Dragons swoop over ‘flawless’ men’s makeup biz | Dragons’ Den – BBC

Dragons swoop over ‘flawless’ men’s makeup biz | Dragons’ Den – BBC

Hi, Dragons. I want to start my pitch today
by letting you know that I suffer from a mental illness. I suffer really badly
with body dysmorphia. I’m telling you this because this is the reason
that I founded my brand. My name’s Daniel Gray and I’m
the founder of War Paint for men, and today I’m asking for 7% equity
for £70,000 investment. 20 years ago I got bullied
in middle school due to appearance. It’s affected me massively
every day ever since. I started using my sister’s
make-up growing up, to help me build back up that
confidence and it did just that. One thing I couldn’t find, though, was a brand that I felt
related to me as a man, so what I decided to do
was create my own brand. We’ve been selling online
for the last six months and we sell 13,000 products
across the world. Turnover so far
is just under 200,000… ..and we’ve had massive
press coverage as well. Before I open up to any questions, I’d just love to invite
one of the gentlemen up so I can give you a quick demo
on the product. Go on, Theo. You can’t improve on perfection. A candid pitch from Daniel Gray… All I’ll do is put on a tiny bit
of concealer, so if you could just remove your glasses for me. Can I see you before
you’ve done the…? Oh…. So, all I’m going to do is apply
a tiny bit under the eyes. He’s offering a 7% stake
in his brand of make-up for men… Your right eye probably looks
better than your left at the moment. Why not do the other side, then? ..and he’s asking for
an investment of £70,000. Perfect. With the range flawlessly modelled by Theo Paphitis… There you go.
Ten years younger in ten minutes. ..Tej Lalvani wants to find out
more about the challenges that inspired Daniel
to create the business. Daniel, well done, I mean,
you know, it takes a lot of courage to turn around and to face it all. How do you feel now
after all that journey? Compared to where I was at 13 I feel a lot better in myself. When I was in my early 20s
it was seriously bad. I’ll go out to meet my mates and
normally I’m the life and soul of a party, but if
I’m not right in my mind I wouldn’t say a word for an hour and then I’d just go home. I’m very impressed what you’ve done. The point about the awareness
is important because a lot of men may not understand how to put
make-up on or what is a concealer, what is the foundation? So, you’ve got video tutorials,
do you explain all that? Yeah, we do a lot.
Who does the tutorials? We do them all in-house,
so we’ll have models that we’ll use. We’ll shoot all the tutorials. I think you’ve done
a cracking job so far. Thank you. Because you’re right, there’s
a lot of men who still feel really uncomfortable about it all,
you know, that sort of girls’ stuff. What you’ve done here is you’ve presented it
in a really accessible way. And it’s vegan. Yeah, and cruelty free. Yeah. We’re looking to go 100% natural
currently, as well, so we’re just waiting for
our test samples to come out for our whole product range
to change to 100% natural. And I will also tell you, and I’ve
just tried both of these products, that is lovely. PETER: But it’s not for you! It doesn’t matter,
it doesn’t matter. I can wear that, too. Deborah Meaden gives her seal
of approval to the quality of the product and
the ethos behind the brand… ..but a perfectly preened Theo
Paphitis wants to know if the hype around the business looks
as good as he does since his recent makeover. Daniel, when did you launch? 2018. And you said you had loads of
fanfare of publicity at the launch. What did that consist of? We’ve had press articles recently, we’re on ABC News, we’ve been on
Fox News, Good Morning America. GQ Magazine did
a big article about us. OK. I’m fully aware that the male personal care market
is huge and growing. Yeah. How many male make-up brands
are out there? There’s probably five. You have some bigger brands
like Tom Ford For men. You have Chanel Boy. But how we’ve
approached it compared to them, we’re trying to make it… ..like the everyday man brands,
something a bit more masculine. Thank you. Dan, what I don’t understand
is the scale of the opportunity. So, the men’s grooming market,
we know, is absolutely massive, 60 billion. It’s going to grow by 50%
in the next five years. I’m guessing the scale
is in a big way, it’s about putting it
into retail somewhere, and as soon as you do that, is there
not the worry that one of the other really well established brands
decides they’re going to have an offshoot for make-up? What I’ve seen, if you say to a man,
“Go in and buy a Chanel product” it’s make-up. Chanel have been
known for that for years. I think if you said,
“Go in and buy a Mac product”, they’ve got a men’s version out,
it’s still Mac. It’s very difficult for them to
get into this market and create a cool, edgy brand. I think we’ve just got
18 months to scale this, get it out there, everywhere,
and be the make-up brand for men. Daniel brushes away Sara Davies’
concerns over the company’s competition by proving
that he has a thorough grasp of the marketplace. Now, Peter Jones wants to know
if he’s taken any steps to protect the brand in this
rapidly growing sector. Daniel, I want to get a little
detail about the business. Yep. Have you registered
the trademark against the brand? Yeah. We went for the trademark
for War Paint. They came back and said, “You can’t, cos it’s too much
of a slang for make-up.” We had lawyers get involved. We went, because we were very
adamant that this was the name I wanted. Went back… ..and they overturned it. We’re going through the US currently
and they don’t think there’s anyone else in front of us in terms
of that challenge, so we’ve got that, as well. So… I’ve got to say,
I’m quite blown away by the… ..positioning and the quality
of the product… Thank you very much. ..and I think you’ve really worked
hard to put that together. I’m ready to put my war paint on… ..and go into battle
with these guys. Yes. I love that. I love that. And that’s because I like you, I like the brand, I like the business opportunity. I think you’ve created something
that has real potential… ..and I’m going to
make you an offer. I’m going to offer you all of
the money for 20% of the business. OK. Thank you, Peter. Peter Jones is the first Dragon
to make up his mind, offering all the money
for 20% of the business, 13% more than the seven on offer. Will Sara Davies also see
potential in Daniel’s brand? I came into the Den to look
for other young entrepreneurs who were trailblazing and were
about to go on an exciting journey and one that I’d been on
and was eager to go on again, and that’s what
I see in front of me. Thank you. So, I would love to work with you. My offer is also all of the money for 20% stake in the business. Thank you very much.
Really appreciate that. Daniel, I’m very impressed
what you’ve done. You’ve created a fantastic brand. Thank you very much. So, I’m going to offer you
all of the money for 20%. OK, thank you very much. Thank you. Daniel has three bids
for the business but all at 20%. Is Deborah Meaden also primed
to make a play for the cosmetics company? You’ve done a flawless job
on this so far. I’d really love to sit here
and say this bit’s wrong. Really annoyingly… ..I can’t! Thank you so much. So, you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m going to
make you an offer… Thank you. ..but I’m going to make you
a better offer… So, I’m going to offer you
all of the money… Yep… ..and I want… ..15% of the business. OK, Deborah, thank you very much. I appreciate that. Well, there we are. Do you know, I’ve been using moisturiser
for about 20 years, every day? You can tell, as well. You’re such a smoothie! He’s
totally out for that fifth offer. Listen, for me, the key thing
is the business is promoted… Yeah. You’re promoted because you’ve
put your back story into this… Yeah. So, I’m going to make you
an offer… ..and because Deborah… ..has gone to 15%… I will give you all the money… ..for 15%. Thank you very much.
I really appreciate that. Theo Paphitis follows
Deborah Meaden’s lead and swoops in with a 15% rival bid. This is a classic, is it,
where I just…? Talk to the wall! Yeah, talk to
yourself for two minutes! They’re both up against Peter Jones,
Sara Davies and Tej Lalvani who are all demanding 20% stakes. Daniel’s achieved the Holy Grail
for entrepreneurs – offers from all five Dragons. But he came into the Den
with just 7% of his business on the table. Is he prepared to lock horns
with the Dragons? Thank you very much for your offers.
I really appreciate it. Just got a couple questions,
if that’s all right. First of all, Peter… Can you just give me a bit more
about what you think you can do with the brand in terms of where
you think you can push it? Taking this brand and going global would need serious
e-commerce assistance… Yep. ..and I own a company that
takes brands into multiple territories all over the world
from an e-commerce perspective. The next thing I was going to say
is, Tej has got a very good contact in Boots, so I would be willing
to share with Tej, and you get two Dragons
for the price of one. I think I’m happy to do that – 10% each for a total of £70,000. I’ll do the deal. And also, we’re going to war here. This is a brand for men… ..run by men. Ooh ooh ooh ooh! Deborah! You felt that, didn’t you?
Even you felt that! I think that was an absolutely
outrageous comment by the tall fella at the end and he should apologise
for that because the ladies here are far more capable in
a lot of the areas that the guys at the end claim they could do. I agree with that.
Obviously correct. Thanks, everyone,
I really appreciate it. 20%, for me,
is a very, very big chunk. I know we’ve mentioned 15% which is still very high
for what I’m willing to do. So, has anyone got any thoughts
where they can maybe just come down? OK, look, I really want to
make it happen so I’m happy to drop down to 15%. I’d be happy to drop down to 15%. 7.5% each. Could we come down ever so slightly
more cos that’s over double what I was willing to give away? I know we’re talking about the value
you’ll bring but I think this company could be worth a serious amount money
in three years’ time. I’m not disowning you… It’s just, I had an idea
when I came in here, of the Dragons I was keen on, and it was both of these two. Daniel… What about 7% each? I was thinking about 6% each. 12%. I can’t go higher than that. What about 7% each, and if we get our money back,
we’ll drop to 6% each? Er, 6% each, can we do a deal now? Cos I genuinely feel that’s fair. Got a massive track record,
got revenue, we’re good to go. So I would have to stick at 12%. Let’s do it. Let’s do it, 6%. 12%, 6% each. Shake now. We’ll do it. Done! Excellent. Well done, mate. Thank you very much. Victory for Daniel, who stood
his ground and won the war. That’s a very good negotiation. He leaves the Den with his perfect
blend of business partners, Tej Lalvani and Peter Jones. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Dragons swoop over ‘flawless’ men’s makeup biz | Dragons’ Den – BBC

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    what an excellent chap

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    This show has lost its appeal.

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  8. I wish other men had the balls just to stand in Superdrug and try out products why the need for a separate kinda market for those straighties with a problem of being ‘feminine’

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    Guy at the end: "Thats an outrageous comment, women can do everything we can and better".
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  12. If you are a man and you wear makeup you will age decades because the skin needs to breath. Women are putting makeup on from 10 years of age and are in bits by the time they reach their 30s.. Makeup is not the answer here. I suppose if he suffered from anoerxia he would carry a special mirror around with him. Mental illness is mental illness and should be treated as such not with tablets or products but with therapy. It's the mind that's ill, not the skin.

    This guy is an average looking guy and still sees crap when he looks in the mirror. When does it end!!!! What happens in 3 or 4 years when he has to double up on the layers because his skin has adapted and is aging faster than his product. Deborah, I can't get out of the bed this morning because I can't face myself in the mirror. This is taking boys and men down a road they will regret for the rest of their lives.

    The guys who are on TV here in the Den will have some makeup on because they are on TV that's why they have no problem with it. Men are turning Red Pill all over the world. This is for weak Blue Pill boys.

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    My advice to men suffering with acne or scars would be to PLEASE speak to a doctor or dermatologist and focus on skincare first, don't go clogging up your pores with makeup. Later down the line, if you do choose to wear makeup, again – research! Know your skin type, your shade, what you want to hide or emphasise, and know that at the end of the day, makeup is just a bunch of chemicals. Putting it on doesn't mean you suddenly grow a vagina.

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