*DDLC requests intensify* All right, we got it. Jeez, you guys are persistent… Rated EXTREMELY S for spoilers From the darkest depths of the Steam marketplace comes a happy game about friendship, romance and good times! Wait- none of those things are awesome or violent- Why is this so popular? Oooooh, okay. Now I get it. Doki Doki Literature Club! Experience another flavor of the month indie hit, as the seemingly run of the mill visual novel with a twist takes the internet by storm. With a magical combination of anime girls, esoteric lore bullsh*t and costing zero dollars to become the next generation in the viral tradition of FNAF and Undertale! Of games with fan bases so rabid and obsessed, they make you actively not want to play the video game. Well, when I finish it, I become one of… them. Disgust level 9000 Step into the shoes of the self-insert protagonist and join a harem of stereotypical anime high school tropes! Like the ditsy childhood friend! The quiet busty nerd! The tiny angry one and the responsible club president! All of whom are immediately fighting over you despite your obvious disinterest in their club! Then pick your favorite through an obleek dating mini game that's not even about literature! While the game yells "foreshadowing!" at you at bullhorn volume as DDLC desperately tries to get you to like it's characters enough to pull off its twist, Gruesomely murdering them. *Distorted music* Discovered Doki Doki's dramatic 180 from pleasant slice-of-life to disturbing morality play. Where characters turn more and more demented and your sale by disturbing visuals and glitches. Designed to bring you to the brink of insanity and Edgelord-hood as the game pulls out some of the oldest jokes in the adventure gamebook to mess you up, Breaks the fourth wall entirely and calls you out by name, And even has you messing around in the file directory! In a unique ARG meta game that harkens back to eternal darkness and metal gear And is easily the best part of what is otherwise barely even a video game! Oh yeah, f*ck my sensibilities right up fam! Uncover the many Easter eggs woven into the fabric of Doki Doki literature club with expanded character lore, Codes hidden in the files and hints about an entirely different game that'll have you searching every nook and cranny of the internet for a clue! And subsequently creating a massive buzz for this unknown developer as you begin to realize this entire game is an insane viral marketing stunt for whatever these people make next. And you gotta hand it to 'em It seems like it worked! You monsters… So pick out those words and get ready to get lit in a bite-size gangland That's at least worth giving a shot Becuase even if you end up thinking it's completely ass, nothing beats the low, low price of $0! Starring J̷̨̙͖̘͈̮̮̝̼͕͙̬͆̽͘͜͜͝ͅu̵̧̮̜̭͔̱̩̾s̸̤͉̑͋̅̓̃́̎̾̽̎͊̈͜t̷̨̢̘͚̻̣͓̜͎̹̟͖͓̓͌̉̏́̔͋͑́̕ͅ ̷̛̖̳͒͗̇̄͂͋M̵͔̀̌͛o̸̲̲̜͋̾̈̋̃͋̽ͅn̶̮͍̝̣̆̔̌͐͐̽̋̕į̶̧̣̫͙͍̱̱̗̯̠͇͈͔̉͂̌̽̋̆͘̚͜k̸̡̼̭̞̠̥̮͈̟̗͊͑̽̈̈́̅́̃̾̚ǎ̴̢̡̧̙͍̪̺̜̘͎̭̤̬̯͎̐̎̊̒͐͗̈́̑̚͝͝͠,J̷̨̙͖̘͈̮̮̝̼͕͙̬͆̽͘͜͜͝ͅu̵̧̮̜̭͔̱̩̾s̸̤͉̑͋̅̓̃́̎̾̽̎͊̈͜t̷̨̢̘͚̻̣͓̜͎̹̟͖͓̓͌̉̏́̔͋͑́̕ͅ ̷̛̖̳͒͗̇̄͂͋M̵͔̀̌͛o̸̲̲̜͋̾̈̋̃͋̽ͅn̶̮͍̝̣̆̔̌͐͐̽̋̕į̶̧̣̫͙͍̱̱̗̯̠͇͈͔̉͂̌̽̋̆͘̚͜k̸̡̼̭̞̠̥̮͈̟̗͊͑̽̈̈́̅́̃̾̚ǎ̴̢̡̧̙͍̪̺̜̘͎̭̤̬̯͎̐̎̊̒͐͗̈́̑̚͝͝͠, J̷̨̙͖̘͈̮̮̝̼͕͙̬͆̽͘͜͜͝ͅu̵̧̮̜̭͔̱̩̾s̸̤͉̑͋̅̓̃́̎̾̽̎͊̈͜t̷̨̢̘͚̻̣͓̜͎̹̟͖͓̓͌̉̏́̔͋͑́̕ͅ ̷̛̖̳͒͗̇̄͂͋M̵͔̀̌͛o̸̲̲̜͋̾̈̋̃͋̽ͅn̶̮͍̝̣̆̔̌͐͐̽̋̕į̶̧̣̫͙͍̱̱̗̯̠͇͈͔̉͂̌̽̋̆͘̚͜k̸̡̼̭̞̠̥̮͈̟̗͊͑̽̈̈́̅́̃̾̚ǎ̴̢̡̧̙͍̪̺̜̘͎̭̤̬̯͎̐̎̊̒͐͗̈́̑̚͝͝͠ and J̷̨̙͖̘͈̮̮̝̼͕͙̬͆̽͘͜͜͝ͅu̵̧̮̜̭͔̱̩̾s̸̤͉̑͋̅̓̃́̎̾̽̎͊̈͜t̷̨̢̘͚̻̣͓̜͎̹̟͖͓̓͌̉̏́̔͋͑́̕ͅ ̷̛̖̳͒͗̇̄͂͋M̵͔̀̌͛o̸̲̲̜͋̾̈̋̃͋̽ͅn̶̮͍̝̣̆̔̌͐͐̽̋̕į̶̧̣̫͙͍̱̱̗̯̠͇͈͔̉͂̌̽̋̆͘̚͜k̸̡̼̭̞̠̥̮͈̟̗͊͑̽̈̈́̅́̃̾̚ǎ̴̢̡̧̙͍̪̺̜̘͎̭̤̬̯͎̐̎̊̒͐͗̈́̑̚͝͝͠ Waifu 4 Diefu! I don't know poetry but no one has gains like Buffsuki truly the superior waifu! Comment below on what you want me to read in my epic voice! "My name is Gato," "I have metal joints." "Beat me up," "And earn 15 silver points" "A narrator leaves no puzzle unsolved." "Ich bin ein berliner" "I just want to carve tiny wooden reindeer" Okay bye have a good day!

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  2. 1:14 here is my honest one

    Sayori: the "hangover"
    Yuri: the craziest nerd ever…
    Natsuki: SCP-173
    Monika: the "only" fourth wall bomb

  3. A game that looks and plays like it was slapped together by a 10 year-old girl in her spare time.

    It's free?

    Still no!

  4. At 0:07 the comment made by "just monika" as most in evidence in the video is totally casual/coincidental

  5. To anyone who liked this game please check out Love Money and Rock and Roll by Soviet Games.
    This game got me into visual novels and now I'm trying to promote the good stuff.

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