the weekends where I popped kettle corn at the fair. It was the best gig ever because I could eat all the popcorn I ever wanted. Later in high school, I raised enough money to go on a missions trip in Africa, where I was the cameraman. One day while I was filming in a field, I got way to close to a hippo. And he chased me back to a bus. That was the last time I ever peed my pants It was time for me to go to college and… I really wanted to go to Biola film school. So I applied to Biola and I got in, But I wasn’t accepted into the film program. I was pretty sad, because film was all I wanted to do. But I went to Biola anyway as a music major. Eventually, I realized that I could just sneak into film classes and get the teachers’ signature to add that class. I did that for the next four years and finally got my major to switch over to film before I graduated. While I was at Biola, I lived in a dorm called Haven and that’s where I met the VFX Bro. He lived across the hall from me and we started making movies together. When I was a freshman, I started a website and YouTube channel called FinalCutKing. And posted video tutorials online for free. A lot of people asked me to teach them Final Cut, so I’d wake up early in the morning and teach people how to edit via Skype. But then I realized I could create a video training course so I didn’t have to teach people over and over. I started selling the training on my website and that’s when I first started making income from the internet. It’s kind of weird now that I think about it. The VFX Bro and I started hanging out and messing around with visual effects. And eventually posted some videos that got millions of views and we were shocked. We didn’t know what we were doing but we were having a blast. So the last couple of years have been the most incredible and unpredictable adventure ever. A lot of people think that my life is easy and that everything comes naturally. And I like to pretend that it is. But what you don’t see is the all nighters that we do each week, and the countless and tedious hours of learning new software to create a video. I don’t know what the future holds but making videos is my passion. And I feel alive when I am being creative. And I’m going to keep doing whatever it takes to pursue my dreams of being a movie director. Hey, thanks for watching the video! We wanted you to comment below something cool that you’ve done recently and something you want to do before you die. And if you’re curious how we made this video and the effects in it, you can always click right here and check it out. And if you got a minute, come by and say hi on my Facebook or my Twitter page. Until next time!

100 thoughts on “DRAW MY LIFE – Zach King

  1. I've gotten real popular at my school now I'm called death drop kid and I want to go skydiving before I die

  2. I wanna complete my dreams before I die so I know I followed my dreams and they came true when I'm dead!

  3. 1:23 "we spent the next year preparing to adopt this little girl named- YEE!
    Zach: Yi
    Me: aww I thought it was YEE the meme don't you know?

  4. The cool thing that i do: i make a short horor film, i draw 7 creative drawing that i think of myself, and i make a pupet that look like a monster that come out of my imagination.
    The thing that i want to do before i die: pray so i will go to heaven, Tell everybody that one of my teacher say that i am worthless and cick one of my best friend kevin out of the class, and make at least one scary film that will traumatize everyone for life.

  5. I have made a tower defense game. (I have started making dev logs on it so you can check them out if you interesting).
    Before I die I want to make a game that gets a youtuber (or other video website content creator) famous.

  6. Umm… I​ think of any cool things I've done…
    but I want to have a successful youtube channel click my name to see my channel.

  7. I have Asian parents and they never force me 2 play the piano, but we do have a keyboard playing around my house

  8. I know Zach king, his sister goes to my school!! He also came there, his sister Katie goes.to my school. OMG I ddint know he was famous!!

  9. Something Cool
    I finally saw a girl i liked that liked me too at grade 5
    What i want to do before i die
    Acheving my dreams as a pilot

  10. Something cool that I did (learned): I’m good at gaming(check me channel)

    Before I die: I want to kiss my crush…….😐😕………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I recently got 2 kittens. It has been my dream for almost a year now to fly to California and meet Reaction Time, and all of his friends that are in Free Time. The only problem is that reaction time lives in California, and I live on the other side of the country

  12. I was born in Portland, Oregon, AND born on February 4th, AND have a youtube channel. I have been blessed with a similar youtuber!

  13. اون قسمتی که گفت خوبی پیانو یاد گرفتن اینه که خانوما رو مجذوب میکنه ولی بهرحال من دوست دختر نداشتم خیلی باحال بود 🙂

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