Desmond’s Life | Draw My Story | HiHo Kids

Desmond’s Life | Draw My Story | HiHo Kids

– [Desmond] Hi, everyone. It’s me, Desmond, from HiHo Kids. Actually, my full name is
Desmond Simon Arthur Vieg. Bet you didn’t know that. Today, I’m going to be
telling my life story with the help of my friend,
Koji, the amazing artist. Seriously, his art is amazing. (upbeat pop music) What up, Koji? Once upon a time in Seattle, Washington, in a chilly winter February day, a very, very cute baby boy was born. I was also born that day. Get it? I’m the cute baby. I was born on February 17th, 2010, which is exactly two years and one day after my big sister, Georgia Bean. – I don’t know. Because she looked like a bean. (woman laughs) Her birthday is February 16th, and we celebrate our birthdays together. It’s pretty cool. Georgia is in a lot of
HiHo videos with me, too, playing Japanese toys, we
make cotton candy, did yoga. We feel so lucky to get
to do fun videos together. I also have one more big
sister named Isabella, but we call her Bella. She’s 13, she’s a teenager now. Bella was one of the first people to hold me the day I was born, and she even helped pick out my name. My mom let her pick my middle name. And she didn’t just
give me one middle name, she gave me two. That’s right, two middle names. She chose Simon after my dad,
and Arthur after my grandpa. That’s why I have two middle names. Are you jealous? Sometimes Bella looks
after me and Georgia. She helps us put Legos together, and play video games with us. But mostly, she just looks
at her phone all day, ’cause I guess that’s what teenagers do. Bella and Georgia are good big sisters. I have awesome parents that
take care of me and my sisters. They love us more than anyone
else on the whole planet. The whole planet. I have two different homes. I have my dad’s house,
and I have my mom’s house. At my dad’s house, I live with my sister, my dad, my cat, Ewok, my dog, Cupid Dog, and that’s pretty much it. And at my mom’s house, I live with my Poppy, my aunt, Leslie, her cat named Skittles,
my mouse, Tiny Tim, and my sister’s pets,
Jumbo and Fluffy Butt. I wanted to call it Fluffy,
but she call it Fluffy Butt. But it does have a huge, fluffy butt. It’s like super fluffy. It’s like silk. When I’m with my dad, we like to go on bike rides in the summer. Wahoo. And go hiking in the
mountains on the winter. We even cut down our Christmas
tree every year with my dad. I love Christmas. My dad makes the best
pizza in the entire world. Entire world. Best pizza, whole world, made by my own dad. When I’m with my mom, I love
going on family adventures like ocean shores, whoosh, is in the great world
flood, woo-hoo, cowabunga. (woman laughs) In the summer, we like to go
to the beach every single day. Every night before I go to sleep, my mom lets me pick out a bedtime song and it helps me fall asleep. I usually pick the Beastie Boys. ♪ You gotta fight ♪ ♪ For your right ♪ ♪ To party ♪ I love my mom and dad so much. This month I’m turning eight,
and I’m in second grade. I love school, except for the whole getting
up in the morning thing. You do not wanna see me
first thing in the morning. Like seriously, I’m super, super sweaty for some reason, ’cause I got a super big blanket. And it’s silk, but even
silkier, the real silk. My favorite class is gym. I love moving around. But the best thing about
school is all my friends. We like playing kickball, soccer, and trading Pokemon cards, and we love telling jokes. You wanna hear a joke? What did the paper say to the pencil? The paper replied, are my jokes terrible? The pencil replied… – [Woman] Oh. – [Desmond] No, that’s not how it goes. (woman laughs) There was a pencil and a paper. The paper said, are my jokes bad? The pencil replied, no,
they’re just tear-able. Ba-dum-tshh. I’m also really good at drawing. I’m so good at drawing, my mom got a tattoo of
my drawing, Mr. Hot Dog. It’s pretty sweet. It’s on my mom’s ankle
forever, and ever, and ever. Oh, my gosh. I get a lot of questions
about my ethnicity. I’m a quarter Japanese from my mom, and I’m very proud about
being Japanese and American. (speaks foreign language)
to all my Japanese friends. On my dad’s side, I’m mostly Irish. I think that’s why my eyes are hazel. Most people think I have blue eyes just ’cause I have blonde hair, but my eyes are actually
a mix of brown and green. They’re beautiful. I feel really special to
get to do HiHo videos. I met lots of other
kids doing these videos. And I’ve gotten to try
lots of yummy, yummy food. And I met so many unique people. And drawing with Koji is the best. I love my HiHo family. When I think about growing up, I’m not really sure what I wanna be. I’m just too busy enjoying
what’s happening right now. I’m constantly changing my
mind and finding new things. I love animals, but sometimes I like to learn
about aliens in outer space. Sometimes I like acting. Sometimes I wanna kick
a soccer ball around. Sometimes I like to
research conspiracy theories like the Illuminati. Other times I like to sit
down and draw funny pictures. So it’s hard for me to choose what I wanna be when I grow up. I’m only eight. Gimme a break. But I do hope I keep
doing videos for HiHo, and keep all our amazing
HiHo fans all over the world. I love you guys. You guys rock. Thank you so much for watching my videos and sending so many good gifts. And thank you for letting me
share my life story with you. If you liked this video,
don’t forget to subscribe, and check out some more
draw my story videos. That’s a wrap. Woo-hoo.

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