DIY Art Gloves!

DIY Art Gloves!

UPDATE: These materials ARE NOT anti-static so please do not use your DIY art glove on a digital tablet. You could damage your device. this is my art glove that I use pretty
much every day when I’m working because my hands sweat quite a lot and that can
be a problem if you’re drawing digitally or if you’re drawing on a piece of paper
or bristol board or whatever nothing sucks more than your sweat soaking into
your paper while you’re trying to draw on something and it just gets smeared
all over the place especially if you’re inking if you’re working on a digital
tablet like I do most of the time it really sucks to have that sweat just
kind of crust and build on that surface and you have to scrape it off with your
fingernail and it’s really disgusting so I picked up this artist glove from
artists glove calm this is not sponsored but I like to wear anything that lets me
pretend to be a robot but it’s it’s nice and light it’s made out of that like
synthetic stretchy sporty fabric so like if you have a wicking shirt that’s the
same kind of thing but there are a lot of alternatives to get the same effect
of protecting your work from your sweaty gross hand that you can do on your own a
sock method this is perfect for all of your orphan socks that don’t seem to
have another pair if you don’t feel like doing sock surgery
you can kind of origami it around your hand like like so this will leave your
first two fingers your thumb and your forefinger to to grip your writing
device you’re drawing device or whatever problem with this is that your sock
usually isn’t thick enough to cover the entire thing here so you know it’s an
orphan it’s never gonna find its pair so you just kind of cut the toe off the
sock like so and then you’ve got your art glove DIY art glove for free you can
kind of get a little bit of a finger cramp here because these these two
fingers always get tucked in but this works pretty good before I I
bought this sucker I used a dead sock and this was really
helpful for when I was doing traditional inking on my comic this reminded me not
to smear my hand across what I had just inked but it also prevented the page
getting all sweaty and gross only thing that sucks about this method is this
fraying will eventually unravel and you’ll get a little cotton peel in your
art sometimes and but if you take care of it this can last you a couple months
and if you know how to sew you can fix this edge up right away so the bandana
method pick this up at a seam or like a buck you can also buy like a huge bag of
wipe cloths from Home Depot or like an automotive store like terry cloths for
polishing and stuff like that this this one has like a weird this lady
is like hugging a motorcycle anyway an unboxing alright so this is pretty
substantial pretty big I don’t need this much fabric so you can you can cut it to
whatever size you want but you’re gonna have to do some finger hand origami with
this to get it just right so what I kind of like to do is wrap it underneath
these fingers pinch here and then kind of origami this around here and stick it
in there um nice thing about the bandana it’s nice and light so it doesn’t feel
like you’re wearing a huge glove and it’s getting in your way once you figure
out how much length you need you can cut this part off it’s nice and long so it
covers this end which is the problematic part and you’re good to go
it kind of a similar problem with a sock method in that these last two fingers
are always bent as soon as you let go this starts to unravel so you have to
kind of keep this tucked in and that can be a little bit of frustrating but if
you don’t feel like investing in an art glove and you just want to try something
out quick just grab a piece of cloth and go with it it cut up an old t-shirt I
wouldn’t suggest a towel those are a little bit too thick and if it’s terry
cloth or something like that the peel can get all over your work so but a nice
bandana very handy cheapo gloves again from the craft store
these are a buck they also had ones that had the conductive tip for your cell
phone I didn’t buy those because I knew I was
gonna cut these up so another unboxing you only need one
so figure out which one is the one that you want to use this one already comes
with a stain so I don’t feel so bad cutting up this one okay so glove
surgery I suppose you could draw like this but there’s something about having
the these three fingers exposed that really gives you the feel of the device
that you’re using to draw with whether it’s a pen or a pencil or a brush or a
digitizer or a stylus having these exposed feels really good
so let’s cut them out there you go nice stretchy art glove
this fabric is a little bit more thick than the then this one so you will sweat
with this cheapo stretchy glove these are meant to keep your hands warm so if
you’re working and you have a hot light like one of those Sun lamps when you’re
when you’re penciling or inking or something like that this is gonna sweat
a little bit but it’s cheap it’s a buck you know if you don’t feel like holding
on to a bandana the entire time you’re good to go so party city clown glove
method so it is not Halloween season so these were the only gloves that I could
find at the party city they are like 8 bucks
I’m sure during Halloween season they have like MC gloves or like fake tuxedo
gloves that are you know just as good just but cheaper probably cheaper but
this is what I could find so love unboxing all right so these are kind of cool
they’re nice and stretchy they’re lightweight it feels the the fabric
feels closer to this one this is a little bit thinner so you might want to
go for something like this like a costume glove because it has it’s a
little bit lighter gives you a little bit more room to breathe this one
doesn’t quite fit smaller thing like my fingers go down to here but start up
here but whatever and this cuff is irritating and kind of terrifying
because I’m afraid of clowns oh it goes down well alright whatever
um let’s cut this out so this one is a little tricky it’s a little bit more
thin than the other two okay let me try without the thumb that’s
okay that feels alright but yeah I think the thumb really does need to come off
so let’s fix that oh my god this is pretty cool nice and light nice and airy
doesn’t restrict your movement so you won’t get that finger cramp if you know
going like this the entire time nice and smooth here doesn’t doesn’t caused a lot
of friction so it won’t bunch up I like this solution these clubs are
kind of nice I would recommend finding a size that actually fits your hand
instead of just buying the last one on the shelf well yeah if you’re into doing
DIY stuff I think this is a really good solution the other solution I would go
with is the sock it’s really easy to implement and even though your fingers
are curled up the entire time they’re not actually holding anything like they
are with the bandana method so you can get a couple of good hours out of
drawing with this sucker of course my favorite is the art glove which I’ll put
a link to down in the show notes I got a whole bunch of different kinds I like to
this red and silver one I think they got a bluish one not sponsored but if I find
a product that I like to use I will tell you about it so here we go it just just
feels so good I feel like a drawing robot I feel like I can draw for hours
and hours and hours and hours and hours without sleeping that’s kind of
problematic but so there you go first choice second
choice third choice and then alright so that’s gonna do it if you have a
favorite art glove or a DIY art glove please let me know wherever you see this
I’m always looking for new stuff new techniques new gear I’m a gearhead which
is a really bad thing to be you’re an artist because you always want the
shiniest newest thing and that’s not always the thing that fits you the best
so but yeah if you have your favorite art glove somewhere out there let me
know about it in the show notes and I’ll check it out and please subscribe and
share with your friends and thanks for hanging out and I’ll take you later

4 thoughts on “DIY Art Gloves!

  1. Another glove to DIY can be found in the bath and beauty section are moisturizing gloves – they're designed to be worn over moisturizer when you sleep. If you go this route – read the fabric content. Some are aloe infused and I would avoid those because of the transfer you'd get – but there are gloves that are either all cotton or a cotton spandex mix. They look small – but they stretch to fit like the winter gloves you showed – and being all cotton, even though they're warmth capturing (as anything you would put on your hands) they also allow for wicking. They're smooth on the outside so that you won't scratch yourself up in your sleep. Just throwing it out there.

  2. So you advise using something thats not anti-static on drawing tablets? Did you read or research anything about tablets before making this video?

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