Do’s and Don’t on Painting a Tree in Acrylic by JM Lisondra

Do’s and Don’t on Painting a Tree in Acrylic by JM Lisondra

Hello everyone. My name is John Magne Lisondra Today, I will be teaching you on how to paint a tree properly So, I am going to start with the tree trunk and show you on how to paint the brunches and the tree leaves properly. So, this will be most of the first timers do not know how to paint, Of course, because you are first timer it will be very hard for them to paint their first tree painting. That’s why I am going to teach on how to do it today. okay And I will be using the same limited colors in the palette guys So, I will be using 5 colors. I have the titanium white, the phthalo blue, brilliant red, medium yellow and the lamp black I’m using this guys because I want you to learn on how to mix and get the desire color you want Okay, so I am going to start now. But first, I will introduce to you the brushes This one guys, I have the number 11-flat brush So, I will be using this one this one for my tree leaves You can also use the fan brush I have here 2 brushes, the flat brush and the liner brush so, just observe the sizes. This one will be for the tree trunk and the branches Make sure guys, that the flat brush has a sharp bristle We need a pointed brush for our branches and smaller branches and water to thin the paint. Okay, so we will start now. We will start with the tree trunk So, I will be using first the number 9-flat brush number 9-flat brush So, we will start with the brown color so, we will use the black, the blue and the yellow to make a dark brown more black and yellow So, do not do this guys. I’m going to teach you first some of the mistakes Some, do this in their painting like this one that’s a wrong move Well, that is normal, guys Since, that is your first time. So, it is expected that it is really hard. It will be hard for you to do it. okay Some will do this and also the branches they do this also. These are the common mistakes. Let’s put some more branches So, you should wet your brush guys, if you think it is hard. So, do not do this guys. Actually, there are trees that have smaller bases At the bottom. It has a smaller trunks But I think, that’s fine but most of the trees we see in our backyards or in the forest have bigger trunks Usually, in the base That will be bad if you are going to do that Okay, here guys, I’m going to teach you the right way on how to paint the tree. So, I am going to mix another color And do not make it too red. Some of the tree have red color. Do not make it too red But, actually, there are red tress But, mostly are dark in color So, we will use the dark black and yellow with a little amount of red, guys So you should wet and add a little water on it. to make it more fluid And to this, make sure that the tree bottom or the base is bigger So, you should do it like this We need some black color okay Okay, so this is the proper way of doing the tree trunk Let’s have some branches the branches should mostly, the tip of the branches is smaller than the base okay that’s it okay Again guys, make the tip of the branches smaller than the base So, like this one. You can also use smaller brush like this one. like the number 1 liner brush So that it will not be hard for you to paint, smaller branches like this one. Okay, so let’s put more branches okay Mostly guys, some teacher or art teacher will recommend that you should do first the branches or the tree trunks before you put the leaves. that’s fine, guys. that will be ideal way on how to paint a tree you should do first the branches So here, we are doing the right way. the right process. So, you should do first the branches Mostly guys, on my tutorial, I do the leaves first but, this is the proper way. That’s it. So, now you know, the branches. to make sure that Do not do this guys, Don’t do that because I observe most of the beginners make the branches really big. So, just make it as small as possible. Then, you should do it lightly in your brush, so that you can create a small a smaller branches So, that is why I am recommending you that you need to use a pointed smaller brush, round brush actually number 1, or, 0, triple 0 or double 0 that will be great okay So, now let’s do the the tree leaves So, retouch a little Okay, so let’s do the tree leaves So, I will using this number 11 flat brush long handle bristle So, let’s mix for green color So, I’m going to use this. I’m going to use this guys, this color brown here Let’s mix the blue and add yellow to make some dark dark greens. Add more yellow here So, again guys, the color is blue, red and yellow that’s why we have a very dark green here And do not do this guys. We will start here Most of the first timers, just do this. They just put everything on the tree They just apply like this one. That’s very bad guys. That’s not the right way, of course. As you see, it is not really good. Do not do this. okay, so, do not do that guys. Actually, there are trees similar to this one. Maybe, that will be okay. But, most of the trees have nice tree leaves. So, we should do it like that. But, I don’t want you to do like that guys. So, I will teach you here, on how to paint it properly So, I’m going to mix for another dark color dark green color, so we will use blue the yellow, and the red, of course. More yellow to make more green and red. So, now you have the dark green color. okay So, do this guys, every tip of the branches. Actually, this is the so called, tapping technique or pouching okay So, do it slowly guys. So, you observe a while ago that we do it so quickly. If you are a first timer, that would be nice. that would be good. So, we should do it properly. and we will do it slowly. like this one. Make sure guys, that your paint is wet. Or you brush is a little wet You should dip your brush to the water to make it a little wet. and it will be hard for you to apply the tree leaves. We will create a texture, like a tree we should do it in a group, guys. Like this one, one group here, here, here. So that you can see it more solid. parts of the tree leaves like this also and here and here okay and here also So, the same technique in the entire tree Let us mix more green we are going to add more yellow more yellow and red. I am adding red to make it darker green okay, so let us continue, okay Let us add more solid parts of the tree But, do not overdo it guys, always remember that. As what I always said, do it slowly. So that you can see the texture of the tree guys, unlike this one. Actually, there are some techniques you will learn But this one, as a beginner or you are still starting to paint. So you should do it like this properly. okay So, you observe guys that on a tree there are certain groups of leaves that has been divided into the entire tree You see here, one group of leaves and also here and here and here. there and there. And here, here. So, that’s what we are doing guys. Do not put everything on it. Do not block the entire area. with a really dark green color. Do not do that. Leave some holes Make it into groups So, that’s what I’m going to say it. Okay, so, That is how we are going to do it guys. Next, we will going to add the highlights.

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  2. You added highlights to the second tree to indicate light hitting the tree but you didn't add anything or the trunk or branches at all. Sooo important to stay consistent with the lighting. Even just a little white and umber along the left side would have transformed the entire tree.

  3. The word your looking for before the highlights is called the midtones ,first u do midtones than the highlights ,peace 😎

  4. I mean what’s the point of doing the “ DONT DO THIS . Waste of time and also obviously first timers can’t do the same thing like what you did . I feel bad because I tried so hard in my first painting but looks like your mocking me. Thumbs Down for that👎🏼

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    Yo siempre cometo el error del árbol que No se debe hacer jejehe.
    Un saludo enorme desde Tijuana y me suscribo…

  6. Hermoso árbol. Gracias por la lección pero preferiría que hablaras en español y subtitularas en Inglés porque se me hace muy dificil seguirte tu forma irregular de pronunciar en inglés. No te ofendas pero te lo estoy diciendo como profesora de Inglés que soy.

  7. So to paint a better tree the only thing a person has to do is paint slower? It doesn’t have anything to do with how the brush is held, the amount of pressure used, or which part of the brush is used? Just “paint slower”? It appears that only the corner of the brush is being used in the painting on the right but hard to tell when the camera isn’t close enough and nothing is mentioned.

  8. Thank you for zeroing in on one thing. You have helped me a great deal. I sure agree with the slowing down advice. I can ruin a painting just because I go too fast. I am starting to practice each item prior to trying on main canvas.

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    I like your character, but u triggered me several times while trying to explain the moves uve been making. U have soothing voice also. It would be amazingly appealing for me to watch this with fluent English. <3

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