Draw My Life : LazarBeam

Draw My Life : LazarBeam

There is nothing us youtubers won’t do for views, so I’ve decided to go full-on crazy There is no boundary us youtubers will not cross now gooday gooday you bloody legends Hey guys, welcome to another episode of draw their life and the shout out winners for the previous episode are Thanks guys for subscribing you guys are awesome if you want to win a shout-out subscribe to my channel guys and Comment that you subscribed and I’ll announce the winners in the next episode. And today finally. We’re drawing the awesome life of laser beam I know you guys are requesting this draw my life video for a while So here you go. If you don’t know who laser beam is let me explain He’s an Australian gaming youtuber with 5 million subscribers He’s been around for a while. But 2018 turned out to be his biggest year for laser beam He’s gaining subscribers in an exponential rate just in the last two months He’s gained 3 million subscribers 3 million subscribers in just 2 months is so crazy after the release of fortnight Battle Royale Every gaming youtuber gained tons of new subscribers and it became possible because of the huge popularity of fortnight He started his YouTube channel four years back and throughout the years He’s made many different types of videos and experimented many stuff, but it looks like he’s finally getting the attention that he deserves comment below who’s draw my life video Do you want to see next and let’s go right into the video and check out the awesome life of laser beam Laser beams real name is Lannan Eacott.He was born in Central Coast Australia on December 14 1994 He’s currently 23 years old laser beam also has two brothers and one sister He’s featured his sister in numerous videos His sister’s name is Tannar, and she also has a YouTube channel with 88 thousand subscribers g’day g’day, welcome to the channel that’s only relevant because I shouted her out Area. Well, this is my channel. I’m gonna do the intro. You can’t g’day g’day Listen. Listen Listen I’m sorry. how do u do?comment below Laser beam is also featured his older brother in a few videos. Here’s a clip. I want those views. I want those subs That’s right. I don’t actually have the chilli. Um We’re gonna get that later, but you guys you wanted my brother back in a video. It’s been like seven months soo It’s been a while It’s kind of a return About his schooling laser beam is a high school dropout. He didn’t go to any college and university after dropping out from high school He was helping his family in their construction business Even though laser beam is a high school dropout. He highly suggest kids to stay in school Laser beam worked with his family business for a while, but he was never satisfied with the work He was passionate about making videos Many people don’t know this but the first channel laser beam opened was not a gaming channel it was a demolition channel where he was basically breaking things and Recording it in slow motion fantastic and its so windy today Good day friends as you can probably tell I have six cans of shaving cream But that channel came to an unfortunate end when his whole camera setup and gear were stolen and they were quite expensive So we couldn’t buy new ones after his first channel was over He thought of different video ideas and at that time gaming channels like PewDiePie markiplier Jacksepticeye were getting quite popular. So he decided to start a gaming channel and he named it laser beam with a Z He opened his YouTube channel, January 4th, 2015 and after one month on February 15 2015 He uploaded his first ever video on the laser beam channel. It was a video of him playing men So I thought I’d set myself a little challenge get Vince Wilfork and 99 yard touchdown reception Now, I’m pretty sure this is literally impossible After that video he uploaded different Madden videos and GTA 5 mods video for a while During the initial period laser beam was only playing sports games But later he experimented on different videos some of his audience were not happy with the changes But eventually people watched whatever content he put up laser beam got popular because of his witty and uncensored commentary Recently after the whole YouTube apocalypse. You’re seeing gamers with full PG version No swearing and nothing. But before everyone was going full super Sayan mode. Ninja’s a prime example He completely changed his style and became PG to gain more audience and to make his content advertiser friendly and it makes sense besides laser beams sport gaming videos He started doing reaction videos and people liked it because he’s funny and those videos were quite entertaining Are you ready?? yayay . are you sure??? Okayyy The secret formula You can say PewDiePie started the whole commentary thing He completely did a tradition from gaming channel to commentary channel and it worked for him another example is SS sniper one laser beam hit his first 50,000 subscribers after five months of starting his channel and After one month he hit a hundred thousand subscribers So you can tell that his channel was growing fast Lazer beam hit 1 million subscriber mark after two years of opening his YouTube channel. It took him quite a lot of time After fortnight Battle Royale was released laser beams started doing funny gameplay videos on fortnight That guy terrified me, huh? I pooped .Its godamn horror movie up in here Huh, but he was still doing other commentary videos He’s doing fortnight gameplay from the last 7 months, but I don’t know what happened. The last two months were just crazy I don’t know where he gained 3 million new subscribers in July He got 1 point 5 6 million subscribers and in August 1.46 million subscribers And that’s not the whole story. He also got around six hundred million views. That’s just crazy Lazer beam mentioned in one of his videos that his channel was ranked 1 for the highest number of views 600 million views are a lot if we compare that number ninja got around 300 million views in the same period of time So you can see how big that number is Lazer beams said on his 2017 New Year video that 2018 is going to be the biggest year for him Twenty eight eight is gonna be the year of wise blame and the bloody legends And as far as I can see, it’s turning out to be the same He’s been making videos for a while But you can say that this is the year when he’s been getting true recognition and from here We have to see how he’s going to maintain his growth. how September is going to turnaround for him We have to wait for that but if you look at his whole story from where he started and after the major setback of his first channel He still kept his faith on passion. And that’s the reason he’s getting all the fame that you’re seeing so there guys, that was draw my life video of lazer beam If you liked this video give it a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel guys Also go and check out ninjas and myths draw my life video on the playlist and I’ll see you in the next episode until then peace out

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  1. Heres to lazarbeam hes true blue ai! He's a ** pit threw.and threw he's a ****** as they say he was ment to go to heaven but he went the other way now he goes down down down sip sip!!

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