DIY One Minute Paper Star Christmas Ornaments

DIY One Minute Paper Star Christmas Ornaments

Hello – and welcome to a quick tutorial on
how to make beautiful paper stars in just one minute
of course, there’s a learning curve, and you’re not going to make your first paper star in
just one minute – but you will, eventually First, I’m going to show each step very slowly
and explain what to do then I’m going to prove that in fact it is really possible to fold a star in one minute so let’s start! You need a square piece of paper to begin
with It does’t matter what size it is, but the
one that I’m using now is exactly 12 centimeters wide
both sides are the same It’s a good size, for example if you’re making
ornaments for a Christmas tree – but you can make them bigger or smaller depending on what
you want First you need to fold it in two… that’s
easy Next you’ll have to fold this coner to the
left side so that it touches this point, that is placed exactly one third from the top and
two thirds from the bottom You don’t have to use a ruler, but you can if
it helps you This is the most important part of the folding
process – if you do it right, everything else will follow Next you can see there’s a triangle here – and
you’re folding it to the other side these folds are even
and you can see 2 similar triangles side by side like mirror images – like you can see
in a kite Next you’re folding the left side triangle
to the other side again – this one just enforce the fold with your finger
… you can use a ruler, if you feel that your finger is not enough
take it to your hand like this if you’re right handed turn it this way – the
small leftover part is on the right side – and the big leftover part is on the left side Take your scissors and place to the starting point – here
the ending point is in the middle of this part
to make kind of average looking star you should point at the middle of this part
if you cut deeper, you’ll get a smaller looking star with long spikes – which are very beautiful
stars as well you can try and find out what you like best
Now I’m opening the star as you can see, it doesn’t look quite right
yet – because some of the folds are upside down
I’m starting with the short folds first I’m enforcing each and everyone of them up
– just like this – so all of them will be pointing up
Then I turn around my star Now I’m turning all the long folds up, and
I’m enforcing them with my fingers so that they will be sharp and here we have our first star
if you like, you could fold it like this – and grab your ruler – and do this – and yor folds
will be even sharper and here we have our perfect little star now let’s see if I can fold a star in just
one minute it’s a little difficult because you have to
be very precise, and I’d like to see my paper closer but I can’t because my head would be
between the camera and the paper you don’t have to hurry up like this if you’re
just learning to make your first star as I said before, there’s a learning curve
and it took me a while before I learnt to make perfect stars and before I could make
them this fast so it took 29 seconds to fold and cut the
star what’s great about Youtube is that you can
always come back and you can pause the video and you can rewind it and see the hard parts
again – and you can do it at the same time as you’re making your own creations exactly one minute – yeah! it’s not quite perfect, but it’s not too bad
I used cheap copy paper to make this star, but there are many other options you could
use you could use scrapbooking paper, for example
here’s a large star that I made last year – I used it in a Christmas tree on a door
decoration here are some tiny stars
you could put glitter on them if you like you can layer them
here’s another layerd star that I painted white gesso
here’s a decorated star this one is painted with silver paint – it’s
made of thin card stock, grey card stock you could even make a bottom to your star
if you’d like, but I think the back side of these hollow stars is actually quite pretty
– you don’t have to hide it .. and it’s easy to pile them up after Christmas,
so they are easy to store so that’s all for now and
see you in my next video – bye!

100 thoughts on “DIY One Minute Paper Star Christmas Ornaments

  1. Nice & truly easy too. Even if it’s not exactly one minute, with a bit of practice, I’m sure you can make them very quickly. Thanks!

  2. 🌺🌺Oh! I am making them this wknd!🌺🌺Thanks so much because I was searching for decor! Have a nice day!😍❤👍😀👌😍💓💜💚💚💜💙❤

  3. TIP: Don't try your first one with a sticky note – lol. It wasn't too hard, but it was a little challenging to work with the folds in the end steps with a smaller piece of paper, and parts were sticking together from the sticky note backing. 😉 Can't wait to make more of these with my scrapbooking pattern papers in bigger sizes!

  4. I'm always looking for Christmas decorations to do with my grandchildren and I think this is one even the little ones might be able to do. Thank you so much!

  5. Cool, I luv paper projects, thanks for sharing, great for holidays, u can do so much with those beautiful stars. . .Awesome share

  6. Hello. This video came up on my “recommended”… I’m so happy it did! Your stars are so beautiful! I look forward to learning this craft, so that I may add some extra specialness to Christmas gifts this year. Wishing you & everyone a lovely day!!! <3

  7. Very nice I hope to make some stars to put on my Christmas presents for my family thank you for teaching me ⭐️

  8. Wow there beautiful stars! You could do it with fabric aswell first put them in fabric stiffener and fold them just like that.

  9. Great, thanks so much, I'm making Christmas decorations to sell in a charity shop and these will be perfect because they won't be absurdly expensive like so many decorations are.

  10. Your presentation was quick, precise, and delightful. Your vocal intonation displays the joy you derive from your craft. I will subscribe as to learn more. Thank you for this video.

  11. Need captions…cannot understand what you are saying! Your accent makes it very difficult to understand what you are saying!

  12. These are so fun. I have a book that fell apart and I plan to use the pages for ornaments. I wanted something not too time consuming and this is perfect! I would like to make hanging ornaments so I am curious how you attached the string on the embellished star?

  13. Lovely tutorial! Thank you! Anyone have suggestions of what you could paint or spray on them to make them sturdier than paper? Thanks!

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