Doctors of the Peggle Arts - Happy Hour #8 | Rooster Teeth

Doctors of the Peggle Arts – Happy Hour #8 | Rooster Teeth

Okay {what achievement are we getting} [this is four years in progress] we've been working on this achievement for four years it's to clear every peg from every level of Peggle Right? (Mhm yeah.) We have 7 to go. The 7 hardest ones (So the three) We've been working on this level Alright we skipped a level that we can't beat That we've been working on for…8 months? Yeah yeah So we skipped it just to get some new energy (God damn it) That's the mother fucker That's the 8 monther (8 months) And we've been working on this level for 3 days Now here's my issue Geoff is saying I have 1 to burn because I have 2 balls left I don't have anything to burn if I hit that That's a huge risk I'm telling you, you got one to burn You fucking clip this you can clip it! 100 include water I don't here had ski in my child but no streetlights cut is curly that way against me yeah irretrievable K get pay bid I'm not been who won you need to know
are should will clear waters they yep okay well he said no now you gotta make it up here do it that
way UK illegally blow it no it's not no you his here I'll damn he shot or your law of me your day no I don't he yet I yeah I sure it did her yeah %uh the for p the for yeah by p the re-air call we're not there yet don't cost up looking isolation little celebration
injury from the yeah how long a month on this one's a month a month
it's all over us %uh for I'm yeah fellow but 0 the the 0 0 the for be couples free I don't usually like her
buster explains do it through for that II fake less yeah good to gonna do about 0 mmm yeah yeah members right but one which do I who water in Hou all I tho you Paul 0 Hall girl hola 0 above one want to go where is it up no this is their last level we heard yeah humiliated %um for like Ford I think but didn't he are repeated businesses he's 0 here I ball that's okay cuz lost best excellent no you can't thousands of people I did you say
specified the side this yessir that seems never before this we r we are six packs away from in
Chi Minh occasionally on that side the hollywood all her hoop red alright you are the only thing ones cash war you for all on wall God all three-letter world this like that guys I can take much like the stricken just no shoe the K you want right well 0 %um your 0 in that was ridiculous that law school was ridiculous shaking I
still wanna missus him the law the I senator are guys this is four years hit was not quite how I've come this far
no said one would them well well see my who up are you threw up why would you do that %uh it it's not hard who just in the did you did the the Paul but we did 0 any I I don't I we got fun and parking lot Hill and can ledge with she single lapd it's like white-haired college done

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  1. OMG looking back at this video millie has really grown up and become a young lady and content creator. Geoff and griffon must be so proud of her.

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