hi guys it's Michelle I thought I would show you how I di why this beautiful abstract wall art it was super easy and inexpensive so I thought I will share it with you now if you like home decor DIYs and anything home related go ahead and hit the subscribe button right now so you don't miss out on anything now let's jump right on in so the first thing I'm going to use is some white acrylic paint I got this from Michaels I just went on I got a big container and it wasn't really expensive I'm going to be making over this canvas right here that I already have and I've changed my decor so if you have canvases or wall art that you no longer like or is out-of-date or it doesn't match your decor anymore this is a great way to update it without spending any money so I did not spend any money on the canvas since I already had this actually have two of these that I've had for some years now but they no longer match my decor so the first thing I did was I painted this entire thing white now if you don't have a canvas and you buy one like from Michael's or something like that you won't have to paint it white like this okay that's just if you're trying to cover up something and I did do two coats of white paint on this now every everything that I used in this project is listed in the description box this is the important part is to use float rail and to get this liquid gold leaf I actually got that off of Amazon so I'll definitely have the link below and I use some black acrylic paint so basically what I'm doing is I'm using one part paint in in two parts excuse me one part paint in three parts of float rail and the first thing I had to do was make a light gray paint by mixing the black and white and then I made a darker gray paint by mixing the black and white and you know being more heavy with the black and then adding three times whatever I mixed I looked in I looked in the container and made sure I added three times float rail okay first thing that I'm doing is making a big circle with the white paint in the middle of the canvas and then I layered the paint's okay you cannot mess this up no matter what you do is still gonna look good because it's abstract so there's really no rules but what I typically would suggest is just layer three paints on top of each other the darkest one at the bottom and then you know the medium and then the light on the top and then try to put a significant amount of paint because when I didn't put a lot of paint on there it was hard for the paint to move around and kind of it would leave like a gap in between and so I would definitely suggest you know use a liberal amount of paint and then once you get your paint on there you're just gonna take your blow-dryer if you have a heat gun that's even better I don't have one so I just use my blow-dryer to move the paint around the canvas and you can do this any way you want the ultimate goal is just to cover the entire canvas so you'll continue to add and layer your paint on until your your whole canvas is covered and that's really all to it now it is a little bit messy so you want to make sure you cover your surface cover your floor's and things like that you know wear some gloves if you don't if you don't want paint on your hands but it's a super easy project and you could do any colors you want it like a lot of people are doing the light pink with grey and and gold that would be a beautiful canvas you could definitely do that all you have to do is get white paint and red paint to make the pink or you could just buy the pink paint you know whichever way you would want to do it other tip is to get that paint moving around the canvas you can lift it up slightly to get the paint moving and once it gets over to the almost to the edge then you can put a little bit more in then start back with your blow-dryer I want to give credit to my YouTube sister Tracy J and I'm gonna have her channel link below she did an amazing job with one of these abstract wall arts for her front entryway and it really inspired me to do this one so I'm gonna link her channel below so that you can get another perspective on how to do this because these abstract paintings can be really expensive let me know if you've ever tried to do your own abstract wall art let me know down in the comments if you have and if you haven't done it let me know if you give it a try now you can follow me on instagram like if you try out one of these DIYs follow me on instagram so I can you can send me a picture of what it looks like or you can email me at design fun at so that I can see what your what your masterpiece looks like but yeah I I was looking at online and I was looking in HomeGoods and these other stores for abstract for an abstract wall art to put in my hallway and they were so expensive I mean even at home because they were at least $99 and I really didn't want to pay that much so I absolutely love love love the way this looks and I'm going to be doing quite a few of these throughout my home so guys I'm still on my journey of updating my entire house I still have a lot more videos that I'm working on so if you have a subscribed go ahead and click the subscribe button right now so you don't miss out I'm just making some lines with the liquid is this like a liquid gold paint that I got from Amazon I make I'm making some lines with the liquid gold paint right now and I'm just randomly putting it in there because wherever you put it it's gonna look good regardless and so I just randomly put some there and then I felt like I wanted to put some glitter on here so I went in with some glitter on one portion of the wall art and I didn't really like it after I looked at it it just felt like it was taking away from it and so you'll see in a minute that I end up putting more paint on top of the glitter so it kind of it came out great because when I put the penal allowed the glitter to show through just enough and I was perfectly satisfied with it and the key is do not lift it up until it is fully dry for at least don't lift it up for at least 24 hours and give it a get up give it a chance to drive because even though you are using the even though you're using the blow-dryer it's still not going to be fully dry because you're putting layers of paint on it look at how beautiful this is let me show you the finished product yes this is it in my hallway and I absolutely love the way it came out and I love the fact that I saved tons of money on it so guys I want to thank you for watching I'm glad I could share this with you today and if you have any questions about anything make sure to leave them down in the comments and everything I used in this project is listed in the description box so I will see you in the next one bye bye


  1. Yes! Been a fan of Treshaja for years, and Keitha the Bajan just did something like this, but on a bright, small scale. This looks great!

  2. Love your work! That technique turned out beautifully. Everything in the entryway flows so nicely. Beautiful!! Tfs

  3. Omggg thts beautiful and you did a great job! Girllll yes I’m going to try tht and yes u can save a lot of money! Thk u and plz make many more on here!

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