48 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Art of the Insult

  1. OMG!!!!! tRumplethinskin is laughed at by the whole world! Poor Amuricah…..the once great, with a family of grifters in the White House….what a joke, seeing his daughter attempting to push her way onto the stage with the G20 forum, recently!! The racist, sexual predator in chief, will be gone soon!

  2. Long live President Trump! Thanks for all you do for America Mr. President, God bless you and your family!

  3. This is why I love this president, he speaks what is on his mind and doesn't care what people think about it.

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  6. What choice did right minded Americans have…..bent Clinton or demented trump….we in the UK are about to go down exactly the same route with Boris buffoon Johnson…

  7. A piece of advice CLOWN Trump instead of making yourself as stupid and many country make fun of you why not another international meetings must be attended and do not encourage any country to buy this nuclear weapon or else not from you alone the ALLIANCES Country might declares a sanctions.

  8. analysing intetpretating making generalized specifications details of weakness points and coming strong fight back of ur presentations with ur succeed …is truely insult be minimized..

  9. All of you who took his insults willingly turned around, dropped your pants and spread them…… your self-respect taken willingly.

  10. Mr Trump is the best we can do ? We are easily fooled n not very smart. To much TV and game shows. Just have to wonder what the russians will have him do next ?

  11. Why is Trump talking of him when he says «stupid»? It is clearly a projection of himself. Whatever he says, he’s talking about himself.

  12. He's not FAKE like Other Xpresidents were he tells it like it is and he's always right and he's done everything he has promised plus a lot more.PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT and Trump just keeps on WINNING.

  13. Wall St journal the ART OF LYING CONSTANTLY and the Democrat politicians are STUPID,Jail for crooked Hilary soon and a LOT OF OTHERS.

  14. trump is a narcissistic racist hateful and oppressive compulsive lying con artist that loves to hear about his ICE pals allowing migrant children to die and being treated in a horrible cruelty way. trump is a vanilla terrorist that got this job only because of putin. He’s used to getting things handed over to him without ever having to sweat for them….his father handed over trillions of cash to him and his businesses and putin meddled in the 2016 presidential election to hand the presidency job to him. trump is just a spoiled brat that just always expects to have the easy way out and always have his way.

    Narcissistic people like trump are failures especially since he’s crooked too. Can’t wait for Mueller to damage his credibility even more on July 17th with his public testimony in front of the House Of Representatives. donald is done.

  15. Say what you like but this man is brilliant. Maybe he could words things slightly different occasionally lol.. But he speaks his mind… And if nothing else, you have to respect that about him! Trump2020

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