DIY เพนท์กล้องฟีลม์ | Acrylic Painting on Camera

DIY เพนท์กล้องฟีลม์ | Acrylic Painting on Camera

hello, today we’re going to paint on a camera and the camera i’m going to paint on today is… normally before painting, we’d sketch it out first right? but when drawing on a 3 dimensional object instead of a flat surface how do we sketch? especially on something that cannot be corrected once you’ve applied paint, like the camera it’s gonna be a bit of a burden so what we do is, take pictures of various angles of that object use photoshop clean up the image and sketch on it with a wacom mouse the program i use are photoshop or sai as usual and it doesn’t have to be in deatil just enough to see that how the color, elements, and placement will be on top of that, when you use pen mouse to draw once you’re done with one angle and you want to see this thing in another angle, how will it look you don’t have to fret, just load another angle of the camera, and warp the drawing onto it and in doing this… sketching will be done quickly, and without mistakes i chose to use acrylic colour for this project the benefits are you can apply to any surface wood, plastic, fabric, canvas the camera is made of plastic, therefor there would be no problem with applying acrylic paint but the difficult thing is… once applied, the paint won’t cling within one layer you’d have to reapply more layers and because of that, and especially because the paint… sets quite fast it would form lumps you’d have to consider, we’re painting a camera and they are an equipment that requires frequent hand contact we don’t want the paint to have too many layers so i would remove the layers from time to time with an oblique pen in areas that i want the lines to be soft and detailed i would still use pencils to draw then use acrylic paint to dab over this is to prevent the pencil lines from bleeding out on surfaces that pencil or other paint cannot cling to we can use acrylic, mixed with water lightly to apply on top just like you’d apply lacquer.. or applying make up setting spray for those lines actually this camera was given to me by lomography and told me to draw whatever i want i had to think about it for a while but then i realised… be it drawing, photography, or any other means of consuming arts for us… it all requires our eyes which, we’d forgotten to consider if we did not possess eyes to see them we wouldn’t be able to enjoy them and because our sights were a given, sometimes we take it for granted so i’ve decided to auction off this very camera on my page and all the proceeds will be donated to the foundation for the blind in Thailand therefor, if you want to have my work or want this camera to do some photography while making donations you can visit my page, and join the bidding right now! all of it will go to charity without deducting costs i’m not earning anything from this and this wasn’t lomo’s intention when they gave me the camera, i just wanted to do charity myself so come help out! if you don’t want to bid, at lease share it to others that’s it for today see you in the next clip bye bye! *kisses*

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