Don’t Drama and Drive – Jane Austen Chaos!

Don’t Drama and Drive – Jane Austen Chaos!

♪♪ – Guys! Y’all ready for… All: ♪ a Taco Bell
midnight adventure. ♪ – Wah-wah. – Then afterwards
we’re gonna watch All: ♪ a Michael Bay
midnight movie. ♪ – Oh yeah. – What’s the only rule? – No back seat drivers,
only back seat DJ’s. – And I am locked, loaded
and ready to party, baby. Jason and Stacey: Taco Bell. Tori: Get it, get it, get it. Jason and Stacey: Taco Bell. [Soft romantic music plays] Taco– ♪♪ – Oh, uh, sorry guys. – Tori, what was that? – Oh, it’s from
a Jane Austen movie, it’s always the first one
that plays. It’s so dumb. – No, Tori, it’s not. It was kind of
strangely beautiful. – Yeah, come on girl,
play it again. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – See Jane Austen soundtracks
have a wistful power to them. You don’t– – Play it again. Jason and Stacey: Play it again,
play it again. [music begins again] ♪♪ – Uh, you’re not watching
the road. Stacey, the road! No-o-o-o. [sigh] – Come on Tori,
what are you doing? – Tori, I was
experiencing memories of rolling green hills covered– Both: in wild strawberries. – Yes! – Thank you. – You weren’t even looking
at the road, you almost hit
the town shopping cart lady. – Come on, Tori,
put it back on. – Put it back on. – Put it back on. [music resumes] ♪♪ ♪♪ – Stacey! Stacey, you’re veering! [horns blaring] – [English accent] My feelings
will not be repressed! – Your arrogance and conceit
and your selfish disdain for the feelings of others– – You guys,
you can’t handle Jane Austen, you almost hit
like five parked cars! – I was just contemplating
how difficult it was to be a strong woman in the 1800’s. – So insightful. So elegant! [crying] – I swear,
if you don’t put it back on– [all arguing loudly] [music resumes] ♪♪ ♪♪ [wind blows] [pheasant gobbles] – This has gone too far,
I gotta to stop this. Ah! – What are you doing? [all screaming and yelling] – Stop it! No. You know what, this, this is
what’s gonna happen. Boop. [ipod hits road] Jason and Stacey: No! – Yeah, yeah, no,
that is too dangerous, okay. The only thing
that is gonna kill us tonight is the beefy
nacho-loaded griller, huh. [whispering] Con queso. Con pollo. [music resumes] [horn blaring] – Mm, thank you so much for enjoying that experience
with us. Please subscribe to see more. Comment below on your
favorite Jane Austen experience and uh, Jason, what did you see
when the music was playing? I was Mr. Darcy for three days. – What? – And that only lasted
for a minute. – Anne of Green Gables
marathon tonight? – – Oh, please. – You know it! – I thought you’d never ask. – Yeah.

100 thoughts on “Don’t Drama and Drive – Jane Austen Chaos!

  1. this happens to me a lot. (not driving, elsewhere) not with Jane Austen, but with Audiomachine and stuff like that. i totally relate

  2. This sketch was on the first time I watched Studio C on TV and not YouTube. Which is what i am about to do right now, by the way. it's Monday night! Yay!

  3. You guys should do a dad hacks with mom or just dad hacks with dad but with mom is better in my opinion

  4. Also not good to watch while trying to oil pull, I almost spit all over my phone with laughter 😂

  5. Ok, this is officially my favorite. It used to be Slow Motion Fencing, (still high marks!) and now it's Jane Austen Chaos!! 10/10 Will Do Again also how perfect, Pride and Prejudice LITERALLY JUST ENDED on my TV when I spotted this. Love this love you!

  6. Swear I'm not lying
    Due to lag of my computer, I actually misclicked the "I dislike this" button

    I know, it's classy

  7. Is that the same music from the cpr love video when Torri is listening to music with Adam while he’s unconscious?!

  8. Ok. This is me when some of my songs play in the car (except I can also pay attention to the road 😂)

  9. I love this! 😄👍❤️
    I also love the period style clothing that Stacy wore and Jason's "Pride and Prejudice" t-shirt. Great costumes and scenery! 👔🎩👑🏞️

  10. The Downton Abbey theme gets me every time 😭 I feel like my true 1800s woman pushing through the discrimination of working women and women in general 💪🏻

  11. "You almost hit the town's shopping cart lady!"
    Dont run over mentally disturbed people stacy come on!😂

  12. ok. my sister was watching this and my brother from across the room was like "wait, what is this music??" so apparently it actually works. but only on guys

  13. Omg this is almost relatable 😂 every time songs that I know come on the radio in the car, I'm like this no joke tho😂 I'm so weird 😂

  14. Very Austentatious! I truly loved that skit with its touches of Pride and Prejudice and Emma. Very clean content as well. Thank you so much for performing this!

  15. I love Jane Austen. Read all the books and seen most of the mini series and movies. The music really is so amazing in those, this sketch so accurate.

  16. What's the song they play called? I've tried to look for it but I can't find it. Someone tell me what it's called pls! It so ELEGANT!!!

  17. My favorite Jane Austin experience…. "Emma" was my first High School play. I was ensemble, so I got to move furniture and dance.

  18. 3:50
    Jason: "Anne of Green Gables marathon tonight?"
    Stacey: "Ohh! Please! I was hoping you'd never ask!"
    Me: Wait. Hoping he NEVER asked? Hmm . . . .

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