Draw Hyperrealistic Eye | Easiest Method | Narrated Step-by-step.

Draw Hyperrealistic Eye | Easiest Method | Narrated Step-by-step.

Hey Guys Welcome Back to another episode My name is Ali Haider Rehman & today i am going to show you the easiest method of drawing a hyperrealistic eye its a step by step process so i would suggest that you don’t just skim through this whole video and waste your time. if you really wanna do something Grab a paper Follow the instructions in this video i bet you’ll end up with an amazing eye drawing of yours So without any further delay, lets get started ! We’re going to use these 4 types of pencils in this video If you don’t have these specific pencils, you can use a little darker or a light shade for example if you don’t have this 5B pencil you can use a 4B or 6B pencil it’ll work the same! I already drew this simple outline to minimize the time duration of this video so lets start by drawing a simple light outline now i am going to fill retina with 7B pencil okay, lets darken the outline of the iris now i’m going to add these small lines around the retina lets shade the iris with back-&-fourth stroke technique I’m using the same B pencil for this shading okay, lets blend these shading with a dry brush now i’m going to add these small textures inside the iris you don’t have to follow the same reference just add some random textures and shapes a you like and you are good to go ! now i’m a dding these small lines around the iris make sure to keep them inside the iris now adding the same lines around the retina As you can see the texture in this small portion is ready now follow the same steps for whole process looks cool right ? now take your 5B pencill and add some darker shade around the iris lets blend the shade with the same dry brush technique Now take a sharp eraser and highlight these faded areas inside the iris By the way, its a Tombow MONO Zero eraser and i’ll provide an amazon link in the description or you can make a replica at home just click this ‘i’ button here, after this video. as we are done with the highlights now take your 6H or whatever H grade you have and make a perfect shape of this rectangular highlight. now add some shadow on the upper part of iris lets clear this highlight and add some reflection of eye-lashes actually drawing with a lighter pencil and then making it darker is the perfect method to avoid any unremovable mistakes lets darken the reflection with 7B pencil. okay the iris is almost ready lets add some base shade in the white portion with the same B pencil now blending with a dry brush lets add some darker shade in the corner because we need this eye to pop out of the page and look more realistic and 3D blending the shade smoothly its time to add some blood-vessels in white portion using the same b pencil or you can use a mechanical pencil with HB leads for more precision and accuracy by the way, you can skip this step if you dont want these vessels in your drawing Repeat the same process on the other side now lets shade the upper eyelid, so that we can add some eyelashes on it blending the shades now start with some small hairs because this portion of eyelashes always have small hairs i’m drawing a rough sketch of these hairs first now lets darken these hairs with a 5B pencil you can add a light shade on the eyslashes for better results Now add some dark shade on the eye-lid and you can also add these small hairs with a mechanical pencil to make it more realistic lets repeat the same process for lower eye-lid shading the lower eye-lid with an HB pencil and blending the shade adding some highlights like this in lower portion and some white dots here by the way, you can use a white pigment marker or a whitener for better results blend the lower eyelid with a brush you don’t have to add some shade here now add some darker shade on the lower eyelid and blend it smoothly also add some highlights here on the upper eyelid and for the lower eyelid yoy can use a pigment marker or a whitener but as i don’t have one yet so i’ll use my MONO eraser for these highlights and here you go ! its looks better i think ! now add these wrinkles here and blend them with a stump or you can use you finger if you want so moving on to the final step which is adding some skin texture lets add some white dots with MONO eraser and it will look cool lets darken some of these hairs to get a perfect contrast i have invested so much time in this video and it’ll be a great help if you share this video with your friends and give it a big thumbs up! Don’t forget to support me on patreon visit my profile and you’ll get some awesome rewards for your help

100 thoughts on “Draw Hyperrealistic Eye | Easiest Method | Narrated Step-by-step.

  1. The final result is absolutely mesmerizing. I can’t believe it was so easy to do, compared to how complex it looks. Absolutely beautiful

  2. Hi there Ali, could you make a video about the pencils you use? I mean, what does a 6h pencil serves for?what can you draw with it? For darker lines, thinner etc
    I have a lot of pencils, I must learn how to use them now

  3. And also it would be nice that in your tutorials about drawing X stuff you always showed the pencils you use, like in this one

  4. The real question is, why am I looking at "How to draw Hyperrealistic" when I should be looking at "Drawing for absolute newbies – getting started"??

  5. oyyy…. I drew with u…. and the eye I made is looking better more real than other eyes I drew before .💃

  6. Yes!! Thank you for teaching us…..instead of just doing as we sit and watch a time lapse video of it! ❤️🇨🇦

  7. I used to find shading the eye difficult but after seeing this will help me do it, thank you ! 😀

  8. Ali bhai pls help me mujhe school se bhout sara art work mila h par m bana nahi pa raha hu pls help me pls make four stil life by shed and four by colour

  9. hi thanks for help draw the eye but I just want to know we're did you get your high light from please tell me wher I can buy one thanks a lot. ☺😎

  10. Love you sir thanks it is the best tutorial on youtube all the best and good luck hope you reach 10 million subscribers soon😍😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. My God thats so beautiful,I love the way you draw thats so fast.I always love to draw,but you are a very good on your drawing.I never going to do it,that better.I love to watch you.

  12. Hi can i use your tutorial as a reference for the art video im gonna make? Im starting a youtube channel with art tutorial videos as well and i think that your work is amazing.

  13. He draws in the eyelashes effortlessly, and it looks good. I do it, and it looks like a mutant caterpillar.

  14. Aapka ye Sketch dekh kar mujhe to aisa laga k aap to kisi ki Eyes me Paint karrahe ho!😁
    U R VeRy GrEaT ArTiSt👏👏👏💖👍😊

  15. What kind of paper do you use? "Bristol" or just standard sketch paper? I'm wondering because I never get such dark color values from my 8B pencils like you do.

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