DIY Miniature  Brick Wall

DIY Miniature Brick Wall

Hi guys. It’s Cath. Today I’m going to show you how to make
this super simple brick wall. We’ll be using foam board and a really easy
technique. Let’s get started. The first thing I do is cut a sheet of quarter
inch foam board to the size I need. The wall I’m making today is for the room
box that I built in the last video. Cut the foam board to size and make cut outs
for all doors and windows. Line it up to make sure it’s a perfect fit. Now it’s time to start the brickwork. To make the brick outline, I’m using the
file on a nail clipper to score the foam board. Any dull knife will work exactly the same. It just needs to be thick enough to create
a groove but thin enough to cut the top layer of the foamboard. Miniature scale for standard sized brick is
3/4” wide by 1/4” high. I cut all the horizontal lines first by spacing
them 1/4” apart. Then make the vertical cuts on every other
row. This will stagger the brickwork for a more
realistic look. If you don’t want any color, this super simple project
is complete. It would be great for a clean interior modern wall. For red brick, I use dark red and gray acrylic
paint as my base colors. A really simple technique to paint all the
brick without getting into the grout lines is to use a foam sponge. Using a makeup sponge, I dab any excess paint
off and lightly press it onto the foam. You can build the coverage any light or as
heavy as you like. This is just a base layer. For the grout lines, I use a small paintbrush
to fill in the grout lines with gray paint. It doesn’t need to be precise. Once that’s dry, I go back in with more
red paint. The layers of paint is also adding great texture. Real brick has a ton of variation in color. In order to give individual bricks their own
shade, I’m going to make a quick stencil. Take a piece of cardstock- I’m using an
index card here- and add some tape to make it waterproof. Then cut an opening 3/4” wide by 1/4”
high- the same size as one brick. Place this over a brick and sponge on some
color. I add on some lighter red here. Then some other shades of red, brown and gray. Once you’re happy with the color, add on
a coat of polycrylic varnish to seal it all. You can skip this if you don’t like the
look of glazed brick. This last step is completely optional but
I wanted to add some some additional texture to the grout lines. You can skip the gray paint step from earlier
if you choose to do this. Mix a bit of white and beige paint in this
needle tip bottle. If your paint is too runny, add a bit of cornstarch. Mix it up Then squeeze this mixture into the grout lines. Practice on scrap paper or foam bc getting
the right amount takes a bit of practice. I love the results because it really makes the
individual bricks pop. That’s it- I add the brick wall to the outside
of the roombox and it’s complete. Brick is super cozy so it’s perfect for
your fall and winter miniature scenes. I hope you guys liked this video. Give it a thumbs up if you did and make sure
to subscribe for more. I’ll see you next time. Bye.

40 thoughts on “DIY Miniature Brick Wall

  1. Omg I’ve missed you! I never make these but it’s so relaxing and interesting to watch πŸ™‚ Hope you are well! Xx

  2. This was so simple, so well done, so sweetly presented – just lovely to watch & listen to! Thank you very much for wonderful ideas, kindly given πŸ₯°

  3. This was so simple, so well done, so sweetly presented – just lovely to watch & listen to! Thank you very much for wonderful ideas, kindly given πŸ₯°

  4. How pretty! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us and the techniques for individual bricks and grout! I absolutely love this channel!

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  6. That's nice, I would be tempered to use a little sand to give the bricks a rough texture here and there! Lovely to have a video from you pop up in my subscriptions!

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  10. Welcome back. I know you and you sweet little square is doing just wonderfully. I am so glad I follow you on IG! Missed you on YT!

  11. That was very pretty brick work. It's great to see another video from you, Cath. I hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  12. β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•



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