DIY: How To Scrapbook | Hobby Lobby®

DIY: How To Scrapbook | Hobby Lobby®

Hi I’m Joy Rose with the Hobby Lobby Creative
Studio and today we’re talking about scrapbooking! Scrapbooking is one of the best ways to display
and preserve your memories, whether you’re doing full-page spreads like these, trying
your hand at pocket pages, or creating layouts to place in frames or trays. Now there are aisles of scrapbooking supplies
to choose from at Hobby Lobby, so let’s show you the basics and get you on your way!
So first up is deciding on an album. There are a bunch of different types and sizes—and
pros to whichever one you choose—so it’s really just your personal preference! You’ll probably notice that 8 x 11 inches
and 12 x 12 inches are the most common sizes in both albums and paper, but don’t pass up
cute mini albums like these! We love using them as coffee table books.
So now that you have your album picked out and it’s stocked full of page protectors,
it’s now time to select your paper. Now there are numerous patterns to choose
from and they can match just about any theme, ranging from vacations and holidays, to children
and weddings. We especially love paper packs because they
take the guesswork out of choosing coordinating colors and patterns for layouts. The whole
stack just works together seamlessly! You’ll want to grab some cardstock, too, which
is available in single sheets or packs—and basically every color imaginable! There are
so many uses for it, too, so don’t worry about having too much.
For something a little different, we also have specialty papers to choose from, like
glitter, vellum, and foil. Now you can mix these with our patterned paper for an extra-special
touch! Alright, now it’s time to talk cutting tools
and we’re assuming you have a few pairs of scissors lying around— you’re definitely
going to need those—but how about a paper trimmer?
A paper trimmer is a must-have for scrapbooking since it makes measuring and cutting paper
so quick and easy. Plus, it gives you all the straight cuts and clean edges you’ll need. Rotary cutters and craft knives are pretty
handy too. Just remember to use a craft mat to protect your work surface!
Now, you might also find yourself pining after paper punches, so go ahead and grab some of
those basic shapes, like circles, squares, banners and corner rounders. Alright, you have your paper and a way to
cut it, so now it’s time to stick it down with some adhesive!
Non-toxic and archival safe adhesives are the best route for scrapbooks, since other
types of glue can damage or discolor photos and paper over time. There are a lot of adhesives to choose from,
including tape runners, glue sticks and pens, Glue Dots, and even photo corners. Just pick
what works best for your needs! The same “archival safe” rule applies to the
pens you use for scrapbooking, too. We have plenty of acid free, archival safe pens at
Hobby Lobby which are designed to keep your dates and details from damaging your pages
or fading away! OK, now for our favorite part — stickers
and embellishments! They add such special detail to pages, and they help tell the story
at the same time. There’s no shortage of stickers at Hobby Lobby,
including alphas of all sizes. Look at how they make this title pop off the page! Whether stickers are big or small, flat or
dimensional, they really bring the personality to scrapbooking layouts.”
As far as embellishments go, the possibilities are limitless. There are a ton of 2- and 3-dimensional
pre-made kinds, like these flowers and bows here. Or why not try making your own? We have
all the supplies for that, too! Now, what if you have to run and can’t finish
a page? Well that’s simple. You can just stow it all away in a storage box or sleeve made
especially for scrapbooking! Well, that’s all we have for today and we
hope that you can get started on your very own scrapbooking stash and start recording
those cherished memories! Thanks so much for joining us today and we’ll see you here next
time at the Hobby Lobby Creative Studio.

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  1. This was great, I have been researching "things to scrapbook" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Tiyatalie Scrapbooking Blueprint – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

  2. You forgot to say "Interactive albums" as another type of albums….they are so much more interesting than just layouts!!

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