Dentalelle Tutoring - Tutoring for the Dental Hygiene and Assisting Board Exam

Dentalelle Tutoring – Tutoring for the Dental Hygiene and Assisting Board Exam

hello everybody my name is Kandra Roeske with dental l tutoring and I help tutor a dental assisting and dental hygiene students for the board exam and here is the website that i'm going to show you guys at dental l-com you might hear my dog Daisy she's barking at something right now I don't know what but maybe she just wants to say hello but ok so this is the dental oil tutoring website the main site so as you can see here I have a 99.3 success rate helping students pass the board exam and I think that's pretty high I am quite proud of that fact I've been tutoring for 11 years now almost 12 and I love what I do so some of you may be asking well how can you help me pass the board exam so I do have two options for the board exam so I suggest if you haven't taken the board exam before I do suggest the full board exam prep course right here um it's now called the board exam prep academy and this is because it's a fuller course so its bigger it is better and it's awesome because the biggest changes I've made is i tutor all year long so I hold live sessions twice a month I record all of them so if you're not able to attend a session that's ok because I record every single one and you can listen to the recordings as often and as many times as you want if you sign up for the board exam prep academy and what's inside is everything you have all of the information from the curriculum to pass the board exam you have new power points I have made up myself I have used a variety of textbooks the textbooks that the board exam Committee recommends and I teach everything every single topic from step one to the end so that's why I suggest the board exam prep academy because I teach you everything you will not miss a thing because I teach it all for you plus it includes mock exam packages so that you can take a test and see how you're doing so far it includes case studies videos everything you need to pass the board exam now if you've taken the board exam before and you feel you've done enough studying you just need certain areas to focus on then I then I recommend my newer course the blueprint solution so this I just developed about a month ago and this is for people who have taken the board exam before because I gave you groups and categories to study specifically from plus there's worksheets in this self study online training so that you can follow through with the worksheets and see which topics and categories you may need to focus on so students love this because it's less expensive but you don't learn everything but I I keep certain notes and materials in certain groups and categories where I feel students struggle with the month so you will not be learning the easy stuff in the blueprint solution you are mainly focusing on the areas that students have the most trouble in from all of the different categories for the board exam so students ask me typically well what's the difference between the board exam prep course academy or what's the difference between the blueprint solution so the blueprint solution is for those who have taken the board exam before and there's a lot of worksheets in the blueprint solution because I want students to go through the worksheets and see what they need to study on and then they click the links on that certain topic and there's all the information there for you but you don't have have access to live tutoring sessions twice a month because I find for those who have taken the board exam before they're one of two ways they think they want to study everything and they need to know everything once again which is perfect then I guide them to the board exam prep course Academy because it has everything or I have students who say to me well I've taken the board exam before I feel like I have studied everything enough I can't open the textbook um again because i feel like i have studied enough I don't know what else I have to study but clearly I didn't pass so I want to know what I have to focus on and that's where the blueprint solution comes in handy because if you fill out the worksheets and go through that it shows you and tells you what you need to focus on so I love them both equally the same some students do choose to sign up for the board exam prep academy and the blueprint solution which is excellent because then you know you are getting everything you are getting the course worksheets the course materials live tutoring sessions every single month all year mock exam case studies everything so it just simply depends on what you're looking for but the good thing is if you have questions you just have to click so let's say you want to learn more about the the board exam prep academy just click on it it's all right here where I explain everything that's included and I just talked about I talked about the most common questions there is a video here for you to explain it a little bit more I clicked it but it's being slow so i'll show you guys that later but yeah so it just it explains everything but let's say you wanted to learn more about the blueprint solution let's go to the home page again and click on that link i was showing you the blueprint solution same thing i have it all right here so you can learn about it i tell you what's included um you know just everything so if you have questions I suggest looking at the website first but if you still have have more questions please feel free to send me an email anytime but yeah so I do offer a lot depending on what you're looking for for the board exam so let's go back to the homepage so plus a lot of students will say to me well I want to purchase the mock exam packages too because you've probably heard by now that I do offer excellent mock exam packages so if you click right here you have them all and why you may be asking why you students like math exam packages so much will they like them because every mock exam package comes with a full power point to study from and then a separate sort of multiple choice question and then answer paper to that so what I suggest students do is I suggest to study the powerpoint typically they're very long ones at least pages or slides i suggest to study that and then go through the questions and then of course look at the answer so you do learn a lot and i have mock exam packages on every single topic or if you're thinking you want questions a little bit of everything then i have the 2015 mock exam package which has questions on a little bit of every topic or if you're thinking more specifically the case studies we have case studies if you're thinking specifically community i have communities so i have everything here for you could because believe me i've been doing this now for almost 12 years so I've thought about it I've tutored a lot of students I can happily say I know what I'm doing and I love it so if you want me to help you hey sign up I'd be happy to help you guys okay so and plus I forgot to mention if you go to the homepage or even if you click free it's the same thing but if you go to the homepage I offer something for free which has a lot of high value so you see here so if you're a dental hygiene student and you want to take the seven day free study challenge it's awesome I send you something to your email every single day on a certain topic so i give you mock exams i give you power point presentations so I help you study for the mock exam over seven days so let's just click on that for a second so all you have to do is enter in your email your first name lasting that's it and then you are automatically signed on to my list so that I send you one email every day for seven days to help you prep and to help you study for the board exam so why not because it is free and this is just something that I started over Christmas so it's fairly new but students love it um I think so far i have about 400 students signed up and there's more and more every single day which is awesome because i am here to help and I offer the same thing for dental assisting students so let's just click on that so same thing where I send you free study tools and mock exams every single day over seven days to your email all you have to do put in your email your first name last name that's it no strings attached you don't have to buy anything there's a discount though in there if you wanted to purchase the board exam prep academy or the blueprint solution there's a discount in there but you don't have to the main thing is that you're getting something for free and you are able to think and study for the board exam because that's my main purpose is to help you guys pass the board exam so I love it and this is a new thing and students have loved it so far um but yeah just sort of looking through the website here I just sort of explain why you should tutor with me and how much I can help you like I said with a 99.3 success rate that's pretty awesome and I'm pretty happy about that but yeah the guy so I will let you guys look through the website please do have a look I have recently redesigned the website because it was a little bit confusing before because I had so many things in here where students were getting confused they didn't really know what to click on so please feel free at Tom dental elcom if you need anything please email me at um Andrea at dental calm so easy easy stuff and I hope to talk to you all soon and see you guys in either the blueprint solution or the board exam prep academy

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