Doki Doki - YURI'S SECRET DARK SIDE... SHE'S EVIL TOO?! 😱 - Doki Doki Literature Club (Gameplay 2)

Doki Doki – YURI'S SECRET DARK SIDE… SHE'S EVIL TOO?! 😱 – Doki Doki Literature Club (Gameplay 2)

doki-doki is not okay dokie Roz you should definitely warn the people about sensitive subjects in this game before they get bested those warnings weren't a joke consider yourself informed or as my innocent orange child you don't know what you're getting yourself into I don't know what I'm getting myself into let me just that it has stopped you there for a quick second gotta get this hyper intro started oh I know what I'm doing baby let's play what hell of a cute anime game there's absolutely nothing suspicious going on here hey hey everyone Rose Minsky here I'm looking back to doki-doki literature Club at how baby I don't know why people keep saying this is a scary ass game cuz as far as I'm concerned it's just about reading in a club full of girls in fact all this game so far as done Tamizh changed my perspective of reading and how i wish i read more as a child get a bit of part of so many wonderful clubs girls love a guy that can read gaze if your hype for this video on the return of Doki Doki then please hit that like button it really really is appreciated thank you for mm beautiful links you already know the vo ladies and gentlemen mm beautiful likes on this video and another episode will come in a couple of days time and pepper has being the way he is he's probably gonna finish this episode off on a cliffhanger and if you feel an extra special spicy eyes video then in the conversation below type hashtag dokie hello – Brennan baby oh you guys are actually seriously warning me about this game comes from what I've already seen it's just an adorable tale about a boy that writes a poem and shows off to his girlfriends is that poor girl friend Sam I should have got into poetry maybe that's the true horror of it all if you read too many books and write too many poems then the ladies will never leave you alone that seems like hell okay we need somebody else we already showed it to yuria the best girl well in my opinion she's the best girl baby you have a best girl let me know down in the comment section below who you think is the hashtag best girl let's go for say Ari that's our friend our childhood friend let's show her bye poem next maybe she'll think she's impressed she was the one that brought me along to this club after all didn't she say Laurie my girl how's it going your hair and your bow are looking fantastic and you've even got a little bow just below your shirt color thing it's just good it's adorable this is a good poem DJ moist ow yes I call myself DJ moist are you sure this your first time excuse me sorry this a little bit personal is it not of course it's mom I'm good my the kind of guy who would be writing poems in his spare time I guess you're right but that's why it impressed me well to be honest I was afraid that you wouldn't do it seriously or that you wouldn't write one at all I'm really happy that you just rolled on excuse me of course I was gonna take this club seriously I take everything in life seriously my name is DJ moist and from that alone you can see how serious I am about life nothing moist can be wrong geez that word alone is wrong it just reminds me of how you're really part of the club now not to mention the fact that I'm standing in front of you in the club room well of course I'm not really into it yeah but that doesn't mean I'll break my promise see it's like I said before DJ moist deep down you're not selfish at all you know trying new things like this for other people and that's something that only really good people do Thanks siarhei I'm not sure say you already see the full picture of my motive here then again I can't the neither she's part of the reason I joined knowing how much that this means to her and all yeah man I'm gonna make sure you have lots of fun here okay then that will be my way of thanking you all right I'm gonna hold you together and yay now you'll read my poetry right don't worry I'm really bad at this well we'll see about that okay here we go dear sunshine the way you glow through my blinds in the morning it makes me feel like you missed me kissing my forehead to help me out of bed making me rub the sleepy from my eyes are you asking me to come out and play are you trusting me to wish away your rainy day I look above the sky is blue it's a secret but I trust you too wasn't for you I could sleep forever but I'm not mad I want breakfast I feel exactly the same way in the morning although it's Scotland it there's no sunshine over here maybe kegs that's a good poem thank you very much so you're he this is just a guess buds did you wait till this morning to write this no little bits you can't answer just a little bit – a yes-or-no question I forgot to do it last night well at least that makes me feel a little better about myself don't be mean I still tried my best ah yeah I didn't mean to say that it was a bad poem it came out nice or should I put it it sounds just like you really yeah especially that last line I made eggs on toast even though you were late to school he's justified to skip breakfast like you're all cranky well I guess there's no part in arguing anyway thanks for showing me this is so much fun Monica's the best ah yeah but next time I won't forget and I'm gonna write the best poem ever well I guess I'll look forward to it thank you very much say Yuri I also like eggs on toast Natsuki the little tsundere how are you doing you look it off with coy and shy even gonna show me your poem show me the goods girl not like that though let's keep this family friendly for old YouTube Oh Papa Bear why t because he's good at handing out the spankings what Wow it's about what I expected from someone like you that's a little blunt well excuse me it's not like I said I was bad and it just didn't evoke any emotions the only emotion you have right now is shy and angry and right now I am angry at you and so basically it's not cute enough for your tastes do you wanna smack excuse me sister is this a date so get a foreplay you're initiating your Natsuki cos kind of interested in the taller version over there in the corner now pass sir ah oh say you wanted to smack me geez well in anyway I guess I need to show you mine not that you're like ants okay geez and Eagles can fly monkeys can climb crickets gonna leap horses can race owls conceive cheetahs can run Eagles can fly people can try no that's about it wow that is so that is so heartbreaking monkeys can climb of people they can only try Eagles can fly people they can only try and if they try to fly they will die you think about that one that's a proper poem right there yeah I told you that you weren't gonna like an I liked it what just be honest oh yeah I'm why are you so convinced that I wouldn't like it well because everyone in high school thinks that writing has to be all sophisticated and stuff some people don't even take my writing seriously but isn't the point of poems for people to express themselves your writing style wouldn't make your message any less violence yes exactly I like when it's easy to read but it hits you hard like in this poem seeing everyone around you do great things can be really disheartening so I decided to write a poem about it yeah I understand but the other nice thing about simple writing is that it puts more weight on the wordplay like I set up for arrive at the end by then like I set up for a rhyme at the end but then I made a fall flat on purpose it helps bring out the feeling and the last line so did you guess more went into it then I realized that's what it means to be a pro angle ad you learn something didn't expect that from the youngest one here did you yeah I guess not I decided to humor her with that last comment I don't really care how old everyone is but if not Sookie's feeling proud I won't take that away from her good guy my boy good kind he came moist almost forgot his name there okay the moniker since you're the boss or the police let's do you lat your little blue listen to your poem last let's keep it to clean hi BJ mised hi Monica having a good time so far yeah yeah yeah glad to hear oh by the way I said your noon everything if you ever have any suggestions for the club like new activities or things we can do together I'm Monica keep it clean I'm always listening don't be afraid to bring things up okay all right I'll keep that in mind of course I'll be afraid to burn things I'm much better off just go with the flow until I'm more say open anyway want to show you polling with me it's kind of embarrassing but I guess I have to don't worry DJ boys we're all alone embarrassed today you know but that's sort of a barrier that we're all learnt think it pass soon yes that's true and Monica my poem mm-hmm great job DJ my is that you have to keep calling my name I was gonna say Oh in my head while rheem air it's really metaphorical I'm not sure why but I didn't expect you to go for something so the I guess I underestimated you it's easiest for me to keep everyone's expectations low that's why it always counts when I put in some efforts that's not very fair well I guess it worked anyway you know that Yuri likes that kind of right in Drive Oh Papa knows that one we definitely didn't tailor it to her taste at all though Monica don't don't be getting any suspicious ideas please honey brightness fill imagery and symbolism unlike Sayuri who likes using simple anti-red words to describe happiness and sadness huh Yuri likes when readers are left to derive their own meaning out of it it's very challenging to write that effectively both allowing people to get something out of it just by feel or letting them deeply analyze all the nuances it could take a years practice which I'm assuming URI has at this point what was that a sheet about her age there I think that's something like yes I never really asked though I'm sure I'm nowhere near hard level yet don't worry so much about that I think you do your own thing just keep exploring and learn by trying new things I'm sure on trying different things a lot it could take a while before I feel comfortable doing this that's okay I'd love to see you try new things that's the best way to find the kind of stylists it's you everyone else might be a bit biased towards their own kinds of styles but I'll always help find what suits you the most so don't force yourself to write the way everyone else wants you to write it's not like you have to worry about impressing the Merina fan anyway do you want to read my poem no I don't worry it is not very good you sound pretty confident for someone who claims to be not very good well that's good they have to sound confident that doesn't mean I always feel that way you know I see yeah well let's read it then okay what we got here hole in the wall okay jiminy Christmas that's a start off a bit filthy okay it couldn't have been me see the direction the sparkle protrudes a noisy neighbor an angry boyfriend I'll never know I wasn't home if you're inside for a clue no I can't see I real blind like a film left out in the Sun but it's too late my retinas already scorched with a permanent copy of a meaningless image it's just a little hole it wasn't to Bryant it wasn't too deep stretching forever into everything a whole of infinite choices I realized now I wasn't looking in I was looking out and he on the other side was looking in and then I grabbed him and gives him a big old smooch that is a beautiful poem there thank you very much for that Monica so what do you think it was very romantic and a hopeful that's what I'm gonna say thank you very much it's a very freeform if that's what he call it sorry sorry I'm not really the right person to ask for feedback okay yeah that kind of style has gone pretty popular never days that is a lot of poems have been putting emphasis on the time in between words the lines when the form that loud it can be really powerful what was the inspiration behind this one well I'm not sure how to put it I guess you could say that I had some kind of epiphany recently it's been influenced in my poems a bit an epiphany yeah something like that that kind of nervous to talk about deep stuff like that because it's kind of coming on strongly maybe after everyone is fair friends maybe after everyone's better friends with each other anyway here's Monica's writing tip of the day sometimes when you're writing a poem or a story your brain gets too fixated on a specific point if you try so hard to make it perfect then you'll never make any progress just a Porsche chef to get something down on the paper and tidy up later another way to think about it is this if you keep your pin in the same spot for too long you'll just get a big dark puddle of things so just move your hand and go with the flow that's my advice for today thanks for listening Monica I guess as everyone I glanced around the room that's was a little more stressful than I anticipated it's as if everyone is judging me for my mediocre writing abilities even if they're just being nice there's no way my poems can stand up to theirs this is a literature club after all I guess that's what I ended up getting myself into across the room see you're a motor-car happily chatting my Iceland on EURion Mizuki they gingerly exchanged sheets of paper sharing their respective poems as they read in tandem I watched their expressions change the Suki's eyebrows furrow in frustration meanwhile uri smiles sadly mantra this language um did you say something oh now it's this nothing Mizuki dismissively returns the poem to the disk with one hand I guess you could say it's fancy ah thanks yours is huge yeah did you just completely miss the symbolism or something even I knew that was not cute it was very depressing it's clearly about the feelings of giving up how can that be cute III know that I just meant I said that the language I guess I was trying to say something nice and you mean you have to try hard to come up with something nice to say thanks but it really didn't come out nice at all hmm well I do have a couple of situations mm-hmm if I was looking for suggestions I would ask someone who actually liked it which people did by the way she already liked it and DJ moist they do so based on that I'll gladly give you some suggestions of my own earth of all excuse me I appreciate the offer but I've spent a long time establishing my writing style I don't expect it to change anytime soon unless of course I come across something particularly inspiring which I haven't yet and DG moist like my poem too you know he even told me he was impressed by it Mizuki suddenly stands up oh I didn't realize you were so invested in trying to impress our new member Yuri your hugest Yuri stands up as well maybe you're just jealous that DG moist appreciates my advice more that he appreciates yours ah and how do you know he didn't appreciate my advice more are you that bully yourself I know I I was full of myself I wouldn't deliberately go out of my way to make everything I do overly cutesy um you save everyone okay well you know what I wasn't the one whose boobs magically grew a size bigger as soon as DJ boy started showing up or Tiffany Christmas what is this what is this catfight everybody's going on me are we up in here and you know what you know what the bad thing is I'm about to be involved in this I can't handle that no what do you guys said this game's a horror that's Sookie another key that's a little this doesn't involve you I don't like fighting guys suddenly both girls turn towards me as if just noticed I was standing there did you moist she's trying to make me look bad that's not true she started it if she could get over herself and learn to appreciate that simple writing is more effective then this wouldn't have happened in the first place what's the point in making your poems all convoluted for no reason the meaning should jump out at the reader no force them to have to figure it out help me explain that to her DJ moist wait wait there's a reason we have so many deep and expressive words in our language it's the only way to convey complex feelings and meaning the most effectively dividing them is not only unnecessarily limiting yourself it's also a waste you understand that right DJ moist well well how did I get trapped into this in the first place it's not like I know anything about writing by whoever I agree with they'll probably think more highly of me Oh jiminy Christmas so of course that's gonna be and this ladies and gentleman was where we have to pick our choice so do we go for the cute scene that Sookie who is um well she's very simple straightforward we're not gonna have to be guessing what she's thinking and feeling or we've got Yuri who is just Yuri Yuri I'm gonna figure II but that's nothing to do with the growing in the showing in the grinder growing Natsuki you're right that I liked your poem see ya wait that's not an excuse for you to be so mean you shouldn't pick a fight because someone's opinion is different that's not what happened at all Yuri wouldn't even take my poem seriously I understand Yuri you're a seriously talented writer it's no secret that I was impressed that's but here's the thing no matter how simple or fine someone's writing style is they're still putting feelings into it and it becomes something really personal and that's why Natsuki felt threatened when you said her poem was cute I see I didn't notice that I I'm I'm sorry but no Sookie you took it way too far you're Yuri means well and if you just told her how you felt then this wouldn't have happened in the first place are you kidding that's exactly what I did it was her that nut Sookie I think that's enough you both said things that you didn't mean Yuri apologize don't you think you should too mmm no Sookie clenched her fists in the end nobody has taken her side Oh No she's trapped at this point being defiant only because she can't handle the pressure I end up feeling bad for her um sometimes when I'm arts it helps to take a walk and clear my head C or E she doesn't need to you know what I'm going to do that you know spare me from having to look at all your faces right now without warning that Sookie snatches up her poem from the disk and storms Oh on her way out she crumples up the POE and with her hands and throws it in the trash that's Sookie she really didn't need to do that oh no I should have taken sides I shouldn't have taken sides the shooter just got my girl in there she or he she would have helped us out damn you both missed up there and I broke a young girl's heart I told her I said her bone was good is that not good enough for her people are so complicated in life what I should have done more her poem simple just like life should be I look across the room URI has her chin buried in her hands while she stares down at a desk gingerly approach her and sit in an adjacent chair hmm everything all right I'm so embarrassed I can't believe I acted like that you probably hate me now No URI how could anyone have not got frustrated after being treated like that you handled it as well as anyone could I don't think any less of you well all right I believe you thanks DG moist you're too kind I'm thankful to have you as a part of this club now nothing yeah one more thing um that one thing that that's Suki said about you know you know I would never do anything so shameful aiya are you sure you sure about that so they're all natural babies that what you say one thing didn't that Suki say never mind that I'm gonna make some tea ah good idea make enough for one more person okay yeah I see she's talking about me are we having a tea day okay everyone it's just about time for us to leave how did y'all feel about sheriff Owens it was a lot of fun well I'd say it was worth it it was all right well mostly VJ month how about you yeah I'd say the same it was a neat thing to talk about with everyone in that case we'll do the same thing tomorrow and maybe you'll learn something from your friends – oh yeah this will turn out even better I think to myself I did learn more about the kinds of poems everyone lies with any love that means I can at least do a better job in pressing those I want to impress and not to myself with newfound determination DJ mised ready to walk home sure let's go Shiori beams at me I'm terrible at girl laughters it truly has been a while since C or E and I have spent this much time together I can't really say I'm not enjoy – either he's of course he's enjoying surrounded by women's C or E about what happened earlier hey what do you mean you know between Yuri and that Sookie is that China thing haven't often no no no that's really the first time I've seen them fight like that I promised a both wonderful people you don't you don't hate them do you no no no I don't hate them I just wanted your opinion that's all I could see if I didn't make good friends with you fear you know teaching moist it's nice I get to spend more time with you in the club but I think seeing you get along with everyone is what makes me the happiest and I think everyone really likes you too that's every day it's gonna be so much fun oh it looks like crΓΌe still hasn't caught on to the kind of situation I'm in sure being friends with everyone is nice but does it really mean to stop there my boys definitely angling for some dangling you know I'm saying we'll just have to see what the future holds say re Patsy ory on the shoulders at a total friendzone matter say that more to myself than to her but it's easy to you see or is an internal monologue sometimes okay yeah let's do this let's do this let's do what what walk home Oh keys we got Poland time okay so we want to go horror and that improves my girl and obviously the cutesy one in the middle is not like in it okay imagination vibrant dark oh really last she loves lust haha it literally says Papa beat me the woman no no he's got the daddy issues now I don't that he passes and it's time for the club meeting already after I brought my masterpiece of a poem I've gotten a little more comfortable here over the past couple of days entering the club room the usual scene greets me hi DJ mised yo CRA looks like you're in a good mood today I'm just still not used to you being in the club that's all I see that's a pretty simple thing for you to get in a good mood I guess it's always the simple things with you anyway jeez is that Savage or what speaking of which I'm kind of hungry will you come with me to buy a snag no thanks there's not like you at all I have my reasons why don't we take a look at your purse Yuri Hey yeah all of a sudden nope no reason really I just want to look at it see Ori nervously retrieves her coin purse she fumbles with the latch and guess it opened then she turns it upside down and it lets a spilled contents onto the desk only two small coins fall out I knew it I can see right through you see Ori that's not fair how did you even know it's simple if you had enough money in the first place you would have boss night before coming to the club room so either you're no hungry and one's an excuse to take a walk or you plan to conveniently forget that you spent all your money so that I would lend you some there's one more thing you're always hungry and then BOOM judge jury and executioner I sent it C or E to alive so that only leaves one option don't make me feel guilty if you feel guilty that means you deserve to feel guilty some vehicles I need to get better giggling like a girl didn't notice that she was listening in faces in her book as always I wasn't listening or anything it was just something in my book Yuri tell DJ moist let me borrow some money bats don't get me involved it's like that see Yuri besides you should only buy what you can responsibly afford and frankly after pulling a mischievous stunt like that your suffering is fair enough retribution I got too absorbed in my book I really like it when you speak your mind Yuri it doesn't happen much but it's a fun side of you that's there's no way you could think that you were right though I did something bad and now I have to accept the revolution retribution that's still coming from you see Ori I guess there's a little devil inside us all isn't there don't let her fool you he already knows exactly what she's doing after all she told you guys she was bringing me to club before she even told me but you wouldn't have come if it weren't for the cupcakes so I had to trick Mizuki into making them come on give me more credit than Iori Oh Lucifer smacks aah I would know where something smacks iorry on the face and tupples onto our desk oh ok I cookie sure enough is a giant cookie wrapped in plastic see already glances around he's is this a miracle it's because I paid my restitution retribution actually that one almost worked and we just gotta give it to you but then I heard you ball AB about the cupcakes it was totally worth seeing your reaction though that's Sookie oh it's so nice of you I'm so happy Yuri hugs the cookie geez just eats it Jordan Lee rapidly tears open the wrapper and takes a big bite oh good see already suddenly close her hands over her mouth I bet my tongue hey you're going through a lot over just one cookie no Sookie takes a bite over own cookie uh yours looks really keeping my Sookie can I try it geez beggars can't be choosers your chocolate yeah why do you think I gave you that one fine still I'm really happy to share this one with me Jurgis however seating goes behind Natsuki wraps her arms around her hello let's get a bit frisky over there ah jeez I get it I get it cookies still in hand Oh Sookie reaches up to nutshell or a off of her mom see already suddenly it leans down and takes a bite of that Sookie's cookie out of context that's so so rude hey did you seriously just do that mm-hmm mouth full see or eat rolls away to safety Yuri and I laugh as well jeez you're such a kid sometimes Monica can you tell see you Rory hey miss Sookie glances around Monica isn't in the clubroom ah where's Monica anyway good question have any of you heard anything about her being late today not me yeah I haven't heard hmm that's a bit unusual I hope she's okay of course she's okay she probably just had something to do today she's pretty popular after all you don't think she ja she has her I wouldn't be surprised she's probably more desirable than all of us combined well-known boys of that age group Navin three instead of one it's just math baby you know it's just math simple math problem here three or one you know what you're gonna take everything that's true excuse me if suddenly the door swings open sorry I'm super sorry I'm super late ah hey you are I didn't mean to be late I hope you guys don't worry there anything a motor could show us a club over a boyfriend after all you're so strong-willed boyfriend and what on earth you talking about Monica quizzically Gallants is it me uh never mind that wild you up anyway well my last period today was a study hall to be honest I kind of just lost track of time ha ha ha that makes no sense though you know what I heard the bell ring at least and I thought I've heard it since those prizes in piano piano I wasn't aware you played music as well Monica oh well I don't really kind of just started recently I've always wanted to learn piano I'm so cool you should play something for his Monica Monica looks at me and maybe laughs I got a little better I will yay that's sounds cool I also look forward to it Oh in that case I won't leave I'm DJ moist Monica smiles sweetly ah I didn't mean any pressure or anything like that don't worry I didn't practice a whole lot recently and I really love the chance to share once I'm ready I see you in that case mr. luck yeah thanks so I didn't miss anything did I no no not really just people biting other people's cookies you know I'm saying just the usual have Thursday afternoon thing I'd sure believe I see your is mischievious escapade I'm sure netsuke will end up complaining to her anyway it looks like everyone has already settled down Yuri somehow finished her entire cookie Yuri's back to her Brooke and the suki dipped into the closet oh she disappeared into the closet like a magician hey Yuri I suddenly notice that Yuri is reading a different book from the one we've been reading together sorry I didn't mean to interrupt no no I was kind of just waiting for you oh that's okay so why did we go ahead and get started yes let's actually I have a request do you mind if I make some tea first oh thanks very much if there's one thing that can make my reading time here any better it's a nice cup of tea not to mention for yourself as well Yuri stands up and makes her way to the closet I follow and watch as she retrieves a small water picture from the shelf the kind where the filter inside can you hold this for a second sure Yuri hands me the water picture and also fetches an electric kettle and could you plug this in at the teacher's desk and then we'll get some water she walks past me and sets the kettle down on the teacher's desk God simply watch your movements steady on there buddy good cheese is gonna be bite a cookie in a minute to my surprise the way she moves really contrasts errors speaking mannerisms especially because they're long legs Yuri appears elegant and methodical okay may I have the water pitcher Thanks I'll be right back ah means well walk with you yeah why not shall we go then yeah hmm where you do after you hey we're just Yuri boy to make some tea so I suddenly realize how weird it sounds to explain this to Monica but just fill in the Whorton what more picture okay sorry that's just a bit curious that's kind of a one-person job isn't it oh she's definitely hustling in here she's trying to climb Jam Yuri over here that's Monica please mind your own business for once or do you want to tell me there's something wrong with helping involved eg moist in club activities oh she's got savage there my mouth gabe's I suppose there's nothing wrong with lads mm-hmm-hmm then let's go DG moist he or it quickly exists the room and I follow wow they're all just peeing everywhere there's peed all over me is like a big P fast as they mark the territory by paying peeing on me I should pee a lot today well it's the hallway she suddenly puts her forehead against the wall I spoke with her thinking how can I say something like that Jerry it's just something about the way she said that he made me feel so irritated what's wrong with me no Yuri I think you did the right thing I wasn't expecting it but it's also not right for Monica to judge people like that tgd moist how come even when I do something bad you be nice to me because nothing that you do is as bad as you make it seem in your head nobody's perfect we have emotions and we can't always hide them but you always amplify things in your head your mind turns light rain to a hurricane ah no wouldn't you hate me for something as terrible as that why did why would I hate you like I got hate someone for having emotions what kind of friend would do that friend you say um Yuri lifts her head okay she got friend-zoned Oh mate you need to change that to the bone zone teaching moist I really like being friends with you ah ha ha thanks Yuri I like being friends with you too I feel awkward seeing something like that but I'm doing my best if you reveal better anyway yeah shall we go yeah Yuri and I walk to the nearest water fountain once we filled up the water pitch should be returned to the classroom I thinking good teaching moist do you like long T oh yeah anything is fine very well Yuri says the temperature on the kettle to do 100 degrees now it's time to get the teapot you really do this properly don't you of course I should do any less when I'm making tea for others even if I'm not an expert on tea or anything in that case you'll only be even more impressed ah perhaps I will your effects the tea button begins measuring the tea leaves flirting intently throughout the whole scene to my surprise she was so humming a little to herself you must be in a good mood now is that so I playing a show and you noticed I was doing a bit of thinking and I decided that I would try expressing myself a little more it turns out it's not very hard for me to do when it's you who's around anyway ah that's great Yuri just don't push yourself too much you're always worrying about me DJ moist it's very endearing that's Yuri wasn't kidding I don't even know if I can keep up with this I was Yuri pour a cup of tea for each of us dizzy moist I have another request do you mind if we sit on the floor today my SADS it's a little bit easier on my back I I can read with my back against the wall rather than bending over a desk ah sorry I didn't realize no worries I just have back pain fairly regularly so I do my best to try manage it is that so wonder what that is it's most likely because my my my my your posture right yeah my hmm she's got large postures her large foster's a freaking her back well to be honest the way she's standing right now she's basically just thrusting herself forward thrusting I have terrible reading posture that's why we should sit on the floor fair enough I'll go ahead and get the book I retrieve the book from my bag I have some chocolates as well is it back small candies I kept hidden from series candy radar I take it since we'll go well with a tea you're a nice sit against the wall tea cups at our sides as if in sync we assume the same reading position as last time each holding one half of the book except this time our bodies are even closer to each other I can't see too well Yuri slides closer until her shoulders are touching about the shoulders once again shoulder to shoulder actions getting too hot and spicy for YouTube how am I supposed to focus on reading like this Yuri was always I need of cute buds when she's being less apprehensive it's almost more than I can handle well you gonna have to handle it buddy because if you don't you go to jail okay your tea cup your hands me my tea cup holding it with my hand is not holding the book I end up at a position that makes it even harder to focus because now I need to worry about making sure I don't accidentally touch your chest on the earth meanwhile Yuri hasn't noticed a single thing I'll trust me buddy she probably has she wears her intense reading expression and I can only presume the world around her has faded away I use all of my willpower to focus on reading yeah after a few minutes I finally managed to relax a little I put the tea cup between my legs and fumble with a chocolate wrapper sorry I briefly like over the book I had to finish opening the wrap or you can have as much as you want ah that's that's okay I won't take any are you sure well if I touch it and I'm it might get smudges on the pages oh you're right I didn't even think about that my bad no need to apologize I'll hold the book okay sure of course oh geez Yuri opens the book with both hands look how adorable she is remove even the fluid particles over this look at this technology these days joel is so that I don't have any harder overtime reading from it but as a result her left arm is practically resting off the top of my leg well in that case Yuri's already totally focused on reading again I took a chocolate candy and I put in my mouth then I take another chocolate and I'll love to Yuri oh she does he even look away from the book she's simply partes her lips as if the situation was completely natural but that means I cast over here I have prehensile e placed the chocolate in her mouth just like that Yuri closes our lips over it huh you're his expression suddenly Briggs did did I just Yuri looks at me like she needs to confirm what just happened yes yes you did you just took that from my hands this is again far too raunchy for YouTube tici tici moist I ruined this story by calling myself DJ moist sorry III I guess I shouldn't have done that that's well you were just helping there's something that friends do right I mean not really in this kind of context but yeah that's all it was yeah then you don't need to stop or anything I see I see I see eerie the situation has gotten really tense you retrace to return to the burg but I can tell just by your expression even she can't focus right now my heart is pounding and nervously take another chocolate between my fingers but this time Yuri's eyes meet mine how did he even come to this Yuri doesn't have her gaze I noticed her chest rising and falling to the rhythm of her breath I raise my arm just like before your reports her lips but it's different this time I take the chocolate place it in her mouth I feel her hot breath on my fingers okay everyone Yuri Joel's bag if time the ship poems @dg moist you can help you refill with the teeth ever right yeah yeah but of course okay fangs well I'm German once again there Monica this spell is abruptly broken I'll I'll take care of the cups yeah Yuri picks up the teacups from the floor I pick up the bags of chocolates in the end we hastily clean up without so much of a word between us I can feeling this is something neither of us will have the courage to bring up but until next time where we share chocolates who should I show my poem to first well the answer to that one ladies and gentlemen is no one because we're gonna end off this episode here hopefully you did enjoy more Doki Doki I'm sorry there's been about a 2/3 week gap since the previous episode the very first one so if you didn't miss it I wanna make sure you go back and check it out it's a bit late now if you go to this point in the video to be honest but hey I hopefully you didn't enjoy if we hit 2,000 beautiful likes in two days time I'll have another one of these episodes and it's really fun I do like the writing in this one the story is really good and at some point it's gonna all pop off ladies and gentlemen if you made it all the way to the end of this episode / hashtag Yuri down in the comment section below and let me know who you would like to see me talk with fur obviously we're gonna be talking to the bowl but you like first but either way I'm gonna get out of here I don't as bestie you've been the beautiful raspberries as always for watching and I love each and every single what are you give I

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