100 thoughts on “DIY How to Paint like a Pro Series A to Z

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  2. Wooster is my favorite! I’ve painted professionally for over 20 yrs. I don’t use a angle brush. I’ve always used Wooster 3inch square brush!

  3. I always tape my trim. Its faster than brushing it free hand. Also the line is much better. I only free hand if i have to. im totally capable s i paint for a living. But a tape line is so much more crisp and professional. I view it as a good painter does not need ot tape a line to cut. But a smart one does.
    Side note. I never cut the edge of a wall to an outside corner. No need imo. Wait until your roller is almost out of paint and go up and down with no pressure on the out side edge. I use a 13 mm microfiber. You wont have bleed over to the other side once u get it down.

    For the trim i would tape the floor and paint the base all the way to the floor. You left a large curtain of paint because you did not go the the floor and your brush had decent paint on it. Always do your trim 1st than your walls as well. I get this is for home owners but some of the things you show are not really the best or most professional method

  4. Decent job. Good video for someone who watch You Tube to learn how to paint his house.
    Far from really good professional though.
    Also you can try a 4 inch rad roller together with the brush on the cutting in part and around the sockets.

  5. You want to roll as close to the corner as possible especially on flat walls.. So that way the texture from the paint looks the same

  6. When you do the second coat and you don’t need to cut all the way to the baseboard keep it like a microscopic amount away from the baseboard and you’re not to worry about getting paint on the baseboard

  7. Painting out of those traces for housewives and apartment painters.. paint on her Bucket or else you’re not a man

  8. Patience. You have a calm and confident teaching Style this is the one of the best videos ever done I made my daughter watch this before she painted her bedroom…..

    No Rushing….. calm, careful, and forgiving which is makes a great teacher! Thank you!

  9. Can’t believe he painted half a door in less than two minutes – this would take me an hour!!

    I’m using his technique and cleaning the edge with a damp cloth is awesome!! Well pleased I seen this.

  10. I can tell you, you need to teach your new guys to tape, or you'll be spending soooooooo much time going behind them fixing lines. They can usually put down tape straight enough for most customers approval though.

  11. Love this video! Just wish I had come across this video 3 bedrooms ago! Do you have any tricks for painting popcorn ceilings? I had to purchase a sprayer because the first bedroom ceiling looked so bad (and I have to redo that ceiling). Thanks again for your tips and tricks. 🙂

  12. I use a small 3 inch roller with a full end and cut in all edges after taping then roll the walls. no stupid brush marks and takes half the time. perfect lines. spend a bit of money, tape , get crisp lines and quickly get it done. if you think painting baseboards with a brush is fast .. wait unti you tape them all and roll the f out of them.

  13. Did anyone else catch him ripping one bending over at the 12:12 mark? lol. That being said, love the videos he posts, helps my house flipping business.

  14. I been painting over 30 yrs you have lots of great tips but I did
    notice,guys working for me ,know never pour off the front of the paint can you reach for it next time for touch up or whatever ,you can't read the label ,waste time trying to figure out what's in the can really annoying,I was surprised you did that,other than that great job,Henry in ct

  15. Sorry, but painting a room and sexy don't belong in the same sentence unless Salma Hayek is painting in the buff.

  16. I always moisten the Brush and spin out the moisture that way it stops the paint going into the heart of the brush and stops it going hard ..

  17. That was beautifully done. Thank you for posting this video. Silly question, what do you use or do to clean the equipment when you are completed with the job?

  18. Just wanna say, thanks for making these videos! I’ve NEVER painted a wall in my life and the nuggets of wisdom here is priceless! You’ve earned a subscriber!

  19. Began day 1 of my bathroom repaint by drinking coffee and watching this video. Didn't tape a damn thing. Hell yeah!

  20. I noticed you didn’t wipe the wall down after sanding it. Wouldn’t there be dust and grit left on the wall? Would you not be able to see it through the finished painted wall? Thank you for the video.

  21. Jeff, this video is flippin fantastic! We're remodeling our house are already halfway done with painting, and now I want to go back and do the entire thing over again!

    Two questions.

    1 – Our baseboards and casings are flat with an eased edge. When I use a brush, you can definitely see the lines no matter what I do, so I've been using a foam roller and it comes out really smooth. Is my technique wrong with using a brush, and that's why I'm seeing lines? Should I just use a brush?

    2 – Did you do a second coat of sheetrock 45 after you filled the holes?

  22. I kinda figured out a lot of this stuff just doing it when i was like 12. Yeah… but I would roll the bulk then cut, then roll again to smooth it all out cause I didn't know any better. Seemed, visually, to be the fastest way to do the task. I didnt have to dip my brushes either cause ther was already a nice seam of paint along the top from the outside of the roller. I started with tape but I think I kinda realized half way through that I could just be careful. I made a few mistakes but i think I could just wipe it off so no problem. It was my own bedroom. I miss my blue and orange room.

  23. Nice tips. Painting 25 years, and still learned something. I also use less tape than many, so I feel ya. No tape there, BECAUSE you were also painting the trim right? Many trim here is Doug Fir so tape is needed. I do however have a particular way to tape where there is no bleeding. Perhaps a video on how to tape, when to tape, with no bleed through. Thank you for all your videos always informative no matter how long I been doing it. I will try your loading technics, just to be sure I'm not missing out on something!

  24. I'm doing my first house renovation here in the UK and gods honest truth, your videos have filled me with so much confidence. Thanks

  25. Hi Jeff! Great video as always, thank you!
    Quick question: do you need to do anything after the first sand? i.e. does the dust from sanding not stay on the wall?
    Prepping walls for painting is always so difficult 😩 there’s always a patch that doesn’t take the paint the same way as everywhere else!
    Thanks again!

  26. Very thorough! I appreciate the time you put into making this and also letting us know how much the prices were and where to get them!!

    You are a great man!!!

  27. I am a painting contractor been painting for 46 years I have a pet peeve when you’re poor pain out of a bucket you always pour from the back of the label so you can always see the front of the label of what paint you have what base what color but that’s just me

  28. What about an HVLP setup? Is a spray gun setup just overly priced and complicated? Or does it actually save a ton of time?

  29. Not sure if you’ll see this or respond but if you do I was curious if you have an employee painting would you let him continue painting until he’s done or keep pulling him off his painting job to do other small tasks to go back to painting at least 3 to 4 times over the course of a couple hours?

  30. The 1980's drywall tape issue can be solved by sealing it with oil primer. My home is mid century and is heavy on wall paper. Instead of removing it I sealed it. Then did the surface to my liking. Great video. Great timing. Thanks.

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  32. You just popped up on my iPad and I am loving it. Can tell you are passionate about what you do and love the way you explain things. I’m learning a lot and can’t wait to try out your tips and tricks. Keep these videos coming. Watching from the UK .

  33. I have watched a few of this guy's videos, and I have to say, he irritates this piss out of me. Maybe it is his bitchy, know-it-all, condescending attitude.

  34. great vid as normal and i love your english accent you did while prepping the wall from nail holes!! "brand new darling" hahah this is coming from an Englishman…keep up the great/hard work man.

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