digital painting isn’t REAL painting

digital painting isn’t REAL painting

Yeah, sorry, no. Digital painting isn’t
real painting. Back in my day we didn’t have these newfangled computers that do
all the work for you. Real artists painted with their blood sweat and tears. And no
that is not a BTS reference. So yes, it’s me. Listen brub, a bunch of
people asked me to make this video, and I believe that that’s because those people
were all my friends, and I told them to ask me to make this video. But you know
what, I needed a reason, okay? It just sounds better if you say “a bunch
of people asked me to make this” as opposed to just going off I guess. But
here’s what’s really important. If you’ve been a longtime follower of my journey
here on YouTube, then you already know one very big thing about me: I’m
literally making this video for views. Come on brub. And this one is going to get
quite a lot of them. Look at that title. Look at that thumbnail. I wonder how many
people have already come to just like the video and then just . . . run. But
what I really do want to achieve here is to open a constructive dialogue that
really paves the artistic way for a better understanding of not only each
other, but ourselves. But also views. Today’s video is sponsored by . . . Yikes.
Anyway the argument in this video is very simple, and we’ve been having this
debate for over five decades (which is wild because we weren’t even alive back
then, and we did that.) Said argument: digital painting isn’t real painting.
There are videos on this topic already, but I’m trying to look at this from a
different angle. First off I won’t be discussing whether or not digital art
in general is real art because if you believe that digital art isn’t real art . . .
I . . . you just . . . you know . . . Secondly, I won’t be explaining the meanings of words today
either. See, the actual definition of painting is that you’re using actual
paint, and obviously with digital painting, you are not. However, and this is
wild to me that I have to even say this, but the meanings of words change over
time as new advancements in technology and society are developed. If I asked you
what a desktop was in the year 1955, you would just tell me it was the top of
a desk. But now I’m pretty sure if someone says “desktop” your first thought
is this. See there’s a good reason I’m not making a deep linguistics video, or
an etymology discussion today; and that’s because I have no idea what either of
those things are. The only things I actually read nowadays are tea, shade and
the word of Jesus. And whilst reading said tea and shade, respectively, in the
youtube comment section; I noticed would I call “Comment Crusaders”. The
people who make it their divine mission to educate me and the rest of the world
on their holy crusade of logic and gatekeeping. They just kind of give off
this Reddit energy . . . 4chan energy; and if I’m being honest? Not a fan.
First of all, Comment Crusaders, Reddit called and they don’t even want you back.
They legitimately just called to tell me hi, and that they hoped I was having a
good day, and that they needed my social security number. You know now that I’m
saying that out loud I just realized that probably wasn’t Reddit and I need to go–
Secondly, is it really that important to you that everyone uses the exact right
definitions of words exactly as they appeared in the Oxford English
Dictionary, in the 1800’s, that you were compelled to leave a comment on a
painting video? Explaining to me (a painter) that I’m not actually painting? I
personally don’t think so, but here’s my real response to all of that. So the reason I wanted to tackle this
topic and shed some light on the truths behind this whole debate in the
community, is that I basically got really salty over like one comment. I made a
video about painting and then I get this comment:
“Oh, it’s digital painting, not painting”. First of all, Wandering (if Wandering is
even your real name) I’ve never seen somebody making argument
and then shoot a hole right through their own argument in just six words.
Wandering did that. So obviously, I loved receiving that comment. So of course I
responded like a reasonable, civil adult: “digital PAINTING”. I mean come on,
he called it painting and also said it wasn’t painting. And that kind of leads
into my next idea. So to understand the point I’m getting at here, you have to
look at the difference between drawing and painting. The main difference between
drawing and painting is anywhere from ten to fifty bucks depending on the
commission prices. With drawing, in terms of art fundamentals and not dictionary
definitions, what we’re doing is delineating. We are outlining things. We
are trying to show forms as they appear in 3d space on paper or on screen and
we’re representing that information using lines. When painting, you’re
focusing on shapes and how they interact with each other on the canvas. How you
can use shapes of color and blend them together in a way that represents the
natural world or something from your imagination, is what the process of
painting is all about. You’re not using lines to describe information. Now, there
are obviously lineless styles of drawings that are not paintings, and there
are styles of painting that do use lines. Again, this is referring to
representational art, as in this specific style, in which we are attempting to
describe things that could happen in real life or from our imagination.
Color and light are what we use to show form in
paintings. Now as you may have noticed, Color, light, form, representation are
nowhere in the dictionary definitions of painting.
Why? Because context matters. Obviously when I say “let’s go ahead and paint in
some values” but I’m sitting in front of Photoshop and a Wacom tablet,
I’m not saying “let me go grab some acrylics, some oils and just rub them all
over the screen”. That is absolutely ridiculous, and you know it is.
I’m obviously saying, let me put down some brush strokes (because yes, in
Photoshop we do use brushes) and let me use those strokes to portray color and
light in a way that represents form. bUt HEy, I feel like despite the fact
that I really just tried to kill this entire argument once and for all,
some of you probably watched this video and just thought “this guy doesn’t know
what he’s talking about”, and you know what? Let’s say I don’t. Let’s ignore all
of the points I just made hitherto and talk about your feelings instead. So if
me calling myself a digital painter just ruins your day, leaves you shaking and
crying, and forces you to immediately call the youtube comment police (which is
yourself), then my question for you is quite simple: what exactly would you like
me to call myself? A computer painter? A com-painter? You know, com-painting
doesn’t . . . it doesn’t sound like something I would call myself willingly. In fact, if
you say that out loud, it’s just kind of . . . yikes. Please tell me in the comments
what you think a better or more interesting word for it would be, as
opposed to just telling me what it’s not. This is the bottom line: you know the
truth. The actual truth (and this is what I mean). Personally, I watch YouTube to
learn a thing or two and have fun, but some of you watch YouTube because
4chan wouldn’t load, and you still needed to post your argumentative
comments. You know brub, some of you don’t even change your comments before
posting them. You wanted to write this long essay because it was some perfect
clapback to someone on on the /ic/ thread but then all of a sudden 4chan is
down, yeah? So you just control-v that comment right
into the first youtube comment section that comes up the moment you open the
website, and before i know it, here i am reading some comment about identity
politics and anime art styles. This is the truth: before you comment you already
know people are going to disagree and that you won’t be changing anyone’s
minds. When someone makes a video that’s supposed to be a helpful or entertaining
digital art video (me), and you decide to type “digital painting isn’t real”, you’re
not helping and you know you’re not. What are you accomplishing by commenting that?
Like who actually cares enough to say it’s not painting? I don’t think anybody
truly does. I think that if you do comment that, you’re literally here for
the tea brub. And honestly? Same. That’s just how we roll in the art community,
especially on Sorry to call you out like that. Here’s the portrait I
painted. You can find this image on the community tab on my channel, so go join
the community tab crew. I believe we’re close to surpassing 100,000 subscribers
closer than ever. Anyway, leave a like tell me what you think, and subscribe if you
haven’t already. Thank you for watching, and a big thank you to my 24 thousand
subscribers. Okay bye.

100 thoughts on “digital painting isn’t REAL painting

  1. A thing: you should consider using bright colours in your profile pic, especially red as I believe that is the most attention capturing colour. People should be able to recognise what it is, even if it’s a centimetre across on someone’s iPhone screen.

  2. Play his videos at x2 speed to hear his natural speech rhythm. This son of a bitch slows down his videos to get +10 minutes every time, brilliant!

  3. Why should digital art be easy? … i can say the same about abstract art… but I don't… because it's art.. none of it is easy…

  4. i think the eye whites of the guy are too bright seeing how his eyeball sockets seem more sunken 🙂 i would go 1 step shade darker

  5. If the definition of painting is using paint to create a picture, then digital painting is real painting because we're using digital paint. There are so many different kinds of paint and with the advancements of technology, digital paint is one of them.

    and btw, i'm not a digital painter, i'm a cyber painter. Thank you very much, please don't mistake my pronouns. I'll sue you in the court of SJWs and will take all your money. Thx fam much xoxo love

  6. OK, I actually thought about this in a practical sense. A digital painter is as much a painter as a person who paints on a tangible surface. However, the difference is quite extensive. Not in regards to the overall skill, talent or visual aesthetics of the painters piece, No. The extensive difference is tangibility. A virtual digital painting can be printed a million times as can an 'actual' painting but only the latter can physically produce a one and only original. 😉

  7. jajajaja los subtitulos en español fueron hecho por un venezolano o que?? jajaja look at the minute 2:23 xd

  8. As someone has done a lot of digital painting (on a cintiq companion) I agree that it’s not real art. Good for practice only. Why? Lack of precise, fluid control. It’s really that simple. I urge all digital artists to go to a museum and look at some actual paintings and examine the brushwork. There is absolutely no comparison. Digital painting is the equivalent of a musician composing music on a kazoo.

  9. I'm tired of "procreate photo copiers artists" from instagram, those shit isn't art, why did you need to make a perfect digital copy from a… digital photo/picture?

  10. Digital painting takes skill, although it does take a different set of skills for traditional art. For instance, paint mixing, or getting rid of mistakes. I think the argument is, at its core, it is much harder to undo mistakes in traditional art. Yes, you can paint over or erase, but doing that in large scale or over and over is much more difficult. Does that make it any more authentic? No. But digital art is just way more convenient, so to traditional artists, it is seen as easier or maybe even lacking of full spectrum skills.

  11. One more small point to add is physical art is a big commitment. There is no "It's done but I'm gonna play with the lighting now." Every piece created is truly a piece that shows exactly where you are in your art life, no computer adjustments or improvements, just you and all your flaws.

  12. Thank you SO MUCH for this video. I was once showing my art to a person for the first time and they were like “wow!! You’re such a good artist!!” And another person joined in and said “it’s not really art . It’s done on the computer. Don’t give her that much credit” like ITS AN ART MEDIUM JUST LIKE ANYTHING ELSE SMH

  13. Wouldn't digital painting go under the 'umbrella' of painting, like for an example watercolor , acrylic, and gouache. Those are forms of paint but can't digital painting be under the 'umbrella' too??? This is just my opinion please don't go on a rampage.

  14. If you cook on a stove, you're not a real chef. Back in my day, we cross-contaminated foods by chopping it with our bare uncleaned hands after we threw it into a fire.

  15. well then you could just call any medium painting- colored pencil? painting. oil pastels? painting. charcoal? painting. to me it just feels a little off. you're not using actual paint, therefore its not painting. i don't really care, though.
    also, you could use digital artist instead of painter? right? whatever

  16. "Hooray, I now have a tablet! Painting materials are so expensive, but I'm sure this can't be too hard! I finally get to do more than pencil sketches, how hard could this be? I understand the basics of arts."

    literally doesn't know how any of the tools in art programs work, doesn't know how blend and shit with digital tools without it being incredibly tedious, drawing on plastic/glass doesn't feel the same as canvas or paper or nearly as accurate

    "Oh no."

  17. i wanted to subscribe for the bts reference but damn im already subscribed. turning on the notifs then lol

  18. I mean, they definitely aren’t the same thing. Ones digital painting and the other is traditional painting. That’s all. Lmao.

  19. Okay, i know no one is gonna see this, but the definition or art is something you are creating, and all art is beautiful. It doesnt matter if its digital or traditional.

  20. a big difference though is in real life you have to know what colors to mix and include every color to make just what youre looking for that reflects the rest of the painting – in a software all you do is go into the color picker
    also in real life you need to know how to physically hold the brush for certain strokes and for smaller/bigger lines instead of just scaling up the size or changing the brush texture in photoshop
    i just think digital painting definitely has some advantages and shortcuts but is still art and takes skill

  21. So, just because is digital isnt art?, and what about an digital vfx artist, they aren't artist, just employers? what about sculpting, is not art an sculpt in zbrush just because it's only digital? i think the concept art is a little bit more open than people could say, it feels like a selfish thinking. Maybe an artist use pencils, another use brushes, they arent equal, they are the medium, so… i think a person who draw and paint something good, something that look artistickly (im latinoamerican sorry)… in wherever medium it is, i think it could be considered as art, the difficulty is a plus too.

  22. I mean to be frank, you aint painting… literally get a paint bucket and paint that computer screen. NOW THATS ART

  23. I have often wondered why this is called 'art'. I don't understand this. I am so glad you are explaining this.It just doesn't have any soul and I thought that's what art was about.
    What the H.

  24. hating anything new✔
    supporting Israel no matter what✔
    "back in my day…."✔
    yep everything's ready

  25. Art teacher: digital art isn’t real art because there are tools like shapes
    Also art teacher: hands out stencils and compasses

  26. I don’t necessarily think it’s real painting, but I do think it’s real art. Idk if that makes sense. It’s the same reason I don’t think drawing with markers is painting, or I don’t think digital art is drawing with markers. I think painting needs paint, but art can be whatever medium.

  27. Painting digitally is like using millions of mixed media techniques to bring the results but you dont know which were used

  28. Even tho this video is like a year old, can you make a video on how certain artists and art teachers call out Japanese art or as we call it these days "anime" not real art at all because I am ready to throw my sketchbooks at these people because if anime isn't art then most famous artist out there are not artist then e-e

  29. Digital painting isn’t painting but that doesn’t denote the art at all…it’s still amazing and hard in its own way.

  30. I used to work in an art gallery/studio of sorts. We worked mostly in glass but had various local artists' paintings and prints. I was told that if I wanted to sell my own personal, not glass related, artwork, that I could. The only rule was no digital art prints. My boss would go on about how computers make the art and not the people using the computer, and that digital art is for people who can't really draw. Then she would tell me "Well I know that you are talented, even though you use the computer, its just most people who aren't". Anyway, I never bothered to make any prints.

  31. wait. wait. hold up mfkr….. i have only one thing to say as I put down my charcoal sticks and pastels… Who The Hell Is BTS???

  32. I am a digital artist, you can check my channel…..There are no differences. The workforce is the same. Every artwork I paint , I don't modify my digital paintings with images, I paint from scratch even texts within images. Although I paint digitally, I still paint using the classical method with my digital paintings so I think there are no differences.

  33. Why do we have similar personalities? I hate that. I’ll just jump in piss
    Anyway, I actually relate to you a lot and made my mind more open

  34. I guess it counts as a view but I was busy while this was playing and my ears tried to commit suicide so I had to turn it off

  35. I have a question for the people who say this to us artists, "Are you an artist or just a consumer? If you're not an artist you sont get to decided what is 'real' are or not."

    Fans of social media artists think they know everything about art.

  36. Said blood sweat and tears and right when it started to play in my head he shut it down but mentioned bts

  37. Don't call yourself a digital painter, just call yourself talented and let them guess what youre reffering to. (They'll never get it right bc you're amazing at everything)

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