DIY Glowing Snowy Mountain Secret Wood Ring

DIY Glowing Snowy Mountain Secret Wood Ring

What’s up guys in today’s video we’re going to be making something that to be honest I’ve been wanting to make for about two years now and frankly I don’t think I was experienced enough to do it up until this point And so that’s why I haven’t been able to get to it It involves a lot of steps and you knew any of them wrong I feel like it’s just not going to turn out Exactly how I wanted to but I have gained a lot of experience with resin over the past year Especially I’ve really focused heavily on doing a lot of it and so the goal today is to make a ring that’s really similar to the secret wood rings if you’re familiar with Those but I wanted to make it in a more traditional ring shape just like this so it’s a lot more Just wear it also it’s not getting in the way And so the idea is I’m going to use wood shards and that’s just kind of like the whole thing behind it And then I’ll stack it all up in this bowl here and then we’ll use a technique that I’ll explain right now to kind of try to get a pool just Like overall effect. It just gives like a really cool scene. Just kind of like a mountain nest or something So that’s that’s the goal here. So I’m going to start off with the wood. We’re going to we’re gonna put it in the vise Clamp it in place and not put it and it should give us some shards And then once I have the shard, I’ll stack it up in the mold like this And then once I have them all filled up with that I’m going to put a layer of white glow resin on top of that that will coat these shards of wood and kind of give it a Just kind of looks like snow or something similar and then I’ll just use a clear resin to go over that Then at that point I will swirl in Some flowers here and I want to go with one of a pink color palette for this one so I’m gonna go over this peak and Brighter the fuchsia color here and you call mix those two flowers And we should get kind of like a Japanese cherry blossom. Look is what I was thinking and then I’ll swirl in some streaks of Violet and white die so overall it should be a cool effect But pretty much I’m just going to get started You guys will kind of pick up along the way but let’s go ahead and get the lights out and start bringing some Wets now that gives us our first two pieces one and two We can snap together like this inside the mold I just kind of keep filling it up and I’ll maybe just keep going until I have some really nice variety of These shards I guess so-called So I’ll just do a bunch of up and then I’ll just pick my favorite ones and that’s what we use for the video Perfect There we go, all right, I’m just gonna measure out equal halves of my resin here Now just mix in a bunch of bullet powder this will glow light All right, I’ve got that all mixed Up. I’ve got a ton of glow powder in there Now I’ll just slowly drizzle it over all of this So, I think we were left with some good results there’s kind of some bubbles in it But I think that won’t really matter in the future. I could definitely avoid it So if it really has two parts of an impact, I can probably just redo it But for now, what I’m trying to do is going to put in U of these little flowers Okay, that should be good Now mix up some clear resin and then I’ll put it the rest of these and then I’ll use this needle To try to poke them in place All right, I’ve got the clear resin in place I’ve got it almost to the top of the bolt here and I think that will be plenty of thickness now I’m gonna go in and the rest of these flowers All right, I mixed up just a teeny bit of more clear resin Other than that We just need to wait Let it cure and then I’ll cut into it and I’m excited to see how it actually transforms into a ring Okay update time. It’s been about a month since I cast this original piece and as you can see This is just full of bubbles everywhere Big bubbles not not just little ones so I didn’t get this in the mold or the pressure pot as soon as I should have And so I had to redo it Essentially use the exact same process and techniques this time. I used a blue Dye to add to it but this should give us some very similar results I am polishing one side and the other to choose the most beautiful material. All right, I use the drill press and the belt sander to give ourselves this rough ring blank shape now I’m gonna take my expanding ring mandrel And if you’ve been looking for these in our supplies website, we were sold out for a little bit We just got a bunch more back in stock. So We’ve got plenty of those available there, but just gonna clamp it in place trim it down and If we should be pretty quickly left with a really cool-looking ring All right, I’ve got the finish looking pretty good this is all just with sandpaper now it’s time to bring out some shine So I’m going to do a super glue finish for that Looks amazing I’m really happy with this so far. I didn’t get any of the really white or blue wisps growing up So I’m kind of disappointed about that. I might have to do like a secondary version but so far this is looking really good I’m gonna go ahead and finish up the inside because that’s kind of ruining the appearance of it in general So I’ll finish up the inside and then we’ll check this out at the end Alright I’m done with the inside the outside finish should be protected. I put this tape over it Let’s see how it looks it’s looking really good actually, so That’s the ring guys. I really hope you enjoyed this video. This was a lot of fun there was just a lot of new techniques to apply here shattering the wood that was fun and interesting and Trying to get it to show up in the finished ring was a challenge and I think we did a pretty good job of it Overall, I’m not a hundred percent satisfied with the ring I just know that there’s a lot of interesting and cool details that we had in that first block that didn’t completely carry over to this and I think it’s mostly just due to the Frequency at which I had like the wisps and the flowers that are in it and stuff like that So I just need to add a little bit more But this has a lot of potential, so I’d be really interested in hearing some of your guys’s Feedback if there’s anything you’d like to see me do whether it’s add to this design do something different maybe a different species of wood Tint to the resin anything like that. I would seriously love to hear it because this is something that I’d love to Do a follow up video on if you’ve got any questions or want to follow me on Instagram or any other social medias I’ve always got links to those in the description. So check that out. Other than that guys I want to thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one J.M

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  1. Sorry for the bad audio in this one, I lost the audio from my lapel mic so I had to use the build in camera audio ๐Ÿ™
    But thanks for watching guys! Leave any suggestions in the comments and I'll use them to come up with a 2.0 version of this ring!

  2. I love these types of rings!! Iโ€™ve seen one where they chard the top of the wood to give it a cool affect… would you consider selling these in your store?

  3. I think using a darker grey-ish wood would make a nice contrast, and more closely resemble rocky snow topped mountain peaks

  4. hey man invest in a vacuum. sticking the mold into a vacuum chamber and letting it cure in there would have gotten the bubbles out. you can also try getting something that vibrates and use that to work the bubbles out

  5. I kinda like your vids because you put dedication and effort into them putting a lot of detail so I shall subscribe

  6. Omg I love your work your amazing at this๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘I really wanna buy the blue titanium glowstone ring but I don't have that type of money do you have any recommendations of where I could get a nice ring but a little cheaper? These vids are awesome can't wait to see what you have In the future

  7. If you can make it look a little bit more natural I don't know how you'll do it but you're an artist work your magic that will make it looks really cool

  8. I want to make this for my Fiance. is this something that a complete novice can make? I should mention that her dad has a lot of woodworking experience

  9. Ever tried using exotic gemstones as inlays for rings for example bumble bee, calcite, chalama black opal, chrome Diopside ect the list goes on

  10. Breaking the wood like that leaves a lot of hard edges and sudden drops that look unrealistic when you're trying to create a mountain. Try cutting the wood regularly and then use rough saws and knifes. I think that would make it a little better, because the grooves, indents and spikes arw going to be smaller. Hope you understand (I'm not very good at explaining) and I hope it turns out good if you try it. Also try to use dark green paint that's very "liquidy" and some white paint, so it looks like spruce wood covered with snow. It may be impossible to. Try it if you want, I would be happy to see this!

  11. You awesome man ! .i have idea for you .make toph beifong metiir braclet from avatar the last airbender ..๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  12. Can u create the one ring of the lord of the rings with glowing runes?
    That would be so awesome

  13. Very cool, is there a way to put a light brown/blonde stain on the wood part sometime during the process ?

  14. I like where you're going with this ring. I think that it needs more wood. Possibly a wider band. Thanks for sharing.

  15. At first i was skeptical as im not a fan of rings, but then i saw you have a cat and now i must give a like and subscribe,

  16. Have you thought of coating your meteorite ring in clear resin to prevent rusting? I think it would also help make the ring more durable

  17. What if you had a thin top layer of resin dyed black or dark blue that glowed, giving the appearance of a night sky over mountains? Possibly even have it be a dark color with small bits of white glow to act as stars? I think it could be a neat follow up to this design.

  18. You should make a ring where the outside looks the same all the way around but ingrave it with a pattern and make it so the pattern will glow but during the day the ring looks simple.

  19. Have you seen the video Peter Brown made of a charcoal ring? It looked like something you could take and then figure out how to solve the issues that he had while still getting the amazing look…

  20. If you are going to use multiple pieces of wood, I would glue them together to get a more consistent wood ring. I would almost suggest using a burl as the base.

  21. @Patrick Adair Designs you should make a legend of Zelda ring with the triforce symbol and a removable master sword that can be put inside the top of the triforce symbol.

  22. Yes Patrick, Your first block with the bubbles can still be made into exploratory finishes. I would like to see a horizontal full block ring blank which you may only have one of from your mold size. The horizontal would not carry same density of escaped gas(air). I think this experiment would have depths of definition. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Heya mate;
    i was wondering if you take requests? I love your channel and was hoping you could make an engagement ring for me

    Please do get in contact if possible

    I have some FAQs

    I went to your website but couldnt get in contact directly;

    Thank you in advance and peace n love to you – keep making great art my friend



    Heya mate;
    i was wondering if you take requests? I love your channel and was hoping you could make an engagement ring for me

    Please do get in contact if possible

    I have some FAQs

    I went to your website but couldnt get in contact directly;

    Thank you in advance and peace n love to you – keep making great art my friend


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  27. Hey man im sorry to ask or bug u probably have peaple ask all the time but me and my women are having a baby and want to get married befor hand i would like to get her somthing real! And meaning full thairs one problom i dont have the money to afford a three ring matching set engagement and wedding ring female and matching mens wedding ring im a size 9 and she is an 8 and u can get jiggy with the design and thated be it id really love the help man and ill record the reactions and send em to u id saiy throw the vid on ur youtube for ur subscribers to see a reaction video but not sure if the women will allow that but ill keep an open rain check on that and let u know in the future if she would be ok with the reaction video and i know u probably would not be intrested in helping me i know it takes many hours and lots off skill time and energy resorces to make the rings that u make but ur awsome an absolute god at making rings keep the awsome work flowing man

  28. Ive had an idea for a reason ring for about a year. Your video showed me exactly what I need to make it happrn. Thanks for sharing

  29. I recently discovered your videos and there is something I find very interesting in all of your designs; You have a strong level of randomness in all your designs and it is adding to the artistic value of your rings. One thing I would suggest about this particular ring would be to give the wood some kind of colour treatment before encasing it in the resin. I find that adding some colour to the wood would bring another level to the ring. Maybe using watercolour and dipping the pieces of wood partially in it and for different period of time could add to the desired randomness of the ring. You will have me as a customer soon because I REALLY like what you do. Thank you !

  30. Hey man, what's that setup you have on the lathe with the bit on it? See these in a lot of videos but can't find anything on them for my Wen lathe?

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