DOs & DON'Ts Mixed Media CANVAS for Beginners ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

DOs & DON'Ts Mixed Media CANVAS for Beginners ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

hello hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel it's murder here and I hope you are doing great and I'm glad you joined me for today's crafting session I'm delighted that you decided to spend some time with me your afternoon maybe your evening maybe we are together cuddled in bed under the duvet because in your part of country is called or maybe you are in the garden enjoying the Sun and watching this tutorial this video is going to be a little little different as you can tell I have to exactly the same canvases on my desk exactly the same embellishments metal embellishments as well and that's not accident are you afraid of mixed-media tell me honestly maybe you are intimidated a little bit by the word itself you're not too sure where to start how to begin and why your mixed media pieces don't look like others although I always says please do not compare yourself to others but you're looking at your projects and you're thinking mmm something is not right what am I doing wrong exactly I'm gonna make two canvases and they are gonna be exactly the same yet very different I hope I'm gonna try to make the proper canvas and not so much pretty canvas here I'm gonna show you how maybe others are the wink and maybe why I wouldn't do it and here I'm gonna show you what I love and how I like so I'm gonna try to make one positive one negative I'm not even sure how to call it but I'm gonna try to show you why this kind of us will be appealing to your eyes as a viewer and why this one is not so I'm gonna show you tips and tricks and maybe some kind of ideas hacks and just the way things could be nicer to maybe improve your art without any further ado I hope you will stay and join me I really hope you will find it inspirational because this video came to my mind only recently and I thought this is it let's just show them the difference because just because I'm making a pretty piece what about if I what if I don't exactly explain maybe if I show it you know next to it how not to do or how I wouldn't do it because everyone's artists there front and please do not ever compare yourself to others but maybe you like to hear my opinion the way I see it let's not chat anymore let just that acting together I will start adding some texture this will give some dimension extra interest to my project and to do so I will use stencils I'm really happy and proud to share it must answers with you today I'm recording that and that's not yet in the shop but while you watching it it's probably everything in the shop and utensils new papers more paper stickers and all so please have a look check it out there are really beautiful things in the shop start added there so let me show you just to out of over 15 20 s tenses these are their own mind very minor I'm so happy I'm so proud to show it to you so today we're gonna use them why not I love love love those designs and I'm just thinking which to use first maybe not even first but which to use in general but I think this or this which one which one you love I don't know I I'm wondering which would look better but I think oh wow I don't know I know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna use both this simply is that and in the meantime as well I'm gonna open up those two little canvases that I have here and those also are gonna be added to my project also as you can see I have some Catholics why not so basically as I said I'm gonna try to make on the Left project that I normally would go for normally would – that's the way I would do and on the right I'm gonna do kind of how I don't feel is right or how I feel it could just be not okay you know so yeah and well that's at least the idea we will see if this will actually be good now I'm thinking to add maybe stenciling here and here and on the bigger transversus the other standard how is that I think that this could this could work so you can use the link paste texture paste whatever page you have to create texture I have actually um just so that is quite thick so I'm gonna use that actually don't move okay now I keep on forgetting so I'm gonna swap this would be my my good side my perfect site here so I'm gonna swap and how sometimes maybe people are doing let's say sometimes maybe not enough pressure and it's very delicate like like a little bit oh there we go maybe so then if we start adding elements and texture and trying to highlight everything maybe it will be not that visible as we wish so let's say that this let's call it that our first mistake well not mistake how can I say it it thinks that that are done differently to what I would do I'm gonna scrape up scrape out some of excess and let's put this aside a little bit so this one is the good one again this one is the good one let's say AHA so I will add a generous amount for sure and maybe what I would do pick it up and swap the sides I love them designs swap the sides and try to make sure that we managed to do it here okay well perfect loving it how differently wrongly we could do here what's the common maybe mistake that people do hmm I know what else I could actually do it here which is I could add some texture here on the side and even more here mm-hmm and even let's see if it's ever possible to do something here why not and here why am i doing that it's because I'm trying to make all of the canvas being used which here what we will do is we will just place a click here scrape the excess that's how the stencil is maybe not enough and okay I hope you can see the difference between this side and this side let me wash the senses make sure that you will wash your stencils right away because especially but the very tiny designs like that if you keep them keep their paste for too long it will be hard to scrape it off so right away I always wash it in the sink so what's the next step I hope you can see the difference we have very little modeling paste and a lot of here nice everywhere so my next idea our next step would be to attach my canvas my tiny canvas to my bigger canvas and to do so I'm gonna use hot gel medium gel medium a generous amount of gel medium going here and there and everywhere and thinking how I'm gonna place it how I'm gonna place it where well I think I'm gonna stick with the in the middle idea so that way now I didn't dry the modeling paste at all this is all the way as it is did enjoy it so it's nicely kind of sinks in I guess and now look what happens on this side when we start adding modeling paste and sorry gel medium our glue if you don't have gene medium you can use hot glue gun you can use you can use Mod Podge but you may you may change the idea of actually having this falling apart so gel medium is your way to go so now when we will add this here same way since we trying to the same way you can see how very little things we have right now our texture is only here nothing is here and nothing really on the side we put the canvas just exactly in the middle because we wanted our composition to be built in the and that way we are we lost the whole stenciling design that we've built oh well that's how it we did it that's fine now start let's start to see if we will add the cassette but I think yes I think we will add the cassette maybe like this okay I like that idea I like that idea I haven't played with the cassette for ages I remember my project with cassettes years ago I mean really a long time ago and I love them so much so so much now so we can add it here we can actually maybe stick it a little bit on the side so it will be like nicely you know sticking out there and we do quite opposite here which I think it's the design is losing out because because I'll show you you could certainly keep it more outside and have more interest but that's okay now yet again we are kind of taking away our from the project our design that we had on that canvas like here you have all the bits and pieces and you can still see the gorgeous texture that it's there and nothing is nearly left there that's okay that's the idea that's the whole point now what's next I have to be honest I only put the same product so next to each other I just want to make sure I have exactly the same on both sides but I haven't planned at all what kind of composition project it's gonna be so I'm gonna improvise here purely improvised here and I'll see if it's nice if you know if it's okay now I think I find a lot of times that some crafters kind of don't put tanks on top of each other and they are putting things like this and I think that's that's one of the common yet again I wouldn't like to say mistake but common common procedure common procedure common think to be done and I think 4p it's more appealing to their eye if we are actually building our layers on top of layers and the whole mix media piece just looks better I hope I be able to show it to you right now I wonder if I'll actually no I'll do it here as I plan to us you know I'm gonna just right away play since I'm doing two projects I you see the cut the modeling paste is still wet and that's fine because it kind of nicely sinks in together so I'm adding generous amount those metals are heavy you can find them in my shop and my room is small art and calm so please links are at the end of the video always description box and all so let's play exactly the same way at least let's start or differently let's just swap and though it may be like that why not oops a bit too much the ones there but that's okay I will just clean it off or maybe no maybe I'm gonna leave it well somehow I feel this is purely straight and somehow I feel this is not and maybe that's due to discuss it okay and mmm very strange no I'm I will clean it I will clean it okay so that's what we have right now what could be next one thing is well important is that sometimes it's you forget that you the best way is to actually use the biggest embellishments first then the smallest and yeah so that's really what should be done which here to actually make make it wrongly I should probably play with some smaller embellishment maybe here and then if I'll decide to play it with maybe this one you can see that this one is not covered which here's you cover way too much I guess I hope that makes sense and I think I'm gonna do it exactly like that because that way you will see exactly what I mean now this is my perspective this is how I feel about it but please please this is only guidance for you to maybe you know have similar feelings but I just subjection all so you know it's individual thing so we all feel different but I just wish to show you what I think now here is well instead of kind of going on the world and outside I stuck here so we are kind of limiting ourselves to the composition yet again and let's say now place well if I have different different metals that's I hope you don't mind that because I just grabbed what I had around me so now my next step would be to actually maybe play with this one here I like that and then sadly we're gonna cover up the other one you know and see what's gonna happen there mm-hmm how I'm gonna do it actually oops there we go I'm gonna clean this off and here as well we don't need that much of gel medium okay clean it off clean it off that's fine so I hope you can see that you're losing out in this moment a lot of your metal embellishment that it's just basically hidden it's covered so now next thing that could be nice maybe here and maybe here as well I think so I think that would be nice so what I will do is oh that's a lot of gel medium I'm gonna just add some and here as well add some add some add some mm-hmm now so here what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just place it kind of in the middle rather than jumping in and maybe place it oops place it kind of nicely on the side same way as that as their as the tape is now I hope you are okay with me kind of I'm really trying to think for to making a point so if I'm if I'm kind of not making sense while I'm talking I hope you can understand why I'm just trying really to make this making sense to you which is not easy in a way I like that I like that maybe mm-hmm what else we could do for example we could have it maybe this here and this here well I like the composition is that I think that's what I'm gonna do right now actually actually actually actually I'm so excited about the launch of the new products oh I'm so excited I'm beyond excited and so yes I can't wait to show it to you share it with you to actually play with it to really have fun I still didn't have much fun with it because I didn't have time to be honest and I'm working ahead for you where I'm gonna put it so it wouldn't look that good maybe I'll just put it here oh yeah that's what I should do I just should be kind of yeah so now you see the flow of this canvas goes here where the flow is heavy here nothing happens here you know so yeah and you may think all these too much is together but actually maybe they're not so great with each other same for this one maybe I put it there rather than here which I don't think this makes the mats of a difference but yeah sure why not let's let's do it this way and I'm gonna actually be on this side more so that's okay and this one maybe I'll just do like this which I don't think it's nice I don't fancy this way but let's just do it and even worse it looks like a nose in the middle of those circles of those eyes you know maybe I'm trying maybe I'm over-exaggerating this but I'm trying to kind of prove you something that but composition even if we have amazing stuff can ruin things a little bit you know okay we have one more heavy do I have more open these are different oh no these are different let me find some more okay I found some more of the same ones now what else we could do with it is this blue tone no it's not okay but maybe we could have this like here nice and this here I'm not sure if I make any sense today but I hope I do so yeah let's glue this down let's glue this down yeah I think we're back from from walkies so I'm gonna try to kind of have it nicely on the side I'm gonna get rid of that excess I don't know why I'm not fond of excess but that's what I'm thinking or differently maybe I do it like that yeah I do it like that so you will see that you have this gorgeous element oh sorry gorgeous element but you kind of losing out its potential I think like its potential is the fact that it's like a frame and you can have it nicely you know but it losing its potential maybe I think I'm gonna have to put Hannah to bed in a second so I may come back to you there we go let me clean my hands now I think they left maybe they just came for some hat or something okay that's a little too much now you see the potential of that that it's nicely sticking out and why not and here it's like okay you know it's okay so now if we have let's say I could have this one here and then two more let's say small elements maybe like here one could be here if it's sticking out if it's sticking at all and this one here too and here we can have it like maybe like I don't know like here oops and here and maybe here is that yeah so as you can see the composition flow goes here which here is kind of I don't know all over the place kind of no composition in a way so I'm gonna try to finish that and show you what I mean that's way too much glue okay so there we go we can have that in oftentimes as I said the layering of embellishment is not happening which is extremely important if we try to do mixed-media I think the making the you know the whole piece kind of nice and oh maybe I'm gonna swap the idea and just maybe just do here like in the middle ha ha that's definitely not looking great that's okay now I can glue it down this one huh I didn't look even in the camera with sharp but I think we are sharp all the time okay so I'm gonna just nicely play here that's nice of course you have to be careful about the whole metal thing because it's like very delicate in places but it will go down eventually okay super same for here we just need glue really on one side which is just here hey hi hi hi how are ya did you enjoy your walk is Hana now and also so how many we used one two three one two three I did include this one yet so which I will do now of course she wants to be near the studio she loved the studio as you can imagine so now what we have is we have our kind of floating here kind of kind of floating and how are we doing here I think we are doing not too bad now maybe next thing would be what would I do next if if if I'll do this one how about making this one in the middle like here and this could be looking great and this one could go I don't know why is she I'm here sweetie I'm here that's so great isn't it hi I'm gonna cry like I'm coming to you right now the second sunny so I'm just gonna add it I'm gonna add this one where would I add it like here could be nice mm-hmm and it's probably not the same or maybe I find the same one sensei probably not the same but similar and maybe where will I put it like here not so great really place to be chosen you know I don't think so you know what else we have similar maybe this one and this one okay I like that I love the tiny those tiny embellishments I have them in the store do you know very well did they new for my store you probably seen them before but I think they're gorgeous now where we can add the last one well maybe not the last time but you see I'm walking around maybe even here I'm walking around and matching where could it look nice where could it looks so you can see I'm layering metal I'm after metal after metal you know and that helps a lot and if I put it here not so great I guess not so great and we nearly covered everywhere with the embellishments maybe something like something small would be nice as our final touch to mark two more small and I think we will have enough just enough this is nice here why not and maybe where will I add this one maybe maybe maybe here you know not so great not so great so last one and we can leave this for drawing and I can would that be interesting to have it there at all or is it not so great no no not so great maybe here and the last one on this side papa and maybe here and then cabouchins lastly cabochons I'm gonna stick on one cabochon which could be nice maybe here taking away a little bit from the design but that's okay and then one mark mark are shown here then the middle we're gonna put it next to each other pretty much classic cabochon also are in the shop if you wish to see it so feel free to have a look I'll give you links of course to all of that and seriously last one goes to I think here could be nice and on this side could be nice maybe here okay I think we can call that finished in terms of gluing down let's try that I'm gonna put Hana to sleep in the meantime and I'll see you in a minute I'm back to you after you're not gonna believe it probably would be three weeks three four weeks this was waiting for me to finish off I'm not even sure what was my last sentence I'm not too sure what I was saying but the idea here behind those two canvases is to show you maybe the common mistakes that you may be making that you may wish to avoid maybe do just to see how I see it how I feel about mixed-media heavy canvases like that so what would be my next step if I create a regular mixed-media beautiful highlighted canvas I'm gonna cover everything with white just so this will be what just saw and this will be with white acrylic paint so that's the difference I think gesso is better priming it better but many times I've used acrylic paints white acrylic paint as well because I wanted to do budget project I wanted to show that budget is good as well and possible to be done but if we're talking about mistakes and Possible's and higher possibilities and how we can improve things and how can we do things better and make it even nicer I think if we go for a proper tool which is white just so this one is thick nice white just so you probably will get a better color but a better color visibility and just it will be easier to work with because gesso is basically our primer it is priming our project it is giving us this surface priming the surface before all the media works I'm gonna do the first layer start off with the first layer leave it to dry naturally at least for now and I'm gonna move on to our other candles and he is white acrylic paint to that I'm going on the edges as well on the sides here and they're just a little bit better on the canvas as well yeah I'm not I'm not too sure if I mentioned about those stencils and when I was recording that because as I said this was ages ago but they are already in store flying out the door so you may check the store the online store if you wish anyway let me just move on to my to my other canvas I'm gonna put this here and let's see I will need some maybe travel to some cardboard to later some paint out there we go let's see how it's that this one is actually crea box from Mara boots a good mixed-media brand and I purchased that in little it's much more liquid ish but look it works good it does that trick at least that how it looks for the first feel about it so let's see how it's gonna be covering that okay Hanna's asleep Lucas is in the kitchen and Emily's out yes so there is always in my Rama's house my Rama's headquarters headquarters but you know I only realized what headquarters means only recently how dumb sometimes we can be or maybe the English the fact that it's not my first language maybe that's why it kind of flowed in start to fill this one with the white maybe it's because the liquid that paint was more liquid is its cover but there it's hard to tell isn't it I'd say they equally covered equally so I'm gonna just try to yeah we do that slightly leave it to dry making making sure we have it all covered everywhere on the sides as well on the sides and our canvas okay I don't think it's covering that well but you know cuz it's smudge drink all the time which this is drying faster let me dry this quickly a little bit my canvases are pretty much dry I'm gonna leave this with a one-layer only and I'm gonna grab my canvas and I'm gonna go with the layer number two basically so this is what I would do and I think maybe sometimes the color the coverage the coloring may be difficult because you are not having everything colored too well so I'm gonna leave the other canvas the way as it is right now now you can also use black just so did you know that you can use black gesso and sometimes so I was asked what's the difference between black gesso and white just so when it comes to coloring so in different mediums let's say like waxes certain waxes depending on the shade and type of the wax it will appear better on white just so and or it will appear better on black gesso so that's the difference that's why wipe that's why people sometimes use base a black all base white I think I personally prefer the white one no not I think I know I prefer the base white one but again it is a personal thing really so see we're going with the layer number two yeah this is Capuchin is something it's not that easy to cover in general because it's non-porous surface I think you say that in English so it's okay I will highlight it later on okay so this is pretty much dry already you see the difference now I hope you can tell the difference easily uh-huh okay and let this dry and then we can move on to coloring part I wonder should I use sprays or should I use should I use prints let me think back to you let me move this aside a little bit for now so I'm gonna have my towel my spring towel there love love love love love okay then let's bring those back and we can start coloring now how are we going to color it to show you the difference so I grabbed some colors here I have some pinkish some radish and some white so that would be my color scheme have some different whites and what about here we're gonna add the same colors here as well but we also add green and teal maybe yellow and blue we'll see I want you to see that sometimes too much of the color it's a problem and yeah so let's try it I'm gonna keep though I'm gonna come on it's bringing back I'm gonna keep my spring to the sides so that some parts are gonna be still white and that's what I really wish to achieve in the white it's the it's the white that I wish to make sure that I keep and now my darker color I'm what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna basically just do it like that or if not that I will spray but I'm gonna be very Oh gently with it so it won't go too much everywhere oh I like that hmmm okay cool now I spray it too much here so I'm gonna rescue it with some water over it some white come on oh nice white is helping me now to even blend in more what I have created here and I love that as it is even now maybe a little bit of darker here slightly slightly slightly I lost my pink a little bit so I'm gonna redo that I'm going back to the same place spaces if you can tell the same really places spaces okay I do feel that I need black let me just black or gray I have some great here so let's see oh nice there we go and I think this is pretty much it for me spray also is thanked enough what's that that's some brown oh and we have a baby here now some white fall in there that's okay I lost my white that's fine so I clean that let me dry it I'm drying drunk but I also tilt my canvas a little bit so I have my nice texture here on my stenciling purse I have a lot of pigment here a lot of water so but that's okay let's leave this port for drawing itself and let's move this slightly to the side see so that I will have more space for this one so let's do similar things so let's do let's start with pink then this then maybe this okay maybe this oh yeah Oh does it look familiar to you guys we created some kind of mock now that's because of too much colors that's because of aiming directly to the canvas rather than on the kind of angle we did this rather than this we went spring mad all all of it not being mindful about how the colors will interact with each other you have to know that some colors do not match for example this Browns pinks grey they all were happy together here we have blue and the yellow then we have brown pink another purple or whatever we could go even more crazy and there we go add this now some of you may say oh I love it of course as I said art is subjective but if you want to achieve certain things you have to kind of follow certain steps so the composition here lays here heavily on that side here is all over the place the colors are Maki to even show you more like what happens often is like I don't like it so if people spring and it's even getting even worse I think I remember I was doing that when I was starting I do remember actually that maybe I repeat that then we have the sprays that the second spray that little dots happening here as well all over so you see this is kind of the difference let's dry that as well one more thing to to help me to build and keep my whitespace I was playing with white spray as well which here I didn't use white spray I don't think it would makes a difference to be honest maybe it could be even worse because it would be more even color and being more Maki and you know so here the white was you know in my favor and it helped sorry it helped as well let's try that it's nearly dry also when it's drying can we drawing and we have so much pigment and waterish here of course the pigment is moving so it's it's even making more mock and more you know more happening there now you may as well think that all right I think I need something else I need something else and you keep I think there's something else because you're thinking that you know you need something more so you adding more and you have secondary splashes again on everywhere because there's more and more of a secondary splashes and you're drawing that and you playing again and you have just rainbow but not such a pretty rainbow after all also a while I'm drawing now there's so much pigment under the elements so much spray went there that it's splashing yet again because of the heat so you get another mixture of funny colors actually [Applause] I also tilted it because there's so much pigment in there that's you know you have to tilt it to get it out so the color mixture is here's again a very strange I noticed one more thing as well sometimes adding so much sprays keep on spraying it and keep on drying spring and drawing it makes I think the faster speed the speed the speeded process of drying makes the whole canvas sticky many times I heard that oh my canvas is so sticky the colors are so sticky because I think that you nearly overcooked everything I believed it depends on the brand it depends on the type of their sprays but usually they work fairly similar so I would suggest that sometimes even leaving things to dry naturally helps don't be too close to the heat to the canvas with your heat be from the distance maybe wait a little bit adding so much of heat of color sometimes will lead to it because you adding color on top of color on top of color drying it in between so everything is cooking basically and that's why it gets sticky I think well I know that I think I've done that when I started my first mixed-media canvases a few years back now that I remember I kept on adding that color and color because I wanted that blend and then everything was just so shiny and sticky and I really didn't like it and I couldn't understand why things just don't look as I would love them to look and then I was keep on working even more on that does it ring the bell to you so yeah let's finish the drying part and I'm gonna be back to you one mistake I have – I didn't actually tell you it's because I forgot many times I hear that people are attaching all the elements with hot glue gun rather than gel medium and while you drawing heat a lot of heat goes to your canvas and fortunately your pieces are starting to move because hot glue gun will start to be hot again even though it's dried but with the heat you kind of reactive it again so that's when your pieces are start to be wobbly a little bit so that's why you use gel medium more than anything and Hana is here as well so yes get ready I need to dry that properly I'm back to you after a few hours it's actually 11 p.m. I didn't have a chance to record during that day but it's okay I hope you don't mind that look everything is dry and it's very shiny can you see look at that very shiny and look at this canvas purely dry as well no shame zero it's a pure matte and I've done nothing except I left it to completely dry so this is what I would think to you about shyness about stickiness about too much pigment and actually in fact oh it's still not right that's even better and it's it's sticky a little bit it's too much pigment there so this is the difference between those two and how things are and you can see the color is really mucky okay so what would be our next step I hope you can see that better let's have a look once more without the towel so this is very shiny kind of sticky and also the first coat of acrylic paint probably made that shine too as you can see and this one is not so what's the next step if I if I'll to go and finish this one let me see I would actually still add some darker elements but you know you don't have to let me grab some nice nice nice brush for dry gesso ink and the technique for dried just I think I can't find whoops I can't find my favorite brush for dry Jessamine hmm what are you brush well okay it's this all could be this one okay that's actually from Ranger I love it for drying so I'm adding a small amount of jessa on my brush and I'm going I'm trying to make sure that I don't have too much of it on my brush and I'm going with the flicking motion of my finger of my sorry of my wrist I'm going into places and I know that just so is water-based so it does react I think my project is a little too bright so that's why it's not gonna be that visible our standing out elements all of our what's the word all of our raised areas but that's okay you know I'm happy to have this project being so delicate as well not necessarily always do I have to have everything very contrasting looking quite opposites this could be nice and dreamy as you can see we have some tiny color on our lid because it's reactive as I said it's reacting and that's fine no so we can pretty much call this canvas done and dusted not much I have to do isn't it not much by the way I opened in the meantime I opened a new account on Instagram it's called mérimée small art design and it's all about product about the new maleta launch that happened and I hope to share your projects there if you use the product and inspirations with the products so if you feel like following it link will be at the end of this video of course there we go but it's nice if you can so that's what I did today let me show you I show you in a minute actually I don't have my phone here with me I thought I do but I don't that's okay okay now so what's the next step if I go for this project I think one of the mistake is let's go back to our acrylic white acrylic as well white acrylic paint so the touch of that and I think instead of doing a really delicate try just a wink what happened is two seconds trying to get again grab some nice nice brushes this would be nice so I think people are just grabbing the the pigment and just do like this and then what happens you see what happens is we are activating a lot of a lot of our pigment moving the color here and there look everything is moving of course it will always move tiny bit but the idea for good products to be used for example just so that is our primer that is really small amount being used flicking mode of your hand to help it you know which I do here differently not the way as I would normally do so see it is just really bad so everything is reacting to our acrylic white paint and this is not how you should do it this canvas is totally how I wouldn't do now you would say to me all because the colors were darker yes but also make sure that everything is fully dry make sure that you are not adding so much on your brush make sure that you clean your brush in the means in the bits in between as well sometimes it helps so yeah this is this is kind of how you shouldn't be doing things I'm not sure if I want to keep on going but I really hope you can see the idea of a different composition yes someone can say oh I love that composition yes it's not too bad it can't be like that but certainly kind of weight and coloring here is all really matching which here I find it all over the place so bad coloring you know mixing contaminating each others and just just not so great I guess and let's try that and let's finish off with some subtitle maybe I'm trying to add something and from those papers from our technique collection from our any small art we have some gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous absolutely beautiful elements and I was thinking let's see I added the flower here I'm not too sure if I wanted it there but I think it looks cute and different flower Terre we have some leaves there as well they're nice and fabulous delicate and kind of feminine we have this thing it's that these are like hogs but kind of unique in their look I also have Tim Cook's and those are all from paper hand drawn by me actually hand-painted by me what an interesting let's see if I can do that and I was thinking don't stop until you were proud I don't think it's gonna make a difference this this is here with this canvas but I still will add this for you to remember don't stop until you are proud keep practicing guys keep trying keep never Fortin never give up you know it's not gonna be there the first project that will always be perfect no you have to try a few times several times actually and eventually it will you know it will eventually be something that you are totally proud of that doesn't want to stick what's going on here what's going on here oh maybe it's too low okay I'm gonna add a little bit more than too little is it too little possibly okay oh yeah so here it is paper die-cut elements why not I think it's nice to try different things and joining paper crafts with mixed-media like that it's nice there we go little leaves and this flower it you know I'm gonna just lift this gently and that's it because I like as its placed maybe slightly higher there we go something along those line and maybe dream what about dream nice I love that no I'm thinking to actually hmm this would be nice if somehow I could I don't know make this higher or something this is still wet hahaha let me think can I just keep it like that and then have it like this I can I suppose I can't why not matter why not okay so I'm gonna slightly cover there okay I love it slightly cover the the hole from the cassette no wait it has to be perfect Lane ah murder murder murder perfect line let's see there we go okay I love it okay something like that so different and those stickers it again are from buy me small art we have eight in a pack we have sticker called magical Peter we have soul we have you are strong and foremost I'm gonna just quickly show you them I totally love them those are new stickers and everyone will find something for themselves for definite so please please please check it out I love it perfect absolutely loving this so different I Wow okay do I need to add anything else no because I'm gonna take away from death which I don't want to do but I'm just trying to see if there's any room for improvement or for just doing something extra you know I'm thinking to actually risk it in a way it like this and just there we go now this is going to be gorgeous and just add it so tote this Cox it's not on his own really but he has a friend here there we go something like that that's nice okay lovely and what about this one this could go there isn't it or even like that I think so Wow okay I think I'm gonna call this done and finished and dusted and I totally love this dirty pink color I love it love it and this one oh well I really hope guys that you understood something that this was a valuable lesson for you that I showed you some points important elements of mixed-media process I don't think there is any video like that on YouTube I at least I haven't come across when someone actually made the correct one and the wrong one that the two different ways and please please remember this is the way I feel the way I read mix me that the way I think it could be the wait for you to learn something so I have a huge favour for you to ask please please do share this video with your friends so others can learn from it because many many starters beginners those who are just thinking of beginning the mixed-media journey they really are confused they don't know where to start what products to use and the process could be actually overwhelming so I would love you to comment down below of course let me know what you think was it actually helpful and if you have any other suggestions how to improve mixed-media process please please let me know in the comments others are reading you are guys exchanging comments and reading so that's the best lesson I'm sure that we will find people who will say that this is pretty and indeed probably I could make worse but sometimes it's difficult when your brain operates you know the way to make it actually nice so it's hard to not make two things to make things not nice I really love this one I have to say the dream the big title really stand out and bring everything together make this all all whole and I totally love it I I'm happy to using my product super cute to see them in the canvas actually how strange how different but I love it very delicate and what I like about it is that I didn't go for my usual dark edges which often happened and I hope that one of the friends is often commenting saying that I the projects are too far I hope that the camera was with today and you were able to see all the details for the canvases so I'm gonna finish it that I'm gonna actually finish another video tonight maybe it's night for videos because I started it few days ago as well art journaling you could see the sneak peak on my Instagram oh and I invite you for the other Instagram that the product Instagram for Miami's products sneak peeks are there your projects because I'm gonna show share your projects if you tagged me in the in the projects that you use the products from Miami small art I'll be happy to share I'd be happy to mention so please please please to do do me a favor and go and check them I'll check it out also check the shop if you wish is this it is this is it I think so so yes do's and don'ts about mixed-media I hope it was helpful and fun at the same time and yeah till the next time I'm gonna wrap up at that because as always I'm charted chatted chatting chatting so thank you so much I love you loads and I'll I'll see you soon bye happy crafting bye bye I just turned off the camera but I was thinking that it would be nice if you could let me know if this type of video is actually good maybe I should make this like a series again about do's and don'ts and examples of both from different from different project I don't know Arjuna link collage ink or something if it's or different canvas it will be great to know if this type of tutorial is actually you know good for you so yeah I love you bye bye bye

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  2. Hi Marta, I loved this video, and yes, please, make some others like that, with watercolors, perhaps, because I'm not that good at it (yet), and I'm sure it would help others too. And by way, I actually loved both of the canvases, but I get your point about composition and colors,… Maybe you just cannot make wrong things in art, lol! Although I would perhaps just use more white on the "bright" one to soften it more, and then it would be fine! Thanks for sharing your experience, please continue to do so, and don't mind the trolls. xoxo from Belgium.

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  6. Oh man Marta this whole video definitely was a learning process. I am so grateful you did it. I do struggle with the layering elements process So this video will be saved in my playlist for sure. Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  7. Yes art is personal and people should feel free to create however they choose. However, there are entire universities devoted to teaching people how to create art so let’s not pretend there aren’t proper techniques and “rules”. It’s just personal choice to follow that or not.

  8. Honestly, i like how both of these turned out. I do prefer the "good" side, because personally like pastel colors, and prefer fewer colors in my mixed media, instead of many different bold colors. However, i don't think there's anything wrong with the other, it just gives a more mechanical bold vibe, instead of the soft, floral sweet feeling of the "good" project. I think that in the end, there is no right or wrong for art, just right or wrong for the artist, in regards to what they personally feel more moved by, and consequently find more visually pleasing. The pink piece does flow more easily, but i think the more clunky style of the other one, with its color scheme, actually works, in this case. I guess it just goes to show, no matter how hard Marta tries to the contrary, her art always turns out amazingly. ♡

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  10. Thank you for taking the time to show common composition mishaps and misconceptions. This was especially helpful for me as a beginner. While mixed media is not my interest, the techniques can be used in a variety of ways. I'm looking forward to taking my bible journaling to another level because of your teachings.

  11. I really enjoy watching you create. I think it is almost impossible for you to do something that is not pretty. I actually like both, but I think I like the softer pink one the best. But then pink is one of my favorite colors. It would be just as beautiful if you had used blues instead. I do understand what you are trying to convey. I personally am intimidated by mixed media and the few times I have tried it I didn't like the outcome but you inspire me to keep trying. Practice makes a difference. You are the inspiration that caused me to even try to begin with. Art is so much an individual preference and that is why there are so many different styles. You do so many different art creations so beautifully and I love watching all of you tutorials. Keep on keeping on. Thank you so much. Not every painting turns out to be a masterpiece. 🙂 But someone will like it anyway.

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  13. WOW!!! You have no idea how badly I needed this video! I am new to mixed media and I love it, but I kept being somewhat disappointed by the outcome. You have shown in this video so many of the things I've been doing wrong. This is the MOST helpful video I have seen and I have watched soooo many videos on mixed media. You really nailed it, Marta! I can't thank you enough for sharing this "right and wrong" video with us. It has helped me SO MUCH! Thank you, thank you, Sweet Marta. xoxoxo

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  15. Marta wow. My eyes are drawn to the Dream and my whimsy likes the other one and yet your reasonings and insight is so valuable! Thank you. I see how laying out the pieces draw the eyes. That’s where the Dream calms me! I love this. Your experience and points are helpful. Would you consider one on collaging? My collages always miss something. Thank you again!

  16. LOL, I like the one on the right – it looks more grungy and steampunk to me, the pink is a bit too……..pale. But they're both good

  17. I love this tutorial, Marta. I don't mean to try and explain what you were saying but rather this is my opinion. Neither canvas is "right" or "wrong", "good" or "bad", "pretty" or ugly", "art" or "not art". Art is what the artist makes. The point I took away from this tutorial is that it takes practice, patience and trying something maybe not so traditional so that you can develop your own taste. Many will find the "wrong" canvas to be right in their style and see nothing wrong with it. Many will feel the "good" canvas is perfect. It is very personal in terms of what speaks to us. Personally, the thing that I struggle with is composition. I use to place elements all around the canvas, not touching each other and very random in choice of elements. That maybe okay for some people but for me I just felt it wasn't right but at first I didn't know what was wrong. I kept at it and in the end I feel like what speaks to me is tightly grouped elements, elements that touch each other or layer on each other, elements that have something to do with the composition that I am making, even if that relationship is only apparent to me! For instance, I was doing a piece with a picture of my daughter and I was layering elements and I added a little brass charm of a cat. Anyone looking at the piece might wonder why this random cat is in the mix. Well, I was looking for elements that reflected my daughter's loves, interests and life. Her greatest treasures are her cat and her stuffed cat. No one else looking at the canvas would know that. I also feel like a little education in colour is a good idea. Learning what are primary colours, harmonious, complimentary colours and opposites. Even basic understanding helps to keep from mixing colours that just don't look good together or colours that when mixed just make mud.
    Thank you so much for doing this and I think that breaking down the different elements such as composition, colour theory, layering, etc is a great way for beginners to learn. It was funny when you said your Lucas was in the kitchen and right then you could hear him bang a pot when you couldn't hear him before. I think your Lucas has a sense of humor!! And of course, lovely babushka Hannah. She is going to be a great artist some day.

  18. AWESOME PRESENTATION… THANK You… You are a great mentor, SO TRUE EVERYONE ART IS LIKE A RECIPE, NOT ONE THE SAME. I love the tips you pointed out. It is great you include all of us in your time and family.

  19. I really liked the tips. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time in making this video. I would really like a tutorial of this kind about simple designs. I tend to be very busy in my compositions and add too many elements. I say I have a Barroque soul as an excuse for my exaggerations, hahaha! It would be nice for me to see your thought process on how you edit your ideas.

  20. Perhaps the title could Mixed Media Decision Making: View Some of My Trick Decisions Why should I…What if I… How will it…

  21. I learn so much from your channel Marta! Thank you for explaining your process, and congratulations on your store that has some amazing products. Sitting on my lanai with my morning coffee, and enjoying your video❤️

  22. Marta – can you do a video on color coordinating? I have a hard time combining the right colors. My projects are a mess because I’m using the wrong colors together.

  23. The stickiness is due to the thickness of application … Could happen with colors or just white … Not relevant to the color … Personally i like color … More personality in the piece … I like the composition of the project too … Sorta steam punkish …

  24. art is subjective. there is no right or wrong. i personally prefer the'wrong one' as its more striking and draws me in. and i think the 'right one' would be better if the colour was on the less detailed side, as it seems unfinished

  25. I have again lost my comment when I pressed comment. ARGHH. Sigh. I am not going to write again right now. I just found my comments by clicking on sort by and making the most recent comments come first.
    "Edit" actually worked this time.

  26. I just lost a comment that I spent a lot of time on. I guess I should transfer my comments to MS Word if it will work. I will try to condense what I had written. Hopefully, I remember a lot of what I said. Overall I state the Marta does get the point across as to her preference. She says the "right one" to differentiate which is more appealing to her and which is not. She said early in the video that she did not have a good word to substitute for the work "mistake". I think that some of us are being far too judgmental.

  27. Marta, was very forward in expressing that she did not like the word "mistake". She also said, "It is not a mistake." She gave an example of how she personally sees things in here commenting about "appeal to the eye" and making texture. She expresses clearly that the video represents her opinion. Marta expresses in many (maybe all) or her videos that an artist does what they want to in their art.

    I had decided to make my grand kids things (i.e., a Christmas gift) that can be hung on their bedroom wall. I can now purchase your metal pieces from your online store. I have some small metal gears in gold and silver tones. Your pieces will add so much to a masculine creation. I may make one for my brother also. I had thought of making a mask for one of my grandsons, but I found out that he is afraid of masks. Anyway, thanks for helping me to decide what to make for my grandsons for Christmas. I decided to make things so I will spend less money this year.

    I laughed out loud when you mentioned the one piece looking like a nose. How hysterical was that? Marta, thanks for explaining all of your decision making in the video. I think seeing things as you have done one can easily determine what (s)he likes best. I think I will not put white gesso on everything. I would leave some of the original metal showing. I realize that you like putting an entire layer of gesso and that is your artistic decision.

  28. I have to admit I like the wrong way better. I love all that color. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  29. Old Hag,
    I'm not sure why you are looking for an answer because you never asked a question. You got exactly what you came here for. You hoped to get some followers to your channel and based on an earlier post from you, you did. Soooooo, why are you still commenting here? You arent required to respond to notifications. You thought people would support your angry tirade, but things didnt exactly turn out that way, now did it? Please go about your business. Noone is looking for anything from you, other than your disappearance from this page. You have milked this for about as much as you could. A 3rd rant video about Marta and some new followers. Go celebrate and try to create some content on your own page that might keep those new followers hanging around for a while. Ranting about another artist isn't going to do it. My opinion is that you could spend your time more constructively. Then again… do like to fight. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  30. Martha Second comment. For the Dream title perhaps adding it to chipboard painted white would be a good idea. Love both!!! Great job!

  31. Marta, I like your example of using a stencil. I had not thought of doing the entire page/canvas. I like how you did not waste your texture paste.

  32. Okay, I'm going to ignore the angry rant (Old Hag) and say what I took away from this video. I struggle with mixed media. This was informative for me because I saw that flow and proportion are important. I saw that choice of products is important because of how they interact with each other. I saw that completely covering a canvas is not necessary, it is about how the eye moves across it. I saw that color is a personal choice, but layering too many colors muddies the outcome. I saw that I do not have to copy Marta's style, but I can use the process and design points in whatever products or colors I choose. Did I get it right?? Step back and watch the video keeping in mind what you can learn from it. I have never heard Marta say you have to do it a particular way, she always says it's your choice. Thank you for trying to teach us techniques and processes!

  33. As a fellow crafter who loves watching your videos. This was a great video. You weren't saying that one art is wrong vs right. You were giving technique tips. If someone doesn't watch the entire video, they wont get it!! I love bright colors and love the bright one (lol) but your tips were spot on!

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