Draw Hyperrealistic lips | Step-by-step | Easiest method

Draw Hyperrealistic lips | Step-by-step | Easiest method

Hey Guys! welcome back to another episode I hope you are find & doing well On this beautiful occasion I wish you all a Very Happy EID !! and i hope you are enjoying
this eid with your friends & family I’m also enjoying this eid with my family but i scheduled this video a few days ago because you know
i can’t compromise on my upload schedule So, its a complete
step-by-step video of lips drawing i previously made. I’ve invested so much time
to make this as simple & easy as possible So, make sure to give this a try and share your experience with us
in the comments down below So i’ll be using these following tools for this sketch A 7B & 5B pencil for dark shades A 3B & B pencil for lighter shades A Tombow MONO or any Sharp Tip Eraser for highlights and a brush or paper stump for blending First of all i’m going to darken this outline with a B pencil you can download the reference from my website (Link in the description, as always!) Now i’m going to fill this outline
with a base shade using B pencil you can also use a mechanical pencil to minimize the strokes & tectures in this shade Now adding these random lines for wrinkles Now fill this area with a 7B pencil Grab your 3B pencil
and add some darker shades in the corners and blend the shades with a brush Now take your 5B pencil & Darken the corners Moving on to the texture part Just grab your 3B pencil (& make sure to sharpen the tip of your pencil for this purpose) and add some random textures like this in the corners and add some curvy line in the middle part now addng some darker shades in this upper portion with a 3B pencil Now take your tombow Mono
(or any sharp tip eraser you have) and add some highlights b/w each pair of dark lines Just like this ! Now Darken the shades in the corners
to make the highlights more prominent Moving to the upper lip the overall process is same
but the texture is somewhat different in this case So grab your 3B pencil & darken the texture lines in the upper lip and add some random textures like this
in this upper part now add some shades in these wrinkles to make them look more realistic and 3-Dimensional Now grab your fine-tip eraser & add some highlights in the upper part you can make some adjustments in these shades to make them look darker or lighter i like it alittle bit darker so i’m going to darken some of the shades to get my desired result So here you go ! Now moving on to the teeth portion now i’m going to add some shades in the corners to get a 3D effect add your desired amount of shades and add some highlights in the middle You can add these smooth shades around the lips to make them look more realistic and here you go ! please make sure to share this video with your friends and if you are new to my channel
i’d love to have you subscribed because i upload new content
every wednesday & Saturday So Thank you so much for watching and have a nice day !

100 thoughts on “Draw Hyperrealistic lips | Step-by-step | Easiest method

  1. Literally the only channel I can learn from your great. And I never comment. I wish we could post at pics from wat we draw from your teachings

  2. Amazing job, but I very much preferred watching it at regular speed instead. Not only does it allow me to see the drawing & exactly what you’re doing more in detail, but the sped up action makes me anxious. The normal speed is so calming. Also would like to hear the drawing sounds as opposed to music, but that’s just a bonus.

  3. Thanks for the next video. I really like your lessons. They are very simple, explain everything and show step by step all the process chips and tools! What you need for a beginner!

  4. An real amazing detailed work, you really helped me a lot improving my drawing level so thank you so much !!! You're such a talented artist ! Continueee !

  5. Honestly the best art tutorials to ever exist. For the first time ever I was able to follow along and complete the drawing feeling satisfied:) thank you so much!!!💗💗 if anyone wants to see how it turned out you can see it @myart_18_ honestly I messed up a little bit but for a first I’m happy. All thnx to this amazing video:)

  6. Hi sir. I loved ur drawing.. Am also a budding artist .😋 but not getting as perfection as urs especially in dark shade area. Can u pls tell me which brand pencil u r using. Pls. Reply

  7. Thank you for the how to draw lips I really learnd it and my parents are so proud of me because of you you teach me how to draw lips thank you so much!

  8. These video lessons are great. You are a brilliant artist, Ali. I haven't done any drawing for many many years. Thanks so much. You've given me the confidence to try to do this.

    PS … I hope you do a drawing of Bob Marley someday. I'd love that.

  9. As an artist who has 5 years of experience I think it's quite brilliant that you use that brush for the blending. I still cant believe that I have never thought of that.

  10. The teeth look much better in your actual drawing, but the lips look better in the cover photo. Either way, they look real.

    Now to start practicing ✏️

  11. Meus parabéns. Técnica fantástica. Só no contorno da boca poderia ter um acabamento melhor diante de uma boca tão perfeita. Sucesso pra você.

  12. I jst love your videos and tutorials… The way you explain us and show us how to shade is Jst awesome and easy to catch …..you are really great artist….

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    Here's the link: https://bit.ly/2ODzsnw

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