20 thoughts on “DIY Car Painting Techniques – Spray Gun Overlap For Applying Paint Coatings

  1. I used to work in a door factory and I was in the paint booth. I assume this method is universal with ALL spray gun painting but I feel like my experience with the doors will give me a slight edge for when I paint my first car. Very informative video though it doesn't hurt to brush up on knowledge

  2. Always informative! Love watching the videos. You always go so in depth about how to do things. I'm pretty sure I've learned a little more than what I already knew from just watching your videos. Glad you are so willing to share your knowledge.

  3. does this technique of overlapping get applied to alloy wheel restoration and refurbishment? just a genereal interest question from a new subscriber πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, you still want to overlap the paint to provide correct paint mil thickness. However, you're not going to be able to do the long passes. Small parts like a wheel, will be easy to keep wet and prevent dry spots, but more gun angles will be required to cover everything.

  5. Im new to this field of auto body painting and im interesting in getting started. I plan on going to UTI in sacramento to learn collision repair but until then, can you recommend me a brand of spray paint guns that would be easy for a beginner and if there are certain nozzles i should get? and what would be a good practice paint?

  6. The Sharpe FX 3000 is a good gun for the price. I would use a 1.3 for base and clear. However, you will need a 1.6 to 1.8 for primer surfacer. Shop-Line is a lower line of PPG, but it is still expensive. Good luck at UTI and let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for watching!

  7. Wow! Very Interesting! Thanks for sharing this vid. It's very helpful. Something I also find very helpful for spray painting a car with aerosols
    Β  is Moorack Car Spray Miracle – find it on google if you like.

  8. I need your advise Donnie because in going to spray my car soon.

    I'm going to spray it a blue metallic, it's a little darker than Sky blue but not as dark as navy blue,

    technically "Arctic blue"

    Do you personally recommend a 50% overlap or a 75% overlap??

  9. Donnie. Is the master instructor…. I woyld like to see a vid..by Donnie that tells the tale of. The inportance of prepping a car… And the shop.. It takes many hours of prep b4 painting.a poor paint job,, comes frim poor prep.. Always keep these few steps in mind,, Clean Clean Clean. Dust ia a enemy. Bloxk block block,, tach rag dry fall bwtween coats, . And your a robot.. A little water on the floor while painting. Will help keep dirt out of your paint., and when toy put your base coat on and tou see the color,,. Check your work… If yoy see a defect … Stop painting. Let it dry. Block,out the issue and acuff the car and then paint. Shure you. May need to gwt a little more paint. But your finish ed job will be outstanding.. oh by the way one more thing. . im a novice like you. I learned most of these things from watching many of Donnies vids. Thank you Donnie for taking the time to do these vids.

  10. Boss you are the best u got me on this one….this has been my problem for long but now I think am good to go…because this video reveal everything to me

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