DIY Paper Craft Projects : How to Make Multicolored Paper Peacock | DIY Room Decor

DIY Paper Craft Projects : How to Make Multicolored Paper Peacock | DIY Room Decor

How to Make a Bright & Colorful Paper Peacock Craft This is a beautiful DIY Paper Wall Hanging Craft Things You Need… Color Papers, Scissors, Craft Glue, Cutter, Pencil, scale, Quilling Strips Thin Cardboard, Thick Cardboard, Colors, Black Sketch Pen, Color Palette & Brush, Cotton Bud, Glitter, Decorative Stones, Styrofoam/Thermocol Take a cardboard and draw the outline for the neck, beak and body of the peacock as shown. We need 2 such cut outs. Use a cardboard strip and paste the two peacock shape cut outs using glue gun. Now take a blue color paper and cut out the peacock shape of same measurement. Take the blue cut outs and paste them on the cardboard as shown. Cut out a semicircle of diameter 28 cm from a thin cardboard. Measure 5*5 cm on a color paper and cut out square shapes from it as shown. Now, make multiple paper cones. Paste these cones on the outer edge of the cardboard. This will be the first and outer layer. Similarly, makes blue color cones and paste it as the next layer. Now take bright color papers such as orange and green and paste the cones on the cardboard. Make 6 different layers for the peacock. Use a cutter to make a slit on the peacock’s body. Now insert the semicircle decorative cardboard on the peacock’s body. Paste and join 2 different quilling strips and make tear drop shaped coils as shown. Paste the coils on the front of the cones Cut the Styrofoam balls into 2 halves using a cutter. paste these balls on the peacock’s body and neck along with the remaining space in the semicircle. Draw the eyes and color the beak using black sketch pen. Color the Styrofoam balls as shown and paste pearls on the neckline. Paint the cotton ends of the ear buds and cut the stick from the middle. Divide it into two half as shown. Paste some ear buds on the peacock’s head to form the crest. Apply glitter on the crest to give it a shiny finish. Your Multicolored Paper Peacock DIY Wall Decor craft is now ready! Hope you have enjoyed watching this video. Happy Crafting!!

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  2. Thank you for this Idea. I get the idea how to make a peacock from ribbon, foam and fabric. Thank you very much to post this video!

  3. Your videos are amazing and the things that you use are easy to buy and the results are epic. Please make videos daily

  4. hello !! I liked this video . but can I do it for classroom showpiece . please reply to me fast . I need it know for my daughter as she want to make it for class .

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