Disegno – Drawing –  Art Anatomy -Video introduzione al canale

Disegno – Drawing – Art Anatomy -Video introduzione al canale

welcome I thank those who follow me in this video I uploaded some drawing works, for those who still do not know me. notice that if the channel is not enough, it will be closed, because it takes a lot of time to make videos!! I will explain the reasons why I opened this channel and the themes contained in the videos I will publish. First: the countless requests made by my followers in all these years. Two: explain topics that are very important to me, such as artistic anatomy, the construction of the human figure through geometric simplification, mathematics applied to drawing, etc. I want to clarify that I do not approve of the teaching of drawing on the web, in particular when teaching is done quickly and roughly, I therefore consider it impossible to teach drawing with videos of a few minutes teaching takes a lot of time in a course of study and exercise and a personal comparison with corrections of student work In general I think videos can be interesting and useful but specific that I do not teach draw in social media. the channel was also born to reflect on how much to draw is a time-consuming thing, for example the study of the artistic anatomy that takes a lot of time you can not think of drawing something that you do not know, so the drawing you can not think of drawing something that you do not know, so the drawing requires a lot of study, it is good to know what you draw and this takes a lot of time and study. the channel has some topics for the self-taught or those who have started the channel has some topics for the self-taught or those who have started a course of study in drawing and also for those who have been drawings for years. my videos deal with the theme of human figure structure this will be the main topic of the page now for all self-taught, learning to draw yourself is a possible thing!! but it is very important to practice and study use the time needed to study, because I personally do not believe in fast methods. many videos talk about the basics of drawing the first video will be on perception and shape this is just an introductory video to my channel. I only reply the comments that I consider appropriate, the rude, senseless questions, personal questions will not have my consideration commissions, proposals for collaboration, etc. to please be placed with respect. I do not answer to requests for free drawings, free courses etc do not send me drawings to be corrected. or drawings to view for any reason. because it takes me too much time, there are people who use my jobs associated with drawing courses in the case of courses taught by myself, my name will be specified in the drawing course. I am not present in these courses if my name is not specified, warning not to create confusion thank you all

12 thoughts on “Disegno – Drawing – Art Anatomy -Video introduzione al canale

  1. You might not get a lot of views and attention at first, but thats just how it is starting out on a very big site, regardless of how good you are. I think your teachings are very important, and I hope you continue making videos even if you don't get a lot of views at first :(. If you end up not posting anymore, could you consider uploading for a price on a site like gumroad?

  2. Adoro il tuo stile e seguirò il canale con interesse. A me non interessa ma ti consiglio di "recitare" di più, cioè di usare il tono di voce per attirare più persone verso quello che fai. Raccontare i tuoi magnifici disegni con tono allegro e modulato, in modo da prendere di più chi non ti conosce già.

  3. I already have all these drawings saved. Would be wonderful to see you doing a live study as well! Keep up the good work.

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