Drag Queen Vs. Makeup Artist: Bratz Doll Challenge

Drag Queen Vs. Makeup Artist: Bratz Doll Challenge

well I was born in 2010 so I don't really know much about the 2010 hi everybody my name is Jan spoor and I'm track wait and I'm Samantha I'm a beauty guru and today everyone we are going to do a lovely competition to see who can do the Blatz makeover challenge the best the drag queen beauty guru everybody is doing the Bratz challenge right now we're gonna try to recreate that today and make some magic happen for you I am feeling so nervous but I am ready to do this I was obsessed with Bratz dolls I had all of them I love the Bratz dolls whether or not I'm gonna look like what is a very different sorry oh and Gemini I have a competitive spirit in me but I'm very very lost already so here are the rules for the brad's challenge that we're gonna be doing today rule number one is that you have to use your own makeup rule number two you have to do it in an hour and rule number three is that whoever looks more like the Bratz doll wins competition so do you have a photo in minds that you're gonna reference for those I just remember seeing a Bratz doll and she was like kind of covered in diamonds and I love glitter and I love bling so I felt like that's definitely neat and okay that's gonna be what I'm gonna go for it alright let's do it three two one I'm about to take all this off right now not all of this of course I have some secrets that I can't reveal underneath here there's a minute I'm just starting with my brows now that's the first thing I usually do when I start my face the fastest I've done my makeup is probably about 30 minutes what I say that it was serviceable for a show no but I did it I'm gonna give you the vulnerability that the audience is looking for so I'm ready to see a whole new world this is so how do you like function in everyday life with your nails I think I get asked this question at least a hundred times a day honestly it's I'm so used to it at this point I've had my nails for years like okay here's upon years and this to me is short Wow I've had my fingernails wait longer I could not even imagine I feel like I can't do anything these I'm just like what's like I can't even take off my makeup properly with us you gotta make sacrifices but what are some of the songs about you age being able in a can of soda put your debit card and the slots of paper something's just not gonna happen once it goes in you're not getting it out damn okay but that is the sacrifice I'm one that's me Wow committed to the craft I guess I'm done here everybody I a post-apocalyptic rock star you know that's my choice and that's like I love anything about part I mean up these brows now shaping them up and creating my base for my shadow and I'm still working on taking this off I'm just here looking like this sloppy drag queen I'm like all right here we go we have the professional over oh my god and gosh I gotta win this I had some rush it so do you wear makeup every day I do I do wear makeup every day on the off chance that I'm not performing if I'm going out and hanging out with friends I'll put on a little full coverage foundation just just something subtle to run to the grocery store with yeah I don't wear makeup everyday at all Wow you're gonna get this natural meat and you're gonna like it well you have really good skin I really don't jealous of you but thank you I feel like you have great skin well if you saw what was underneath you'd probably say something different clean late-ish so right now I'm gonna start mapping out the shapes for where I want my eye to go I'm gonna put on some shadow then I'm gonna cut the crease and try to really create that full Bratz illusion she's gonna do a whole lip transformation there's gonna be a lot of filler up in this mouth right now over here too so some gonna be a little drag over here yeah let's get in drag baby all right so right now y'all I'm cutting this crease I'm just so like adamant on blending that even if I try not to I'll be here forever y'all better forgive her okay if she is not the most blended you've ever seen we have an hour to do this okay this is like a six-hour job and we're fitting in until 4:00 so I met or not see I had a nasty comments with y'all coming for any of us not blending okay and we're still gonna look blended all right I believe in cheeks you lookin blended I am going for it right now with the bottom huh I wish I could just sit back and watch you do this sorry it's a cut this tree thought oh my god she was worried about blending out their eyes and that is the most blended eye I have ever seen I mean not with you no I literally am like one shade I have garage doors on like I didn't I said I was gonna use one shade on distance of three uh-huh we're winging it this is the expectation and this is the reality it's like ordering online and what you get in the mail Oh I knew I was a little bit different than everybody else from a pretty young age and I always loved playing with dolls and brats specifically were always my girls Brice played a huge huge part in my childhood I don't know I think it was like the fashion part like changing their clothes cuz I was always into like fashion I'm starting to add this glitter on now this is definitely better than I would have anticipated for me to do in like 20 minutes ah the glitter is on your body doesn't have time to like think about like perfecting you're just like I got it do I get this my brows are so most likely like distant cousin it's really hard to make them twins they're not even sisters they are you know there are stepsisters their classmates like they don't know each other at all you know I think it's not I'm falling apart here oh that's not bad it's not bad it's a great no but it's not bad oh Christ all right this I for me was a little bit more alright let's figure it out beautiful crease oh and these laughs how's it give the big flashing everyone my name is Reba they had like big heart-shaped lips I make them pretty horizontal but I feel like the Bratz dolls are a little more vertical so right now I'm just gonna concentrate on making the highest points on the end and just bringing it up a little bit higher than what ever normally do I think the thing with the broad stalls is the bigger the better okay I can't even meet raw a straight line focus on small details Jan viewers will I be able to do this lower I in the title bought it stay tuned I'll do a spray my face and I'm done you better go for all I can't believe this this is a record oh my god three minutes how am I gonna do this oh my God thank you so long no what I like to say slow and steady will I be able to do it time I don't know I know another one fell volley subs even though rest station two artists here like this was a lot of fun very stressful they're very awesome I think that I conquered the overall shapes that I wanted to do the detailing there's no detailing but the shape is there let me just scoot back it just it's acceptable I just don't know what more you could do to blonds this a hell oh I would have done way more to blend this out honestly I really think I played it safe compared to what she did like that's a lot for you to do in an hour I took a big risk did it pay off I know well I got one endorsement here everybody's I hope you like I do I like you so y'all who do you think why we want to hear what you have to say in the comments below so let us know you

37 thoughts on “Drag Queen Vs. Makeup Artist: Bratz Doll Challenge

  1. The drag queen won the bratz doll challenge. The beauty guru should have made her lips bigger then she would have won.

  2. For real tho, the title SAYS “Drag queen and Professional Makeup artist do the bratz doll challenge” But what it means is, “ Drag queen does the Bratz Challenge And a makeup artist Does makeup for a date with the forever Alone guy”

  3. Tachnically the drag queen used the makeup artists setting spray …

    I thought the rule was only your makeup

  4. I mean I love yours but I love the black hair the makeup black haired girls lights kind of mix but there's not too much to

  5. Drag queen because Bratz dolls have those kind of big eyes but the makeup artist did really good on her makeup so probably a tie

  6. The drag queen looked more like a Bratz doll but I liked the makeup artist's look a little better

  7. Jan looked like a Bratz doll even before the challenge, and I'm living for both of her looks. Love me some Bratz style lol.

  8. Jan Sport definitely won. Just for the fact that she already looked like a Bratz doll and then she had to remove her makeup and still was able to create a beautiful mug? perfection.

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