Doc Artisan Sport Wallet v5 for iPhone 6s+: Gorgeous Full Grain Leather and Impressive Functionality

Doc Artisan Sport Wallet v5 for iPhone 6s+: Gorgeous Full Grain Leather and Impressive Functionality

hi this is Kristen and today I'm here with doc artisans sport wall atcase version 5 for iPhone six-plus and iPhone 6s plus this is a very beautifully crafted product looking at the construction of it you can see that it is made of a full grain leather this is a kind of a distressed leather so it has a very grippy kind of suede II feel on the outside and it's just going to get better with time versions three inversions four of the sport wallet cased used a elastic strap to stay close but version five has introduced a magnetic flap over which really does a fantastic job in keeping this whole bundle all put together so opening it up for those of you that aren't familiar with the Sport wallet case by doc artisan I would say it's characterized by two things first of all fantastic construction wonderful leather great stitching and all that this thing is just really really well made and the other thing which is rather innovative about it is it's magnetically detachable inner case it's leather lined and leather on the outside and snaps wonderfully into your wallet case so that you have a very very nice compact little parcel version four introduced a nice stand function which is still present in version 5 it all works really really well and overall I would just say that this is a great choice if you were looking for a wallet and phone case combo doc artisan has stepped up the construction of the inner case with version 5 it is now leather lined previously it had a soft touch plastic on the inside now it has leather lined and looks really really fantastic the outside of it is this same sort of suede II feeling distressed leather and it has a very very nice grip to it it's very easy to get your phone into the case looking at the construction of it and the fit of it you can see that the bottom is now completely exposed before it wasn't quite such a even line across the bottom now it looks like it should be very very dockable going around to the side you can see we have some nice soft leather on the sides completely exposed volume buttons and mute switch exposed top and exposed power button this has a great feel in the hand it's not in and of itself going to be terribly protective in fall but it's going to be a little less likely to fall just because it has such a nice grippy exterior this is one area where I really think it's a lot better than Apple's leather case Apple's leather case is nice very lightweight and nicely crafted but material wise it's kind of a slippery leather as opposed to the grippy leather on the dock artisan also the dock artisan case feels heavier and better made so and I think it will wear a better long-term than the Apple leather case looking at the construction of the wallet part of the case everything is made of this lovely thick full grain leather we have to slide pockets here you can put either cash or cards in them and then there are three card slots and one ID pocket it's very very easy obviously to put your phone in magnets work great close it right up and you can use your magnetic flap over the magnetic flap over works much better than the small magnetic clasps that you see on many wallets of this type which kind of hold it maybe a little bit once this thing is closed it is really really closed it's it's very easy to get closed and get open and it closes with great security so if you're worried about the contents of your wallet case this is really a great case to use because you can close it with great security you don't have to worry about anything falling out putting your cards in just to show you how it closes with some more cards these are actually hotel key cards and fake credit cards that I'm using hotel key cards are actually one of the things that I would not put in a magnetic case because key cards are more sensitive to magnetic fields than other mag strip cards and they might actually get wiped your credit cards are not have a problem with us and your phone is going to be similarly unaffected by the magnets that are present in this case NFC is going to work fine Apple pay works great so you really don't need to worry about that also we have our slide pockets so putting a little cash in those just to show you how it all fits in together two different pockets they're closing the whole thing up you can see that the spine on this is definitely wide enough to accommodate the caching cards that you would normally put in a case like this it doesn't feel overstuffed when you have stuff in it now this is not a slim wallet if you're looking for a real slimline wallet then this is probably not going to be the thing for you however it does allow a lot more cash and cards than most wallets of this type and it is going to carry them very securely in a very well-made fashion looking at the stand function you can see that the stand works great I really enjoy using the media stand on the dock artisan sport wallet cases and of course it's always very nice that you can simply detach the phone case anytime you want to just use your phone you don't have to carry around the whole wallet case if you don't want to thickness wise the version 5 is definitely thicker than the version 4 or version 3 of the sport wallet case because of the addition of the magnetic flap over this may turn some people off if you're really looking for a thin wallet case this is probably not the one for you however what this is is a very secure wallet case and for me if I'm going to be carrying my cash and cards around with my phone I want to make sure they're not going to fall out I want to make sure that they're super secure and that's what I get with Doc artisans sport wall atcase v5 so I think that it's really quite a good feature so overall really nice loving the stand function you can put tons of stuff in here it's very secure and anytime you don't want to be taking the entire wallet around you can just flip out the phone case and the phone case in and of itself is just a great product in fact I believe you can buy this separately for about $30 the doc artisan sport wallet case v5 retails for $95 for the iPhone 6s plus an iPhone 6 plus version of the case the 6 and 6s is $85 and it can be purchased directly from doc artisan if you have any questions about this case please put them in the comments below and I'll do my best to address them and if you are interested in subscribing to my channel please consider it I do try to put out two to three videos a week on iPhone 6s plus iphone 6 plus an iPad air 2 cases screen protectors and other interesting accessories and I would love to have your support thanks so much for watching this video and again this is the doc artisan v5 Sport wallet case for iPhone 6s plus and this is Kristin have a wonderful day

19 thoughts on “Doc Artisan Sport Wallet v5 for iPhone 6s+: Gorgeous Full Grain Leather and Impressive Functionality

  1. If their cases had full protection around the phone I would buy this case in a heartbeat, It's very handsome.

    I see that their V5 and V6 Cases do have the full protection I want, so this V5 will now be on my shopping list for suir. Thank you much for your review.

  2. Thank you for the review! I see that you reviewed both the Artisan wallet and Artisan sport v5 wallet case. I'm trying to decide between the 2. In your opinion which of the 2 are of better quality/function? Is there much difference in thickness/bulkiness of the 2? Thanks!

  3. How is the actual phone case shell months later? I've seen in a lot of other wallet cases (both with detachable phone shells and not) that the corners tend to chip off after a few months of use. Has this happened to the shell on this wallet case?

  4. No I'll leave it, granted I was quite upset when I contacted them, I'll just do the review and move on, I have been to an apple retailer and they could not remove stain so I'm going in to get a statement from them as well for the review, Thanks for your responses. Take care.

  5. Very little, after they requested pictures I sent four images clearly showing the damage, the next response I got was "case closed" they are just not interested and I guess hope I'll just go away, I feel it's important to let people know, some of us work hard to afford such luxuries in life. I'm doing a video review of the case soon, outlining the features, damage caused, response or lack there of and the fact that doc artisan seem to get the feedback to suit them, I wonder how many others have been vetted.

  6. Did not ask for anything, I left that to them, but there response and attitude toward a costomer was shit, as long as nothing is wrong they are all good, as soon as there is an issue they laugh and walk away, they refused to post my review on there site because I only gave them 2 stars, if they did it to me I can only imangine how many others they would have vetted.

  7. Was waiting for a moshi it arrive in mail, the one they send with wallet is crap, still it's not the point, and when approached they were not interested, even sent photos as requested, next email I get is case closed, and I now have a marked 1200nzd phone.

  8. The wallet is nice but buyer beware ! The tan version I got stained the screen on my iPhone 6s where the leather crosses the top of the id slot, there response was shocking, worst customer service I've encountered yet, they do not care, they also vet there feedback on the website to suit themselves, I will post a video review soon to show the damage and there emails.

  9. Enjoyed this very thorough review. Thank you! Can you please advise if this was the tan or brown coloured case?

  10. Great review, Kristin! I had the version 4 sport wallet case a while back and I loved it! If you fancy really premium leather you should definitely check out the vaja wallet agenda! I recently upgraded from my older doc artisan sport wallet case to the vaja and I have to say I am amazed by the quality of vaja's leather! While the tan leather on my sport wallet case felt rugged and a little rough, the vaja wallet agenda feels incredibly soft and supple! 🙂

  11. Been eyeing this case for 2 months now. The V.5 is the one I have been waiting for. My issue is with other wallet cases, if I stuff the card slots, they become loose and drop the cards. This looks to solve that with more space and pocket. Pulled the trigger today, and excited to get it.

  12. Great review. This is beautiful. Thank you. Could you please suggest a wrap around wallet that offers great drop protection? I have the speck candy wraparound but it has some persistent issues with wear. The rubber on the inside of the top cover begins to peel and crack within 4-6 weeks of regular use. I love the case, but at that price it's just not worth it. I bought a total of 3. The first one began to crack within 30 days and they replaced it. At the 30 day mark that one looked great so I bought two more thinking the issue had been addressed. Well now I'm at 6 weeks and the cracks are starting. I'm at a loss as to what to get now as the candy shell wraparound is good as a protective case and I don't know of anything similar.

  13. What case do you think would be the best for my iPhone 6s plus? in the slim and protective category.

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