DON’T BUY! 5 INSTAGRAM PRODUCTS That Were Advertised To Me SaltEcrafter #80

DON’T BUY! 5 INSTAGRAM PRODUCTS That Were Advertised To Me SaltEcrafter #80

Instagram ads are a little bit of everywhere but how many of us look at these ads and we’re like corny right Birb so we end up not buying them because we just don’t want to be scammed however there is one grain of salt Birb you’re very antsy today are you done he’s a big liar stop lying you’re not done you just gonna keep going – coming right and so today I want to look at four items that I bought from Instagram these ads kept coming up because obviously they’re targeted ads so they know I’m either into craftsy and artsy things or into geeky things Birb stop I don’t like your rudeness Oh No why why those of you who don’t know a birb has his own Instagram which is nerde birb I have to warn you though he really likes to flex so if you’re not into flexing don’t follow him or follow him do you want them yeah you want them to follow you Oh another hit and run I guess that’s a warning make sure that you do follow him on nerde birb oh and just to be very clear birb and salty crafter our best friends I don’t know why he likes the hit and run me but when it comes to salty crafter they’re like BFFs or something is it me so rude so the first video we’re going to be looking at is one by say on Carrie and it’s this really cool type of pen that is supposed to make like an outline as you’re drawing with it I mean look at it it looks absolutely adorable and the fact that they’re making this like starry snowflake snowflake what is this that’s not star it’s snowflake are you done your lies just never end do they I know it it just pee-a-booing all the way out everyone already loves you you know that it’s my show now Ma show come here and fight me if you want fight [Music] so from what I can see on this ad is that it looks like a paint marker because it can go on different type go on things like glass on plastic on rocks and it still looks like it has this really cool outline so that’s the part that I’m most curious about the outlining and as you can see here if you wanted one of the markers it is $5.99 but if you want a set of eight colors it’s $25.99 and of course your salty grain over here picked up a whole set of five was it eight eight and so so here are the colors we seem to be getting black two blues that are a little too close to each other orange purple green yellow and pink and as you can see it says out line pen not an outline pen it’s an out in like outside line pen English number one and the company on this marker is called Guang na if we observe closely the color name is nowhere near so we have to base ourselves on the caps alright let’s open it and they seem to open in the same way that we would open the posca pens up [Music] all right let’s open all of them a few moments later all right so since they’re all here they really did advertise them like paint pens so let’s see if we can shake them oh well that is very little and just to be clear no instructions came no information came so if you bought these you have to have saved the commercial to make sure that you remember the steps of how to activate it good job one of the things about paint markers is there’s really no good way to shape them because yeah that’s what I thought so here are the colors listed and just to be clear again these are not cheap I spent $26 plus $5 shipping which brings us to $31 for 8 markers so each marker is about three dollars and eighty-eight cents officially making them more expensive than posca pens just say all right so time to see what they look like on paper according to the commercial we should be activating them so let’s see how many pumps it takes to activate for the liquid to come out all right let’s do 10 that was way too quick but that is leaky well at least it works so black oh that is way too leaky let’s check the commercial again alright so according to the Instagram ad it only took three pumps let’s try that again here’s a fresh one one two oh three that’s pretty impressive the ad was actually right here it is for blue and that’s the thing if you really want colors so far it seems like you’re pretty stuck having a mostly silver Center alright let’s swatch the rest oh that one took a lot less than three all right let’s just go with this blush pink I have to admit it’s really hard knowing where the pink and where the silver is coming from so you have zero control on that orange was the two pumps maybe a third one to get a little more in yellow and then the light blue hey what the heck just happened so I didn’t touch anything I’ve been just holding the markers as they are and the caps and I have no idea where the silver came from no oh no oh no oh no oh no it looks like we have hang on come here with me we have an exploded paint marker so for some reason the yellow is leaking everywhere why why I don’t know a few grains can see but even though I’ve wiped it down with an alcohol wipe it stained my desk it’s very faint but it is there so definitely stained my work surface how uncool is that very uncool so I’m going to leave them on this surface just so I don’t damage my desk anymore it’s taken singing way too much damage oh no we have more oh no moments okay let’s look at the ad one more time when they’re using the actual marker it’s not the same one that’s on their website the marker itself is actually the color that is coming out whereas we have a white body and when we look at the tip over there it looks transparent we’re freezing framing see grains don’t have to backtrack whereas our tip is actually colored and also you can see that the edge of the markers have the measurement of the tip so 1.0 hours has nothing but then when you go onto their website it is the marker that we’re receiving but they’re using a different marker to do the art with how so something tells me that this might not work as well as it was supposed to or it’s a cheap version of the ones they actually used in the commercial or the add whatever you want to go the Instagram at let’s make the snowflake Wow so far pretty underwhelming oh hello is it already drying let’s give it another pump there we go now juicy alright let’s make those lines thicker all right so it needed a little more juice let’s make a little face I have to admit it is way more underwhelming than the picture that they drew simply because the outline lines are real all-out line I are extremely thin so it kind of removes that beauty of having that outline line let’s try with a darker color another thing I feel the need to mention constantly is every time you’re trying to remove the main cap this cap over here which holds the entire thing together wants to come off see you have to be very careful and screw it back in let’s do some some writing again the silver color is really gorgeous but the lines on the outside are really thin let’s try holding it at a different angle how about a little more sideways still really thin so here are all eight colors done with the paint markers you can see that some of them are way harder to control some outlines just start leaking it is very silvery I have to admit the silver is gorgeous the outline is a really cool effect but the marker itself is really cheap quality it just keeps leaking every time you try to open it or it just wants to come apart so I really don’t think this is a very good quality piece alright a couple more tests on some services Rock yeah it’s a paint marker it works I’m starting to get really annoyed every time I’m trying to pull this this here wants to open no I’m curious what the heck’s inside that’s it why do you keep wanting to open huh Rock check plastic check metal check glass also check and so now the question is is this Instagram ad delivering what it promises and the answer is both yes and no yes you are getting an outlined pen but no it is not the quality that is shown in the ad as you can see again what they’re using to outline with and what they’re selling are two different markers so I would be surprised if the one that they’re using is the better quality one so at three dollars in eighty-eight cents each which is the same price as a Copic marker in Japan I would say that this product is definitely worth being in the trash cool factor yes but still in the trash so if you can find the better version go for it if you want next Instagram add is this mini belt centre machine and I really love this idea because I’m like there are so many possibilities of different sculptures and different projects that I could do in order to have this tiny machine I don’t need to have a huge one suddenly a little one seems a lot more accessible and this one was featured in Instagram stories which means it was really short and it was kind of difficult to replay because you have to kind of press the button and then try to record it ASAP and I love the fact that it shows you that it can send everything from metal to pieces of wood so the second you swipe up you see so lo discount buy and he starts swiping through the pictures and the Machine looks legitimately really cool and it also shows you that it gets these little sanding belts and as you’re kind of peeking at the bottom of that ad you can again see that says last two days 70% off small DIY polishing machine which goes from $79 to $19.99 and so naturally the first thing that you see since this is what is advertised and this is what you see I press Add to Cart and I paid 19.99 +5 dollars shipping and here we are three weeks later can a machine fit inside a piece of bubble wrap you guessed it no we paid $25 for sending the belts ten of them to be exact and when I contacted the company to ask them where the machine was they said that I had selected these sanding belts and not the sanding machine let me demonstrate when you go on their website which for some reason says divorce 66 you can see that you’re looking at this machine this is the link that is from the Instagram ads and you see last two days 70% off polishing machine 1999 from 79 bucks so naturally you’re like this sending machine was 80 dollars went down to $20 so naturally you say Add to Cart however big coma it is automatically selecting the sanding belts you have to physically select polishing machine even though the link specifically says that it’s for the machine I’m pretty sure they’ve scammed quite a few people this way but there’s no real drop-down menu you automatically think that it comes with the ten strips and the Machine simply because of the way it was advertised we have the ten strips and the machine and the title says the machine so this part here is very tricky so this Instagram had definitely 100 percent trick I was I was definitely duped I should have paid a lot more attention and now I know that I will but don’t make the assumption that just because the link is promising one item that’s not necessarily the item that they’re selecting for you to buy I have no use for these sending belts I’m gonna give them to my brother thanks for nothing sidenote also in what universe are sanding strips $80 so that just goes to show that the intention even when I not I really want to show that in every way possible they made me feel like I was buying the sanding kit the machine itself because even on the bill it does say in huge letters DIY it’s sanding machine and then under it in really tiny it has with these sanding belts now if you’re like me and you scrolled through the pictures it just naturally feels like you get the machine and ten belts so if it’s too good to be true this company just proved that that’s exactly it the next item is one of the most expensive ones that I paid for and it cost me $100 please support this channel leave a like if you want me to review more of these things cuz if you don’t like it what’s the point I’d be making it and also let me know what kind of Instagram ads have you seen and you’re curious about cuz I would really love to see them link them down below or leave a comment because sometimes links are automatically deleted and that item is the XP pen drawing tablet that is supposed to also work on your actual phones you can draw and have it on your phone that is really neat immediately on their website you can see that they’re giving all these different specs and it looks really neat and it has all the shortcut buttons and apparently it can also stand up and for 99 US dollars it’s pretty much the standard for even a beginner Wacom tablet however this one has way more shortcuts I did select everything as standard and shipping was free to Canada and the more we scroll down to get more information you’ll see that it’s compatible with a lot of different apps and what it comes with seems pretty impressive looks like it comes with the pen the charging and the cables and not just that but it also comes with the little glove thing to make it easier to slide so my question is does it actually work and the answer is let’s find out together first impression is packaging and the box are absolutely gorgeous it does say on the top deco pro small because I asked for the smaller one and what really caught my attention is the fact that it got a couple of awards namely the Red Dot award and a good design award I don’t know what these awards mean maybe it’s kind of like your friend saying here you go you keep here here’s a trophy that’s for you I don’t know if that’s the same thing and we get the logo at the bottom for XP pen all right time to lift and see oh hello the first thing that greets us is the help tech support that is but it’s actually really bubble ooh and the plastic is very velvety this smooth and then take it out oh that is what is really slim oh wow oh that smells bad oh wow smells like it smells like like gasoline yep that’s what it smells like let’s just let it air out of it and what do we have over here my guess is this is the pen so fancy oh wow that’s the pen no actually don’t like my pens thick oh there we go there we go that’s usually the size of pen that I like and on the other side we get some nips not quite sure what this is for but I’ll read some instructions and find out why is this the case so as you can see it does come with the tablet the gloves the little the USB things but even though it does say that it’s compatible with Mac I don’t think that it’s compatible with a Mac phone the reason I bought this is again if we look at the ad it shows someone drawing and showing the actual picture on their phone but it doesn’t seem to have that little adapter for an iPhone but so far so good for $100 we look like we’re okay but wait time to read the instructions and install it on my phone which means I have this much reading to do one hour later alright so here we are i downloaded ibis painter is it if it’s faint I don’t know let me know how it’s pronounced since that was one of the apps on their actual website but it’s supposed to be compatible with the tablet according to the quick guide all I have to do is put this vertically make sure my phone is vertical because it will only draw in vertical mode plug it in and draw so let’s try that okay so it appears that you have to remove whatever phone case you might have because this is not going to go in many times as you try to put it in it won’t go in what’s wrong with this video let let me remove it give me a sec I swear if my phone falls and breaks cuz it doesn’t have a case I’m not gonna be happy there we go alright so so far here is what it looks like Whys why is this stylus it’s not available now it’s available alright let’s do a couple of strokes Oh Oh what did I do let’s try again let you something else give me a sec alright so immediately I noticed what is the biggest problem and it’s Oh there goes the plug the plug itself does not want to stay put so when it’s available as you can see once you start moving it around so that you can get a better angle look at that no longer available so it’s a huge pain in the butt because it look at that I don’t have to put any effort to get it out see there let’s try the other side hopefully this will work it’s available let’s let’s do it while we can and put more pressure and more pressure and more pressure honestly this seems to work really well the biggest downfall really is this here so far turning it around seems to be a little more snug so let’s go ahead and you can see the cursor here so it really is touch sensitive let’s make a face it’s not bad and even the delay isn’t that big check ok not hang on what did I do oh no longer available again I thought it was snug but it’s not I can see this being a huge problem unless you have your phone standing on not even there goes the cable is this I was still available or not no longer available please wait What award did it win again that’s right good design award I think this table begs to differ it is in no way a good design if all it does is keeps falling come on stylist available no longer available I’m not joking I’m not doing anything other than just move it so I can look at this stylist unless they’re supposed to hold it there and kind of just wing it but let’s try to work around see that doesn’t work you can’t just have this up here no longer available again Oh Instagram ads Wow so I’m going to go ahead and do something completely different now I’m going to switch the actual plug that belongs to the tablet which is this one up here and I’m going to switch it with the one that’s supposed to go in my phone so I’m gonna put it here and I’m gonna plug this one into my phone like so it’s gonna work no do we need to push this even more still no some of you might be asking why don’t I just put this vertically or a little bit of an angle well the reason is even though online it looked like it was able to sit at a bit of an angle there’s actually nothing in the back to keep it propped up so technically if it were propped up it would have been easier for me to do this but the fact that it has to absolutely lay flat I don’t have much of an option other than to do this and it’s still not detecting the stylus so as you can see while I’m drawing it’s actually very responsive the delay time is very minimal there is of course a kind of learning curve when it comes to the app but I have to admit it is still very frustrating having the cables constantly come off and say that this stylus is not available anymore so for an item that costs $100 the fact that they can’t give us an actual plug that stays in place is bad news when it did work it was pretty smooth but then other times if the pen stayed just a little longer I’m sure that’s an option oh and it stayed a little longer it reset everything so until they fix those little bugs especially the connection I would say that the XP pen would go in the trash if you do any kinds of arts and crafts the next ad is probably something most of you have seen a shop called Kineo official and more often than not they show so many absolutely adorable stationaries everything from pens to sharpness subshock sharpeners English number one two stickers two pencil cases and so many absolutely adorable things and so when I went on their website I realized that most of these things really aren’t that expensive but I did get very much so wish and AliExpress type vibes look at these absolutely adorable bunny pens so cute so so cute so one of the first things I added to my cart is this absolutely adorable ten brush soft head brush watercolor pen and that one was nine dollars and 27 cents Canadian next they had this really weird but interesting pencil case that one was very transparent II and I was checking in they’re very cheap section I think it was one dollar section unless so I’m curious to see if it’s sturdy or if it’s just that one was one dollar and 32 cents alright I’m a sucker for miniatures because I love toy photography so when I saw pencil sharpener that is in the shape of like a little mini gas tank I’m like please I need this so of course I added one actually make that two I figured my brother could use the second one since he does amazing toy photography I’ll leave his Instagram down below and then there was an electronic eraser holy moly I don’t think I’ve seen an electronic eraser this cheap so I went ahead and ordered one of them because that’s pretty good price you don’t have much of an option when it comes to the color so we’ll see how that looks at one dollar and thirty two cents when it comes to their sticker section it was pretty much all sold out except for a few exceptions here and there I don’t understand why they don’t were just remove something if it says sold out instead of teasing me with it just don’t put it there and another thing that was sold out that I really would have loved to pick up is this cute little Pikachu pouch but you know guess what it’s sold out again Oh salt let’s see if these materials are poo and so in total for everything in my cart it cost me about sixteen dollars and shipping was $6 so now the question is first things first is the pencil case which is very transparent can you see what I’m doing what did I do what so here’s the white and black ones immediately you can see that the quality is pretty much what you paid for because the seams they just don’t seem nicely cut and there’s threads kind of hanging out here and there but is it a pencil case that you can find at the dollar store yeah was it delivered yeah does the zipper work yes and I can see it being useful just in case you forgot let’s say you have three pencil cases and you forgot what’s in each one this could definitely be a useful method does it feel like a dollar yeah so if you can’t get transparent pencil cases I would say this part here would be worth your cash and may get these are so cheap next we have the super plastic pencil sharpeners that were also a dollar thirty-two cents and we do get two different sizes I never understood the sizes by the way grains please explain to me what’s the difference why would we have a bigger one and a smaller one but here’s my pencil and as you can see it is pretty pointy and it does work with other thirty-two cents I would say is worth your cash are we gonna use them as props they’re so cute going with the same theme of the pencil we have the eraser and they set me pink [Music] [Applause] and obviously for a dollar again I don’t expect them to include batteries so I’m gonna go ahead and pick up some batteries okay this makes no sense whatsoever how am I supposed to open this it says twist open [Music] oh so the twist open is not this part it’s up here now what so ii you twist open it says open here and you insert the batteries there if I’m not mistaken according to the ad we’re supposed to have gotten two extra little eraser bits at least that’s what it seemed on the actual opposed thing because now we’re left with just one eraser and no refills so I’m going to go ahead and do from the latest penciling ever until a bit darker batteries have been inserted and it works holy moly that definitely is worth your cash dollar 32 I’m impressed I wonder if the nibs are actually Universal if they are next we have watercolor pencils I don’t know how much of a watercolor it is or if it’s just water-based markers so that’s what we’re going to be finding out together the ad didn’t really advertise them as being something for coloring but it just looked like a cute stationery let’s swatch them and the first impression is that it is a brush nib how does this brush you know what let’s before we swatch let’s see how this feels ooh that is a very nice brush feel then go from thin to thick and the color is pretty saturated so I’m very happy with that and so as i’m swatching them i am really impressed with the vibrancy of the colors the feel of the actual pens are very nice they don’t feel plasticky and cheap they really do feel quite smooth so if you’re looking for stationery that is pretty light and something that you can highlight you work notes or college notes err or whatever kind of notes you got at nine dollars and 27 cents it doesn’t feel like it’s a scam and what I was pretty impressed with too is as I ordered all of these things they all arrived within a couple of weeks so if you ever debated shopping on Kineo official I have to say that it is so far one of the only ads on Instagram that delivered nicely I don’t feel scammed so far everything seems like it’s worth your cash from what I ordered allow me to be geeky for just a few minutes this next Instagram ad is by Cassetti oh and what they’re advertising is a foam case with pre-built games right inside which is really cool if you ask me because you can play old-school kind of arcadey and Nintendo games heck yeah and the screen seems to be full-color my question is are the controls clunky is it going to be painful to play it it doesn’t use your own batteries so if you’re you know somewhere where there’s no reception you can technically still play technically when looking at their posting this is by no means a cheap phone case it is $43 Canadian which is really close to the price of a used switch game and so my question is does this have much value I don’t know but let’s scroll down real quick to the product description hmm let you go back to the last century and your childhood how old do you think I am I absolutely love the fact that they’re saying go back to the previous century has it really been a hundred years that we’ve had Nintendo and arcade games I don’t think so I just thought it was funny I wanted to share that and so here is our game phone case and it’s one of the rare ones that actually has my model of phone I got this phone wait before what was going on in Hong Kong so I do support Hong Kong protests and and you you will know I will not be buying the next Huawei especially that they’re coming up with their own OS techno at $43 it did not come with the charging cable so I don’t know if there’s any kind of charge in this already let me turn it on the answer is no it doesn’t come with a plug and it doesn’t come with any charge I’ll be back all right as I’m trying to put the phone case on I realized that your phone is going to be upside hey hey your best oh no how is this not going to fit do I have to be more aggressive no this is not gonna fit and just so we’re on the same page my device is the p20 pro and this phone case is for the p20 where’s the pro on their site it clearly says also for highway P 20 and P 20 Pro so it has the same shape and as much as I can try getting this part in look how much more space is missing which means that even though they were advertising it for it to be sold for this phone it is by no means the right size alright it’s connected it’s charging you can see the blue light down here can we get anything decent by turning it on please don’t tell me that’s what’s happening right now there we go oh it’s broken are you kidding me you can see cracks on the inside and it’s still come on let’s try English yeah that’s broken alright so let’s try it Super Mario Brothers we’re going to be muting any kind of sound because I don’t want this to get copyright struck start okay there’s a there’s B there’s sound you want sound I don’t SP is there we go oh the buttons are reversed no oh no the jump button okay so you’re supposed to be able to jump with this button over here but instead you’re jumping with the front buttons which makes no sense because if you want to run you’re supposed to so this phone case is 100% in the trash it came broken it doesn’t fit my phone the buttons for the games are reversed definitely don’t pick it up if you were tempted thank you so much for watching my little grains if you have again more items that you’ve seen on Instagram make sure that you either send me a screenshot or any kind of tag or whatever you can find I really want to find the ads on Instagram make sure you let me know if you want to watch the previous cash or trash make sure you check up here and if you want to watch a video YouTube thinks is spot-on just for your little salty self make sure you check down here until then I will see you grains in the next video

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  2. I bought a pack of glitter gel pens that I saw advertised on Facebook that looked amazing! I went for the 200 colour pack which advertised as being 200 DIFFERENT colours. Then when they arrived they looked nothing like the video and there was only 20 colours repeated 10 times each! I was not impressed and when I complained they admitted there was only 20 colours. Really dodgy!

  3. the bigger pencil sharpener hole is for bigger pencils,usually, those are multi-colored so they are big, or for kids

  4. ow wow this drawing tablet is baaaaad. I bought one for like 60 euro's, which I guess is about 55 dollars, and it works perfectly

  5. The different sharpeners are for different pens :2 You know, big pencils, small pencils
    You can also occasionally use the big one to cheat and fix your pencil if it's got some errors

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    Yeah I bet you loved my $69 lol

  7. Pencil sharpeners have a big hole and a small hole because there are pencils that are larger than normal size. πŸ˜›

  8. @NerdECrafter Hey, check this video out by Green Lead Productions. I just found it and I think it might help. COPPA released some more consistent information than YouTube did

  9. You can get a Wacom drawing tablet cheaper than $100 lol. You could probably just get a new adapter and the item would be find to use, but I do understand the frustration, it should work.

  10. Not sure if other countries have it but in South Africa we have triangular pencils for younger children that help them with grip. They are usually bigger than normal pencils and use the larger hole when sharpening

  11. Ik I'm kinda late to this video but, the Deco pro, Drawing with Jazza has this same thing and he uses it for his Digital drawings and Sketching, Though he has the cable connected to a computer or Television They have sponsored Jazza and Maybe if you were to check out that video, you can visually see how Jazza uses it, Your welcome! LUV YOU JACKYY

  12. 15:57 I like the smell of gasoline ;p Too bad about the Deco Pro, looked really cool until the cable revealed its crappiness.

  13. But Jackie, we WHERE growing up in the previous century! In the last millennium actually! That's when the gameboy came out!

  14. i got scammed on a post that was on instagram and the website it was linked to was shopify and i bought a $40 plush and when it came in it was a bootleg and the person who scammed me shut their store down. :/

  15. Kiniyo is 100% overpriced stuff from AliExpress (I shop way too much there so I have seen most of those items there lol)
    Edit: I went and checked, the eraser is around 220 yen (shipping included, not sure how much that is in dollars) and comes with around 20 refills

  16. Total scammage! Buyer beware. (first two and game phone case) The Pikachu backpack looks like a mini going off of the cactus light next to it.

  17. You need to contact the company for the Ibis pad bc I think Jazza reviewed it and it worked great for him. So maybe you just got a bad plug?πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ It does happen. Also you could order a cheap adapter that could may it fit more snug. But it is annoying it didn’t work properly the 1st time. It WAS very responsive for the price point.
    The larger hole in the pencil sharpener is for the kindergarten big starter pencils that they use at least here in the US. They help very young kids without the best fine motor skills begin to learn how to write their letters & numbers. Just like the large crayons & markers.
    The β€œlast century” comment on the phone case meant the 1900s vs the 2000s I believe.

  18. Jackie, you do realize we went from the 20th to the 21st Century within our lifetimes…right? The last century was just 20 years ago, technically…yes a century is 100 years, but we just witnessed a turn of one in 1999 to 2000.

  19. That electric eraser is identical with the one i’ve from daiso. Legit same design, etc.
    They sell the refill at daiso too.

  20. I've had ibis art app on my phone for about a year. Its super great just on your phone with phone stylus. Exspensive pen is deffently trash

  21. If anyone is curious about the outline (out line?) markers, it looks like the ones they actually showed in the commercial with the colored body are an 8 pen set by Tomorotec, available for $16.95 US on Amazon. Not sure if they work better than the ones you got, Jackie, but they have the same video of the snowflake in the images they show AND the blue pens color difference is much more distinct, at least if the outside of the pen is to be believed.

  22. I love how Ibis tried to teach you how to use it while you were messing with the tablet

    Ibis was resetting your writing however not the pen, it's a common problem with the app

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  24. I would say, since the tablet company had their customer service info front and center, reach out to them and see if they can help with the crummy connector. Even a single mm can make a HUGE difference in power adapters for how well it stays in place, and it's very possible those were part of a bad run. (It's also very possible they had the wrong specs, but hey, if they're willing to send you free replacements, might as well take 'em. xD)

    I was going to defend the phone case, but it being literally the wrong size and the buttons being wired wrong leaves no defense. I will say the screen is very possibly not their fault though, and they almost certainly had to ship it without any charge due to the possibility of explosions. At best, you're going to get partial charge, but if it's going overseas as a single item it may have different requirements.

  25. πš†πš‘πš’ πšπš‘πšŽ π™·πš˜πš•πš πšπš‘πšŽ πšπš‘πš’πš—πš πšπšŽπš•πšŽπšπšŽπšœ πš’πš'𝚜 πš“πšžπšœπš πšπš‘πšŽ πšŠπš™πš™ πš’πš˜πšžπš› πšžπšœπš’πš—πš 𝙸 𝚞𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚘 𝚞𝚜𝚎 πš’πš 𝚜𝚘 πš’πš'𝚜 πšπš’πš—πšŽ

  26. My friend bought a similar phone case for an iPhone X, but from another website, but it didn't came broken. Maybe yours was a fake one

  27. I actually bought some aesthetic stickers from Kiniyo. They were pretty badly cut and they didn't stick to things long but they were $2 :/

  28. I'm sorry but that polishing machine mistake is at least partially on you. You need to take some responsibility. Teach your viewers to actually read what they are buying, not to instantly pass the blame.

    The second I saw the website (as you showed it here in this video), I saw that the 30 pieces of sanding belts were selected. NOT the machine. And I thought "oh no I hope she corrected that before she actually placed the order". Nope. Turns out you just made a mistake.. which is fine, we all do! But you decided to pass the blame off ENTIRELY to the website. Websites have unintuitive selections all the time. I'm shopping on Macy's now and it's got some confusing parts. You have to be willing to actually read what you are purchasing.

  29. i used to get these adds to become a member of a moomin club… i never been into moominvalley and getting that add on instagram made it seem like its a cult…

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