Draw a Box Challenge w/ Ryan Ashley, DJ Tambe & Cleen Rock One πŸ“¦ Grudge Match

Draw a Box Challenge w/ Ryan Ashley, DJ Tambe & Cleen Rock One πŸ“¦ Grudge Match

– Screw it, let’s do a box! – A box? What kind of box? – Yes, any kind of box! – [Ryan] Like, a shoebox? – Whatever!
– A fast food container, a ring box–
– Boom box, Chinese food box! – A present for your birthday! – A (beep), a box!
– Yeah! (hip-hop music) – [Woman] All right,
it is gonna be timed? – Cleen started already! – [Woman] Wait wait
wait, pencils up. – Cleen! (hip-hop music) (air horn blasts) – We’re meeting in four
minutes to go back, that’s what Nate just told me. – [Woman] All right,
you’ve got four minutes. – [Cleen] Four minutes, go! – [Woman] Your time starts now. (hip-hop music) – [Man] Cleen!
– [Cleen] Yo. – [Man] Time to roll, bro. – Just Cleen, or everyone? – [Man] Just Cleen. – Ooh! – [Cleen] Alright,
well, time’s up for me. I got a half a box done. (hip-hop music) (air horn blasts) (metal clangs) – I wanna do a bunch of these
challenges all the time, I think some of the stuff we’ve
been giving people have been really cool and really fun. – Yeah, I’m always into
that, any kind of challenges. I like being creative
with whatever. – [Ryan] Me too. – Doesn’t even
matter what you make, you just give it, you know? – All the time, for me, when I see a really
good tattoo get done, I’m always like man,
that inspires me so much, and it makes me wanna like, go
home and figure out a design. – [DJ] I’m gonna
draw something new, ’cause that’s what we do. – You’re starting over? – Yeah, I gotta figure it out. I don’t even know what I’m doing
yet, I’m just kind of like, figuring out shapes,
and building it and then keeping it real loose, and then I’ll come
back and tighten it up. – I mean I get a
lot of inspiration from like furniture and
antique shops and stuff. Like I’ll go into
an antique store and take pictures of like wood
carvings and textures and… – Are you one of those,
do you have to keep these in a rainbow order?
– Yeah. – [DJ] (sighs) Alright,
you’re gonna have to fix– – I know you wouldn’t be able
to tell that from my room. – [DJ] Nope. – [Ryan] You think, DJ, you’re
gonna stick with that one? – [DJ] What? – [Ryan] That drawing. – [DJ] I hate it
but I don’t know. – [Ryan] You hate it? – I’m just seeing
where it’s going. Nope, not into
it. Flip it again. (dramatic music) Not many people like
to show their process. You know, it’s all about
the finished product and like you saw me, I
flipped three pictures ’cause I didn’t even
know what I was doing. Or, I didn’t know what
direction I wanted it to go. I try to draw on paper
as much as I can still. When I started tattooing,
we didn’t have a computer or, I had a dick-head boss
so stencil machines were out but we didn’t have one, so
everything was done by hand. Everything was hand-drawn. A lot of the times,
you had to draw from what was available
in the flash that we had. You had to either
go to the library or look at magazines, yeah,
it’s a lot easier nowadays. But I still like to draw
on paper as much as I can. I like the feel of it,
I like to get messy. I do try to double tap my paper. – I try to zoom in all
the time on my paper. But, I think the iPad
does definitely– – Oh it’s a game-changer,
it changed my life. – It changed our
entire industry. Not just us as artists, like
we’re able to travel now and design shit for
people, back pieces, in your seat in the
airplane, like it just makes this entire industry
so much more doable, so much more convenient. You don’t have to only
work in your shop any more. You can work anywhere. – It doesn’t look as cool
printed out and framed. – I’m trying to put a
wood grain on my box. ♪ Wood grain on the box ♪ ♪ Wood, wood grain on the box ♪ – That’s like a new–
– Rap song? – Yeah, I’m gonna
make another move. See, drew it that way and
now I’m gonna flip it over. I saw something,
something different. So I’m just gonna
make something else. – Man, your box
is so much cooler. I’m drawing a jewelry
box except I wanted it to be prettier and
it ended up looking like a caveman box
(camera zoom whirs). Guys, I’m not into
it, I’m not into it. – [DJ] Well there’s my box. It’s like a weird, multi-style
frickin’, you know? (upbeat electronic music) (drum booms) (hands clap) – I’m drawing
Buddha in a box now. (hip-hop music) (air horn blasts)

18 thoughts on “Draw a Box Challenge w/ Ryan Ashley, DJ Tambe & Cleen Rock One πŸ“¦ Grudge Match

  1. BTW if this grudge match thing is not going to end with Cleen, Ryan and DJ doing fun pieces in the last episode, I am going to be a little disappointed.

  2. they get a taste of the broke life drawing on paper. now u gotta feel how us poverty stricken artists feel when you mess up and can't undo it!!! jk kinda not rly

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