10 thoughts on “Dirty Pour Technique | Resin Art

  1. Purchase your Leggari Art Kit here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071FB2JCZ/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_vUZnDbDKAYTHV

  2. That's wicked cool, it looks like a satillite view of the rain forest, really awesome, thanks for the demo😀😍

  3. Too excited! I loved using your countertop product…did a second one without your product and my family was mad! You definitely see the difference in the quality of your product!

  4. Great art video! I really enjoyed the way you created the picture
    I’m a small channel uploading music and art videos and would love it if people came and checked me out as I would like to build an audience

  5. I’m wondering how to make some back splashes. Has anybody experimented with cheap thin plywood using epoxy resin? Could it be done in sections cut to fit, then epoxy resin? Is 1/8 inch too thin? 1/4 too thick to look nice on the walls? Big pieces? Little pieces? Would it bow? How would it attach to the walls? Should space be allowed for flow on the edges of the pieces? How do you control the thickness of the epoxy resin on the edges? Will the epoxy resin flake off if the plywood is handled too much? How well would this hold up on a wall? How much can the epoxy resin flex when it is dry? Would it work behind a stove? Could it be made like you just made that tile – mold?

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