Draw My Life – Gabriel Conte

Draw My Life – Gabriel Conte

My life wasn”t always easy here goes my story hope you like it I was born a complete miracle [I] wouldn’t say that’s where my story starts though It actually starts about five and a half years before I was even born at the beginning of 1989 Now just a warning it does start a little heavy, [but] [I] promise there – happy ending [to] this Now my parents were both in previous relationships before meeting each other which both had pretty nasty things occur Long Story short my Dad JC Was married to a woman during his last year in college And they became pregnant being young he didn’t want the responsibility of having a kids so as a result they had an abortion My mom grace on the other hand was with a man who wasn’t completely honest with her about extremely important things My poor mother left that relationship with the feeling that her life was completely over at age 27 She had Unexpectedly contracted hiv and because of that she was told she had ten years to live for those of you who don’t know what hiv is it’s the virus that leads to Aids and Eventually to a very horrible horrible death and back in the early 90s was way more of a threat than it is today Only one year later my parents met both being personal trainers and gym junkies they really got along they started falling in love with each other and Things became more and more serious my mom very nervous about opening up about her illness Shared the truth with my father and was given an unexpected reaction Now my dad had lost his mom to cancer at the age of 16 and loves his mom Till her last breath so because of that he didn’t care [about] what sickness Or illness was in the way of his relationship with my mom He was going to love her till her last breath no matter how long [that] happened to last The relationship continued to blossom and grow and they soon became pregnant with my older brother towards the end of 1992 but sadly because of the virus living inside my mother Another abortion seemed like the only option [for] the future fiscal child being advised by many even doctors to abort the child They were extremely conflicted on what to do and what the right decision was made But one night. God appeared to my dad in a pretty supernatural way and told him if you kill this baby I will kill you Being scared out of his mind from this encounter he had My dad and mom decided to take that straightforward [advice] and keep the child hoping for a miracle and a healthy baby and on New Year’s eve of that year they got married at the birth of their new son approached on july 14 1993 The miracle they were praying for became a reality patio was born perfectly healthy and with no trace of hiv in his body Because of this miracle my parents started exploring their faith with this God who appeared to my dad as a result they found themselves receiving Jesus into their lives and Growing in their love with him and with each other and because they were so in love with one another My chapter didn’t start too much later. I Was born on October 24th? 1994 and was a pretty ugly baby to be honest and just like Claudia. [I] was born a complete miracle 100% free of any illness in my body We were both born in Miami, Florida And my brother and I basically grew up together like twins since we were only 15 months apart [a] few years later We moved a little farther North [to] Fort Lauderdale And my mom started homeschooling us around pre-k and kindergarten we then went to school for two years because my sister was born Not to mention she was completely free of the virus as well, and my little brother [two] three years after that But anyway after those two years of school my mother brought [Claudio], and [I] back to be homeschooled again That was after my second grade year and sidenote. I never went back to normal school until college. It was pretty great During this early stage of life. I received the lord into my heart and was baptized soon after I turned seven Seems [young] looking back at it now, but I knew full well what I was doing at the time Very happy about it, too Now growing up my dad. Had me wrestle as my main sport because of how much he loved it me not so much But I did that out of [respect] for him and honestly they taught me a lot Like not blaming other people for me losing And I don’t have to be the most talented to win as long as I’m the one working the hardest for and pushing myself Beyond my own limitations both, physically and mentally [I] started that at six years old and didn’t stop until I was 16 Basically [I] won the district championship in 10th grade then quit because I knew my future was in the arts My first introduction to the arts was at 10 years old when I started taking drum lessons those law stood about five years and I Honestly got pretty dang good at them too, but sadly my family moved into an apartment And I couldn’t keep the set and didn’t really keep up with playing too much I started teaching myself guitar because my dad and my brother played And I was able to figure out the chords and stuff From watching them for so many years then in Middle school is when my older brother convinced me to Join the community theater group? He had just finished his first play with so naturally I did and it was one of the best decisions of my life I fell in love with performing and entertainment And I knew my future had a little something [to] do with it [a] few of the shows I was a part of were beauty And the beast where I played a fork Tom sawyer where I played Ben rogers I think oliver where I played the artful dodger and the wizard of oz where I played the scarecrow alongside my brother who was Throughout high School, I was pretty heavily involved in the dramatic arts and competed with local high schools That allowed home schoolers to compete. I did pretty well all the years I was involved but one senior year rolled around something absolutely incredible [me] and six of my [friends] started preparing a piece [that] little did we know would win the entire District competition and allow us to perform on the state level [in] front of about 5,000 people as A [homeschool] kid this was the first taste of any real? Popularity [it] was pretty awesome to be honest and may have been the first time I knew I was Purposed for something bigger than myself and what I had currently been doing in my life, but I didn’t know what that was yet I then graduated high school in may [of] 2013 and was set to attend the local university Florida Atlantic University in the fall as an undecided major Which basically means I had no idea what I was doing tonight With my dad being a real estate broker my brother, and I decided that summer to get our real estate license so [we] could possibly work for him and join the business for me that was definitely the safe option my brother being a books and School kind of guy passed the test his first try me on [the] other hand failed the first time getting a 73% And guess what I needed to pass Yeah, [a] 75 I then had to retake the course by myself [it] Sucked not only did taking the course [against] [sucks] because of how genuinely disinterested I wasn’t everything being talked about but I also failed that second test too and guess what I got on a 74 [I] wasn’t too happy with that result now the reason. I tell you about this particular course I took is because out of my boredom in this class one day I happened to stumble across an app called vine which happened to completely change my life. I Then quit the idea of getting my real estate license after failing for the second time decided It wasn’t for me and then moved on to being a college student who had no [idea] what he was good for life Over those next five to six months before the New year. I was able to grow to 10,000 vine followers, which ultimately led to all my friends bagging me for being such tool bag on Social Media They were just trying to keep me grounded. That’s what’s good friends before right? I was posting vines almost every day and constantly networking and the only class I was enjoying that semester was my theatre Appreciation [cause] my dearest mother who not to mention has with over 25 years Since she was given [ten] years to live and now have sustainable medicine allowing her to lead a completely normal life anyway my mom saw what was [happening] with me and told me that all I did was make these stupid vine things and the only class I liked was my theater Class she then told me to audition at some colleges and pursue entertainment So naturally I did I was actually accepted [into] every college I [auditioned] at but decided to go to Florida State university to get my BFa in acting as they were amongst the top in the country and probably still [are] I Continued working Super hard on the vine videos’ over the spring semester [and] actually did my first ever brand deal for a whopping [forty] bucks for a college kid [without] a real job That was pretty big I eventually ended that first year at college in may [of] 2014 with 100,000 followers and saw what was happening with brands paying big [money] to the top vine creators this sparked this crazy idea? [that] my parents didn’t really like I Decided that instead of getting a real job before leaving to fSU to help pay for some of the expenses Like I initially intended that I would focus the summer solely on growing my father [I] knew that with a large enough audience I could make money through advertisement on vine rather than getting a real job at the fast-food Restaurant close to campus so in the summer of 2014 [before] [leaving] for fSU [I] told my parents to trust me and I worked my butt off growing my following on vine from 100,000 followers at the beginning of the summer to 700,000 followers by the time I left for school going away for college was okay? I learned a lot, but it really wasn’t for me I had my first real girlfriend for a whole two months which left me with a completely shattered heart took me a while But I moved on grew from it and focus my energy back [into] work in school I never liked partying and drinking in that whole scene in college So while everyone else was enjoying that I? Purposed to use those times to pursue my works and say was generating income for me by this point Not steady income, but it was still income When the summer of 2015 rolled around I had plans to go out to Los angeles? And spend some time there before going back to school to start that next fall semester But before leaving for la [I] plan to go back home to south Florida for two weeks But that got cut [short] by a whole week because of an opportunity from Disney that arose I then packed my bags took a one-way flight to La and shacked up in my managers guest bedroom for the beginning of that summer And with the opportunities that were opened up to me I decided that I didn’t need a book a flight back to Florida in july [of] 2015. I moved into my first ever Apartment by myself about my very first car that I didn’t have to share with my brother and started my very own life on my own At 20 years old [I] even booked my first two solid acting gigs the first was a national TV movie on Fox called the passion And the second was a series regular in a digital series called, Mr. student body president pretty exciting stuff however During those first nine months in La I didn’t really know anyone besides my manager some people in the business and a few other creators I met through social media [I] quickly realized that making true friends like those I grew up with back home were Extremely difficult to make needless to say it was a pretty lonely time for me I slowly made a few good [friends], but that definitely took a while And I do believe that that period of loneliness of about nine months was in my life that I would more greatly Appreciate the beautiful gift. I was blessed with [on] February 21st of 2016 and the actual girlfriend The whole beginning of that year on her very first trip to la [Jes] and I really started to get to know each other we Quickly bonded and made it official on the 21st of February that led to a very long distance relationship in constant 14 hour flights to and from Australia and the us it was tough, but we made it work not too long after I asked her to marry me And we eventually sealed the deal on the 18th of December 20:16 We now live in a new two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles [we] have our three month old puppy to tie our new family together, and we have our blossoming careers ahead of us I Am 22 years old and this is a summary of what my life has looked like so far

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    wait— i thought— murder is —-wrong? so if ‘god’ kills his dad— that would be murder? y’all what

  2. I thank God for the fact that you accepted Jesus in your heart, since not many vloggers do so, but dude, I don't see your Christian walk with Jesus in His Mighty Grace. You, with all do respect, are self focussed, rather than Christ focussed, as how we should be as Christians. I don't mean no harm though, I am just concerned about you as my Christian brother. Ask the Lord, let the Holy Spirit gide you, and you will walk in the gift of righteousness of God. God bless you brother, and keep you.

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    So much respect to you 👍🏻

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  7. How did Gabriels dad know that the God that spoke to him was from christianity because the muslim God and christianity God are the same except for things like Jesus being a prophet and messenger only in Islam but being God or the son of God in christianity my question is how did he know which religion to turn to?

  8. As a mom of two boys and a princess this excites me for the promises of god over them and to home school 🏫 your mom is Amazing and goals

  9. I love stories of people marrying young! My husband and I got married just after I turned 20. We just celebrated 6 years of marriage and have 3 kiddos together. It’s truly a blessing to find your soulmate at a young age.

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  12. “Pregnancy and HIV. A diagnosis of HIV does not mean you can't have children. But you can pass HIV to your baby during the pregnancy, while in labor, while giving birth, or by breastfeeding. The good news is that there are many ways to lower the risk of passing HIV to your unborn baby to almost zero.”

  13. You draw beautifully!!! I’ve only ever won a cross country race and a ballet and art 🖼 eisteddfod in Cape Town , where I live.

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  21. Wow we had very similar upbringings! I was raised in a christian home as the youngest of 11, I've been home schooled all my life (I'm in 10th grade rn) and I've devoted my life to God thus far. Also I love the arts as well! Drawing, painting, singing, piano, and acting are my favorite hobbies! So inspiring!

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