Draw my Life | Wolfychu

Draw my Life | Wolfychu

Hi everyone, this is Wolfychu and a lot of people have asked me to make a draw my life, so today I’m gonna do that. It all started in a place called Surrey in the UK, the place where Harry Potter grew up. I was an Irish girl, who was born and lived in the UK for the first six years of my life, with my parents and my two older brothers. I was a really quiet kid who loved animals and to draw. I remember when I wanted to draw but couldn’t find any paper, I’d look around the house for other things to draw on like boxes, the wall, my mom’s clothes. XD I remember liking the street that we lived on because my best friend lived just a few houses away So we could see each other almost every day. There was also a park at the end of the street which I loved. But… then one day, my parents said that we were going to be moving away from there and going to Spain. I didn’t understand what it meant to be moving to another country. but, I knew that Spain had swimming pools so I didn’t really think about anything else. When we got there though I remember I started to get scared. I was gonna have to start at a new school all by myself. And I thought that I was gonna be the only person there who spoke English. I also didn’t realize how far away from home we were either. I remember I kept expecting to see my best friend coming through the door at any moment, just like she used to. I got used to living in Spain pretty quickly though. The street we lived on was actually full of stray cats, which I thought was great. I remember I gave a name to every single one of them. :3 We even got to keep some of them as pets too.

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  1. 0:51 so next year your gonna spin for the rest of your life? lol By the way I LOVE YOU WOLFYCHU! keep on making good videos

  2. Wolfy: oh,lechuga
    Me: what the heck are they taching her about lettuce!?!??! (Yes ik how to speak English and Spanish)

  3. “I was really lonely” me too because I am not interested in the other girls, because I’m tomboy I have a friend that’s a boy and his name is biston. Hi biston!

  4. Yo soy de españa, ¿Entiendes esto que te he escrito? / I'm by Spain ¿you can Understand this?

  5. i like to draw & Liston to songs 📖🖋🖊🐈🖌🖍🎨
    ✏📖📓🎤🎧🎹🎼🎶🎵🎷🎺🎸🥁 & i I'm so close to being a

  6. Yeah, i didn't have friends when I'm in secondary school, so i just be myself, and apparently my classmate didn't dislike me that much

  7. I was like you I did not no what would I be when I grew up I just put arts I did not care what people say if they tell me to do something else I would not listen to them

  8. God gave you a gift of talent wolfychu and don't compare yourself to Someone else! Be yourself, celebrate your talent and what you are!

  9. (Read this please) Haz algo en español por favor, estoy harto de tener que usar subtítulos pero no quiero dejar de ver tu canal

  10. Well done for coming all that way from the start up to where you are now and for that you have earned all my respect…KEEP IT UP (mefwal)

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