Draw Hyperrealistic Strawberry | Step-by-step Tutorial

Draw Hyperrealistic Strawberry | Step-by-step Tutorial

So you’ll be needing these 3 types of pencils A Darker grade pencil like
7B, 8B or 9B A medium Grade pencil like
4B, 5B or 6B and a lighter grade pencil like
B, 2B OR 3b Now i’m gonna fill this whole outline
with a lighter shade using 3B pemcil I always draw these simple outlines using Grid method Or freelhand (in this case). Now i’m gonna blend this shade using a
Soft Synthetic Watercolor brush Okay, Now Grab your 5B or any
other medium grade pencil and add some darker shades on all these three sides of strawberries and also add some darker shade
here on this upper part Now blend the shade with a dry brush You can also use a mechanical pencil
to remove the texture in this shade I love shading with mechanical pencil
because you don’t have to blend the shades they are already very smooth and perfect Okay lets grab a lighter shade pencil and
add these small circles in this middle portion and add small dots near the edges In-case if you want to draw a strawberry without reference keep in mind that distance b/w 2 consecutive Dots
should be less than 2 circles Or you can follow the reference if you want I’ve uploaded the reference on my website and link is in the discription (as always). Now darken these circles and dots using a darker shades pencil like 7B or 8B Now grab your lighter shade pencil and add some shades around each circle Like thiss !! You can blend these shades using a small brush
or a micro Tortillon. You can click this (i) button here to see how to make a micro tortillon. Now grab a Tombow MONO
or any sharp tip eraser you have and add some highligts b/w Circles and Dots In this Central area, you have to make the highlights more prominent than the corners or sides. which means, you have to add highlights all around a single CIRCLE. and above OR below in case of a Dot.
as you can see in these illustrations.. You can also add some highlights in these seeds,
or i should say, Circles (in this case). Lets erase these extra shades around the strawberry and make it alittle bit smoother. Now lets add a shadow below the strawberry Add base shade using a 3B pencil blend it smoothly and then add a darker shades using 7B or 8B pencil. Moving on to the leaves First you have to fill the leaves with shades. Now grab a MONO Zero eraser and add some random white lines in each leaf. or you can follow the reference if you want. lets make these highlights a little bit smoother.
and remove these random white lines. and Here you go ! I hope you enjoyed this video if you are new to my channel i’d love to have you Subscribed. because i upload new content every wednesday and Saturday.

100 thoughts on “Draw Hyperrealistic Strawberry | Step-by-step Tutorial

  1. Well, I must say that you’re so talented my man👌🏻!! I'm an portraitist as well So, Mr. Ali keep the beautiful job up👍🏻…

  2. How long did it take you to learn shading techniques?
    I am a beginner and I struggle with shade, shadows,and shine. 🙁

  3. I just found your channel a couple hours ago and I’m obsessed with it. I already tried the wet cherries and now this strawberry, I actually loved both results! Thank you for helping me reconnect with a forgotten passion of mine. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Argentina 🙂

  4. Me encanta tu trabajo. Por favor, Podrías hacer los videos tambien en español?? Sería maravilloso🤗 para aprender de alguien como tú.
    Gracias y sigue así, un saludo desde España!!

  5. Wow, just from this one video my shading has improved thanks to your tutorial. Your talent is amazing you deserve 10 million more subscribers

  6. How can someone dislike this?
    Thank you for posting your work and sharing your techniques. I appreciate seeing this.cheers from Canada 🇨🇦

  7. I liked the video until midway through, you didn't mention the eraser so now I have a stupid looking strawberry. Maybe next time you should mention all the materials you need before starting the video. Also, it would help to show the finished product before starting the video. Thanks, hopefully you take this as constructive criticism and not hate.

  8. Получилось очень хорошо, жалко что без перевода на русский…

  9. Tenho experiência de mais de dez (10) anos confeccionando desenhos hiper-realistas, e, ainda assim, sinto que continuo aprendendo…

  10. I want to thank you because your videos are so précise. You take time to explain us . It helps us so much. Thank you so much. I'll continue to follow you

  11. The drawing is really good but I have some criticism (hopefully helpful)

    If you use a reference this is not a problem but, where is the light source coming from?
    I mean in the drawing the highlights make sense because again a reference was (I think) used. But when it's from your imagination its harder to locate the highlights without planning one before (especially for a strawberry since there is so many details)

    Another thing which won't be a problem with a reference, for locating the dots /circles in the strawberry your method was good but when not using a reference or drawing a bigger drawing (I noticed yours was about the size of your hand) it would be better to plan out the locations by using a grid method (drawing lines from both sides creating squares and drawing one circle in each square)
    Ofc this is better for bigger drawings or when no references are used, for your drawing your method worked out.

    Your drawing is amazing and I have no intentions of hate or anything just wanted to say what I noticed if someone would get confused about something 🤷‍♀️

  12. What is this white pencil?is this a type of very fine ereaser ?what is the name of this pencil?😍

  13. You are amazing at explaining how to approach each step. By watching your videos, it makes me want to draw and how you explain your process makes it seem possible to achieve a great picture.
    The only thing I would like to know is, what kind of paper do you use?
    Much thanks from another Canadian subscriber 🇨🇦

  14. Hi Ali I`m new in your chanel I loved your cherry work and how you work with color pencils and graphit. But I wonder what kid of paper do you use, Is it canson? would you tell me which ones are right for this kind of art wok thanks

  15. Does using a brush work better than tortillon (or how ever you spell it). I mean I kinda wanna try using the brush because I never have

  16. I have recently found your channel and absolutely love your tutorials! Is there a way for you to split screen, or keep the original that you are drawing from in view as you draw?

  17. i just found out your channel and i love your art work a lot , i have a question what if we don't have a mechanical pencil ? 😕

  18. Your voice is so relaxing! I love your tutorial videos, very well spoken and explaining what to do. Keep up the great work! 😀

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