DIY String Art Xmas Tree – Broke for the Holidays

DIY String Art Xmas Tree – Broke for the Holidays

Welcome to broke for the holidays I don’t know about you But I don’t have money to spend on overpriced Soulless Christmas trees from the pine tree morgue down the street nor the patience to constantly sweep up the Relentless amount of needles that it bleeds onto the floor, but I do have a box of nails and some string so today I’m going to show you how to make your very own string Christmas tree My first move was to grab some paper tape and create my tree outline Adjust all your tape till you’re happy with its shape and if you don’t want to go any further, boom I’ve got yourself a tape Christmas tree however to continue on the string route I grab the drill and with the smallest bit I had starting from the top began the drill starter holes down all of my points of the tree Then along the longer points of the outline I drilled two more holes Equidistant of each other once finish you remove the tape to reveal your new hole outline of your tree next I took my nails out these are pretty skinny and about an inch in length I Slowly started nailing them into the wall leaving about a half an inch sticking out now if you don’t want to nail directly into your wall know that you can always use a piece of plywood or something similar, but I don’t really give a crap, so There’s that once you have your nail outline get yourself some string or some yarn And you’re going to attach your string by creating a knot on the very top nail You’ll first want to establish the outline of your tree and wrap your string Along its border when you get to each nail be sure to wrap it around two or three times switching up from clockwise through counterclockwise every few nails throughout this process make sure that you keep your string taut while wrapping now is the time to get creative and start filling in your tree with yarn shooting off in every which direction I started back from the top and worked my way down Across and over until all of my nails were filled with string and I was happy with my final design I was gonna add a string shaped star to the top but didn’t have any yellow string so I went for this paper star instead Which I thought it added an interesting contrast, so I kept it on then yeah, you’re pretty much done You can add lights if you want or other decorations But I’m pretty stoked about it like it is got some broke ideas of your own leave them in the comments below We love checking them out be sure you subscribe for more holidays, and we’ll see you next time! (Snip noise)

100 thoughts on “DIY String Art Xmas Tree – Broke for the Holidays

  1. who's watching this in 2016 rob was working hard and gave a f about everything now he just gives up on every thing

  2. Ok so I've wanted to do this pin for a while but I figured I would have you do it first so because I want u to do this so bad I'm gonna go through every single one of ur videos and comment this pin 😏😉 so anyway here's the link

  3. Omg back then rob actually succeeded in the pins, and doesn't swear. I bet it was better when he actually did the pins😂😂

  4. I havent seen this video before amd I thought it was a new video. Then I heard how he talked and understood it was an old one lol

  5. At Michaels, you can buy clear plastic ornament balls that come apart into two pieces. I made my tree out of christmas tree lights last year and I took those plastic balls filled them with little trickets or pictures of my friends and I and "hung" them up on the tree by taping them to the wall. Since I lived in an apartment complex, I couldnt drill like Rob but I still put up ny tree and when I took it down, there was only taoe residue but that was easy to take off

  6. Rob n Corrine should remake this tree in a speed round of man vs Corinne or have thredlogical do a speed round of this

  7. I can't believe you don't sweared any word during an entire video, is weird to watch your old videos once you watch the current ones.

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