Doodle Doods – Dragon Ball Speed Draw – Episode 1

Doodle Doods – Dragon Ball Speed Draw – Episode 1

Doodle Doods Ross: Hi, welcome to Doodle Doods Ross: This is the first, maybe one of the first episodes, hi Ross: So I’m joined with Arin Arin: Hi, I’m Arin Ross: And Chris
Chris: Hi guys Ross: You probably know Chris as Oney and you probably know Arin as Ego
Chris (in silly voice): Chris O’Neill Ross: Or probably just Arin because you watch Game Grumps Ross: Anyway, hi, welcome, so we’re gonna be drawing and just shitting around and doing our thing Arin: Shittin’ around?
Ross: Yeah Chris: All right
Arin: Let’s do a warm up Ross: Yeah ok, so I’m gonna draw Arin, Arin you’re gonna draw Chris, and Chris you’re gonna draw me Chris: Ok, all right
Ross: Don’t be mean
Chris: I won’t Ross: Ok, so Arin, let’s think, how do I draw Arin? Ross: Oh my god you look such a mongoloid Arin: What the fuck?
*Ross giggles* Arin: I gotta draw Chris Chris: Be nice, you fucking asshole Arin: You always draw yourself like a disgusting slob Chris: Yeah well, that’s me ok? Ross: We’re drawing ugly each other, we’re doing a thing, here we go Arin: If you’re wondering why there’s a weird cut, Chris didn’t want us talking about stuff Ross: Because he’s a fucking baby Ross: Chris-
Chris: I don’t like you talking about your mom like that, ok? *laughter* Arin: Um, I don’t know why I’m putting so much detail into your beanie Chris: Oh yeah, I forgot Arin: Yeah I’ve gotta like warm up or something because you guys are all loose and- Chris: Ross I’m being mean, you can be as mean as you want Ross: I’m not drawing you, I’m drawing Arin Chris: Be mean to me, Arin Arin: Ok, I’m just like, drawing what I see Ross: I’m just- I’m not even looking at Arin, I’m just kind of making it up Chris: Ross, what should I put in your hand? What is something you love? Ross: Dick
Chris: Hmm, I don’t think Youtube will allow that Chris: I think I might put in your wife Holly Ross: Put in… uh… put in a uh… hmm… I don’t know- what do I love? I love dinosaurs Chris: I put in Holly Ross: I love dinosaurs
Chris: Ok, I’ll put in a dinosaur Chris: It didn’t look like Holly Ross: Can I see?
Chris: It’s gone Chris: It was just a stumpy little gnome
*explosive laughter* Ross: That’s actually really funny because Holly would call herself a gnome sometimes Arin: I’m drawing Chris like a meathead
*laughter* Ross: I’m gonna give Arin tiny-
Arin: Meathead. I’m gonna make you jacked Ross: I’m gonna give Arin tiny ears, make him look like a like a gibbon Arin: Yeah
*phone chimes in background*
Ross: Turn your fucking phone off! Chris: Well fuckin’ if Suzy didn’t fuckin’ text me fucking during this squad of doodles *Arin laughs* Arin (in silly voice): The squad of doodles! Arin: Oh we fucked up, that’s what this show should be called Ross: Squad of doodles?
Arin: Forget Doodle Doods, dude Ross: Fucking ruined it, we already got the logo made Chris: What was that other name we had earlier for the let’s play? Arin (stuttering): Oh g- gamebo?
Ross: Gamebos Chris: Gamebos
*Arin laughing* Ross: You were saying we should have called it Oney Plays Gamebos Chris: Guys go to
*laughter* Chris: It’s my new website
Arin (in silly voice): *Chris makes weird noise* Arin (laughing): This looks nothing like you
Chris: This looks nothing like Ross Ross: Is that, wait, oh-
*laughing* Ross: I forgot we can look over there Ross: We have a, we have a screen that will actually um Ross: show each other what we’re drawing as we talk Chris: Only if we talk loudly
Ross: Only if we talk loudly enough Chris: Oh baby
Arin: This is horrible Chris: This is not epic
Ross: It’s good, it’s epic, shut up Arin (in low voice): I am Chris. I am Christopher Chris (in silly voice): Christopher Oney Chris: Ross, look on the screen, look on the screen Ross: Fuck, what are you doing? Did you draw my butt out?
Chris: That’s you *laughter*
Ross: Whatever Ross: Whatever
Chris: I’m sorry Ross Ross (in silly voice): You’re real mean, Chris! Ross: I feel like I’m drawing a not that mean Arin, I kinda need to go further with it Chris: Yeah
Arin: Mine’s not that mean Chris, it’s just a horrible rendering of real Chris Ross: Can I- it is kinda terrifying Arin: Hello! It’s me! Hello
*Arin and Chris laughing* Chris: You gave me a fucking tiki head *laughing*
Ross: Tiki head? Chris: He gave me an Easter Island brow Ross: Oh my god, Chris Arin: Maybe that’s how I see you, maybe I see you as a strong, independant woman Ross: Strong independent Easter Island statue? Chris: *groans*
Arin: Who don’t need nobody Chris: Yeah cause they don’t have one
Arin: They do Ross: They do actually, it’s under the dirt, stupid Chris: Yeah well, I haven’t been (unintelligible) Chris: It’s ok
Arin: I gave you a giant- I don’t want to give you such a huge chin Chris: It’s because I’m a huge chin young man
Arin: He’s just like, “Hah” Ross (in silly voice): It’s cause Arin has a fortune! *laughs* Ross (in silly voice): Remember that, when people- say that… Chris: I got the George Lucas goit going on Ross: The what- the goit?
Chris: Yeah *Arin laughing*
Chris: His toad head Ross: Actually I’m gonna make Arin’s neck bigger, it’s not big enough
Arin: Yeah there you go Chris: Fuck, I fucked up my line like a fool Arin: You used to draw me like an earthworm
Ross: Oh that’s right, I forgot about that Arin: That was your jam
Ross: Yeah I used to draw Arin as an earthworm Ross: That was actually really fun Arin: That was back when like the neck thing, or the chin thing was like at it’s peak Chris: Oh yeah
Arin: And now that I’ve had a beard for like 3 years, 4 years Ross: It’s been covering it up?
Arin: Everyone’s still like (dumb voice) “It’s chins!” Arin: and it’s like, you can’t even see them Ross: Yeah well that’s your own doing Arin: That’s because yeah, because I wanted to have a chin so I have a beard Ross: Is that really why you have a beard now? Arin: Well it’s also because of my scar Ross: Can you grow facial hair, Chris?
Chris: I cannot
Ross: Yeah I can’t really either Chris: I can grow a fucking filthy neckbeard Ross: I can grow a little goatee, I can like get the Doctor Strange thing going on but that’s about it Chris: The Doctor Strange-
Ross: You’ve never seen Doctor Strange? Chris: I saw it
Ross: Oh ok
Chris (in squeaky voice): It was pretty funny *Arin groans*
Ross: I liked the- actually I really liked the special effects in Doctor Strange Chris (laughing): What was with that anime noise you just made? *Chris groans*
Arin: Because it’s what you were doing Arin: Like look at you, you’re like OH! Arin: Hold on dodododododo OOOH Ross: DOO!
Chris: Duuh Chris: It’s like a Vegeta impression Chris and Ross (imitating Vegeta): OOH KAKAROT Arin: We should do Dragonball characters next Ross: Oh my god fuck yeah let’s do it Arin: Well I’m done with yours, mine’s- mine’s uh- pretty proud, honestly Chris: I miss gnome Holly Ross (laughing): I can’t wait to see it on the footage
Chris: She’s gone Ross: No!
Chris: You wiped her Ross (in silly voice): I wiped my wife
Chris (in silly voice): I wiped my wife Chris: Let’s start the reveal from here, yeah? Chris: Ok so here’s Arin’s *All laugh, make weird noises* Chris (in dumb voice): Uh, my name is Chris Ross: I really like that one
Chris (in dumb voice): I like making videos Chris: Here is mine *laughing* Ross: What’s the dinosaur?
*chris makes noise* Chris (high squeaky voice): I love you father
*laughing* Ross: It just looks like a fucking dragon or something Chris (as dinosaur): Your (unintelligible) hair looks appetizing, ahaha Chris: I gave you sideburns dude Chris: Ok
Ross (as dinosaur): I love you father
Chris: And here’s yours Chris: It’s beautiful
*Arin and Ross make weird noises* Arin (in silly voice): I look good
Chris (in silly voice): I’m beautiful Ross: I think it’s the pretty eyelashes that make you look like a handsome boy Arin: Cool, thank you for making me look like a handsome boy Ross: All right, so what do you want to do next? Chris: Each other, I mean, let’s do Dragonball Arin: Ok yeah so dragon- dargonballs Ross: Uh so, without reference?
Arin: Yeah so, uh… Arin: Yeah we gotta do-
Chris (in southern accent): Can I draw Vergeter? Arin: 30 seconds of Vegeta starting… Ross: Wait hold on, I’m changing pen, I’m changing pen hold on hold on Arin: Ok, let me know when you’re ready Ross: Ok I’m ready to go- now Arin: Starting now. 30 seconds. Draw Vegeta Chris: 30 seconds?
Ross: That’s like a life drawing Chris: This is bullshit Chris: Fuckin’ shit Ross: I’m trying to go as fast as I fucking can! Chris: This is hard
Ross: This is hard, I’m bad at this Chris: Do we have to do their whole body? Arin: Uh no, just as much as whatever you can
Chris: Ok *Arin makes weird noises, laughs*
Arin: All right stop Ross: Aw, I got the fucking head *laughter, Chris makes weird noises* Arin: Wow dude
Ross: I couldn’t do it Arin: That’s Ross? Wow
Ross: Can I keep going while you guys are showing off yours? Chris: Ok, here
*Arin laughs* *Chris and Arin make weird noises* Chris (squeaky voice): AHHHHH Ross: Man Arin, you’re fast Chris: Yeah that one’s pretty- yeah good job Arin: Well its- eh…
Chris: Now what do we do? Arin: All right so, uh, let’s see Arin: We can do 30 second Goku Chris: Goku, ok. One, two, three? Arin: Well, let’s start on this so I don’t have to do math in my head Arin: Uh, all right, 5 seconds Ross: Five seconds?
Arin: four, three, two, one, go, Goku Chris: Ok, off to a bad start Chris: Fuck! No! Shit! No! Ross: Oh really- this is the best one I’ve done yet Chris: Shit
Ross: You’re all fuckin’ in trouble Chris: Come on!
Arin: And time *laughing* Arin: Wow Chris, uh, that’s pretty nice Arin: AAAAAHH! Chris: There’s his symbol
Ross: What do you think of mine? Ross: Change to mine, let’s show them mine
Chris: Ok here it is Arin: That’s- oh wow
Chris: GOK *Arin makes Yoda noise*
Ross: I didn’t get to finish writing Goku Chris: I forgot what his hair looked like Arin: That’s like if a different anime artist drew Goku *Yoda noise* Arin: This is me
*laughter* Arin (in silly voice): Hey!
Ross: Wow Chris (silly voice): Hello!
Ross (silly voice): Hello! Ross: Sweet dude
Chris: You captured his essence *Arin makes Mario noise* Ross: Ok, are we gonna do another character? Arin: Uh yeah, how bout uh… Arin: Let’s do Cell Ross: Cell?
Arin: From memory Ross: Fuck
Arin: Exactly Arin: But for one-
Chris: Which one?
Ross: Yeah which Cell? Ross: Should we do each form cause there’s three of them? Arin: Oh ok, let’s do first form Cell Ross: Oh no no no
Chris: I love first form Cell Ross: He’s got three forms so why don’t we each do one of the forms? Chris: Aren’t there four forms?
Arin: No that’s Frieza Chris (as Cell): Perfect
Ross: So there’s Perfect- Arin: So who wants- I’ll take first form
Ross: I want middle form Arin: and you get Perfect Cell?
Chris: I get black guy Cell Ross: No I want the one-
Chris: Oh is there three? Ross: Yeah there’s three, I’m doing middle Cell Chris: And I’ll do perfect fucking-
Arin: And I’ll do the first Cell Arin: We get, uh let’s say two minutes Chris and Ross: Two minutes? Ross: Ok sure two minutes, I don’t remember-
Arin: One minute! One minute Ross: Ok that’s fine
Arin: And start now *Ross sighs* Chris: I fuckin’ completely forget what he looks like
Ross: Yeah I do too, don’t worry Chris: Off to a great start again Chris: This is fucking stupid
*Ross giggles* Chris: This sucks dude, I’m embarrased *laughing* Arin: Aw shit, I don’t know how to use this Arin: Aw, I don’t know! I don’t know, aw fuck
Chris: What does he look like? Chris: My one looks like the fuckin’ woman from fuckin’ Beauty and the Beast *laughing*
Chris: No, fuckin’ what do you call it, Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent Arin: Doesn’t he have like big… big ears or something? Chris: I fucking completely forget what he looks like
Ross: Cell? Ross: Does Cell have ears, actually? I don’t fuckin’ remember Ross: Oh no he’s got fuckin’ freezy pop things on the side Ross: Freezy pops. You know, the freezy pop things Arin: I think he has these shoulders, or whatever Chris: I completely fuckin’ forget what he looks like Ross: I actually really like drawing without reference, this is a lot of fun Arin: Aw damn it. Uh, that’s time Chris: Are you fucking serious?!
Ross: Are you serious? Arin: That’s a minute, yeah Chris: Oh my god
Ross: Ok Arin: So- *laughing* there’s me, I don’t remember- Ross: Is that imperfect Cell?
Arin: No that’s the first Cell Ross: It’s imperfect, yeah, imperfect Cell Arin: He had like big ears or something-
Ross: Ok Arin: I don’t fucking remember
Ross: What’s mine? Arin: Uh, let’s see yours *explosive laughter* Chris: Good!
Arin: That’s actually really good Chris: That looks just like him
*Ross and Arin make dumb noises* Chris: Here we go *laughter* Chris: It’s terrible
Arin: Whoo boy Ross: Oh my god
Arin: That’s perfect Cell *Ross laughing*
Chris: It’s perfect Arin: He is perfect (In Cell voice) I am perfect Ross (in silly Cell voice): Perfect Chris: Here’s his hand
Ross: All right, I’m gonna have a water Ross: Oh my god that’s beautiful Arin: All right, uh, how bout Frieza, Frieza forms? Ross: Oh I can- there’s four of them Arin: There’s four of them so…
Chris: I want perfect Frieza Ross: Aw damnit
Arin: I want the alien one Ross: I want golden Frieza, yeah you didn’t expect that did you? Chris: Same shit Arin: All right then I’m gonna do uh, the alien Frieza Chris: Ok
Arin: The fuckin’- Ross: Oh ok in that case I’ll do the one where he’s like, really big Arin: All right ready and… one minute Ross: Now?
Arin: Sure, go Ross: Oh ok Chris: This is so hard Ross (giggling): I’m already enjoying this Chris: I’m kinda ok so far Arin: Uh, then does he have like a neck or… Arin: No, I don’t think he has a neck, he has these big shoulders Arin: Yeah Ross: Sometimes I just like drawing like a 5 year old, it’s really fun Chris: Sure is Arin: He’s got like-
*Chris makes weird noise* Arin: this… fuck I forget what happens there Chris: Fuck fuck fuck Chris: Oh Jesus please don’t judge me
Arin: Oh geez Ross (in silly voice): Don’t judge my drawing ability by this Chris: Don’t judge me-
Ross (in silly voice): Cause this is my final form Chris: Here we go baby (makes weird noise) Arin: And that’s time Chris: Fuck me dude
Ross: I just need to add little eyelashes *Arin laughing*
Ross: It won’t let me zoom out Arin: Is that golden Frieza?
Chris: No it’s my little- Arin: Takin’ a dookie?
Chris: Sorry I forgot Arin: It’s regular Frieza? Fourth form or whatever? Chris: I just decided to do second form Chris (stammering): Can you show the people?
Arin: Yeah Arin: Let’s see what you got *laughter* Chris (imitating Cell): Ohh! I kill Krillen! *explosive laughter* Ross (imitating Cell): Krillen is dead
Chris (imitating Cell): And I’m glad I did it Ross (imitating Cell): I don’t regret it Arin: Yeah this is me, nothing special *laughter*
Chris (in silly voice): Mmm I have horns Ross (Cell voice): I did it Arin: One more, and then I think-
Ross: I think that’s it Arin: What should the finale be for Dragonball? Ross: We should draw Pickles
Arin: Pickles? Ross: Piccolo… oh no Krillen! How about Krillen? Ross: Krillen or Piccolo?
Arin: Krillen’s easy Ross: Ok, what about um… what about Tien? Arin: Tien?
Chris: Fucking… Chris: I can’t-
Ross: Ok, ok how about this- Arin: All right, perfect, let’s do Tien!
Ross: Yeah, Tien it is! Arin: Ok here we go, one minute, boom
Ross: Chris is pussing out Chris: Go we’re going Arin: He’s got a shiny head, deedeedeedee Ross: How long do we have on this one? Arin: Uh, one minute Chris: One minute?
Arin: Yeah
Chris: Shit! Chris: Wait, what?
Arin: Wait does he have eyebrows or not? Chris (giggling): I forget Chris: I completely forget what he wears, completely Ross: He has a shirt that covers half his body Arin: Oh yeah, he’s got like a big nipple poking out Ross: So he’s got a nipple right here and then- Chris: Ok, there it is
Ross: He’s got, like, it’s tied here Chris: Tien and Chiaotzu Arin: He’s got like this 8 pack Ross (stammering): Are his clothes showing in the- Chris: I don’t know what he looks like
Arin: I don’t remember Chris: This is bad
*Arin laughing* Arin: Oh shit, uh… Arin: Then he’s got, like, yeah, he’s got a big fist Chris: Fuck Arin: There we go, he’s handsome Arin: Oh and he has like, a symbol on his chest or something Ross: Oh, that’s on his back
Arin: Is it on his back? I don’t remember Arin: That’s time Ross: Oh really? Oh man this is one of my best Arin: I don’t know what the fuck I was doing
Ross: I love how I’m half assing it now Ross: What is that?
*laughter* Arin: That’s Tien *laughter, weird noises* Chris: That’s Arin’s
Arin: Got him Chris: Uh, Ross Arin: Ah yeah, that’s- what the fuck, “Tri harder?” *laughter*
Arin: He’s got so many eyes dude Ross: Yeah he’s a tri beam(?) Chris: Here we go baby
Arin: This is you Ross (laughing): That’s awesome
Arin: “Chawtzu” Arin (silly voice): Oh my tit *laughter* Chris (silly voice): You’ve fractured my tit Arin: All right, that’s Dragonball, everybody Ross: I still think my favorite one is this Arin: Thank you for- oh yeah, that perfect Cell? Ross (stuttering): No this is-
Arin: Shit cell Ross: Not imperfect, second form, whatever, anyway Ross: Thank you for watching Doodle Doods, we’ve got more of these coming up Ross: Just gonna kinda hang out and draw and I hope you guys had fun watching, bye Arin: Bye
Ross: Bye Ross: Chris say bye
Chris (weird voice): Bye
Ross: Oh thank you *music*

100 thoughts on “Doodle Doods – Dragon Ball Speed Draw – Episode 1

  1. Im so impressed by the fact they called this episode Dragon Ball when literally a third of it is just them drawing each other

  2. I have watched some of these videos before but I'm researching them and drawing along but I can't draw so mine look terrible my you looks like it could be a child in South park. And my cell looks like he is part wrench and freiza looks like he just had something shoved up his ass because of the face I gave him. The 1 minute sucks if you have to keep erasing

  3. Ross is supposed to be the DBZ nerd and he doesn't even know that Cell's first firm is just Cell. The middle form is Imperfect Cell

  4. First time watching this and having followed these three for years you can easily tell their art styles it's so nostalgic omg

  5. Chris: I put in your wife, Holly

    Ross: I Love Dinosaurs

    Little did either of them know that that would be a massive save 2 years down the road

  6. 1:24 "Ross, what should i put in your hand, what is something you love?" "Dick"
    guess he won't the only one, huh kids!!!

  7. Ross: okay warm-up guys, lets draw each other, and be nice.
    *Five seconds pass…
    Ross: Arin your a f*cking mongoloid!

  8. I know I'm like 2 years late but I just wanted to say that when Arin drew Chris, Chris looked like the booty warrior from the Boondocks. Am I the only one who saw that?

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