43 thoughts on “Doki Doki Literature Club! // Yuri Speedpaint

  1. Well I can relate to some who said they find Yuri's giggles and breaths or something calming.. I.. I just find them cute! Call me weird but it's cute!! ^~^

  2. Imagine the scene with this music

    Yuri or Natsuki
    Player then doesn’t have a preference so they try to click one of then

    music gets faster and faster

    Player:oh no

    monika just doesn’t appear cuz who knows why

    screen keeps zooming into choice you picked

    Your whole screen is pixilated now. This is your life.

  3. I like to listening to Yuri breathing and giggling while music plays. It's weird. I'm female too.

  4. you see, there's good art, then there's amazing art. this is one of those amazing arts.

    also, anyone notice how at the very very top, the art/file is called "AHAAHAHHAHAHA" welp, i get why. look at her face.

  5. Yuri was the best girl, so I got terrified at her death, and you really took that fear and slapped it on as art.

  6. wait!! i want to know what app u used to speed the vid and edit the vid!! …
    i mean…
    what app did you use to edit the speedpaint? (i wanna stop my habit of using movie maker)

  7. Yuri may not be best gril for me but this is just perfect ❤️❤️
    you deserve more subs gurl i mean cmon!!

  8. Sim,uma brasileira veio ver essa obra de arte! Lindíssima,desenhou tudo

    E esses respiros e risadinhas da Yuri me deixaram desconfortáveis ;-; mas o barulho que parece uma fogueira me acalmou ^^

  9. +1 Sub 😍
    +1 Like 👍
    +1 more reason to keep doing what you do ❤️
    +1 more dollar to buy a box of chicken nuggets👌
    +1 more bag of cheetos🧀

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