Dentalelle Tutoring - Enjoy a FREE 45 minute Mock Exam Session (Previously Recorded)

Dentalelle Tutoring – Enjoy a FREE 45 minute Mock Exam Session (Previously Recorded)

and I'm going to click recording so I don't forget to click that because there's a lot of people who couldn't make it today on such short notice and I want to make sure that they're able to see it so speaking of which I'm just going to check my email right here just to kind of see I have my computer open I have my iPad open I have everything open here so and I don't hear anybody so I assumed you all turned off your mic I could hear people before but I can't hear you now so I assumed you all turned off your mic and nobody's typing so I'm assuming you can't hear me okay I see that one person can hear me okay okay good sign so far can anybody see me oh and someone says that they can see me but not hear me um let me see here let me just type to that person since they can't hear me and I see an email popped up I'm sure you guys don't want to see my emails cancelled oh oh I can hear somebody pretty excited when that happens I think that's so cool let's see okay so Lisa so you can hear me and see me yes okay awesome I can't hear you that's so good um can you guys see my screen cuz I do have something up right now saying welcome to the board exam boot camp but I guess oh okay awesome because I did have a test running in the background in another room but I found that I could hear hear myself so it kind of sounded funny so I had cancelled that so I just want to make sure that everybody can see me and hear me oh and Danielle said that she can't see what everybody else is writing Danielle on the right side of your screen there should be another window a chat window because I had to open that up too so I could see everybody um chat window see mine probably looks different because I'm the presenter but mine says chat and I clicked on that and then it had opened up the chat window and you guys can still see my email so I'm sorry if you guys can see that let's see here sorry I'm just checking my email again so yeah guys give us another couple minutes just to try to get this working here but I promise it will be a full three hours so don't worry it's completely my fault I thought I was on the ball with doing all my testings but I'm the presenter so I guess things just look different so I'm just going to answer somebody's email right now because they're trying to log in but can't so I'm just kind of using a different computer screen here and sorry if I repeat myself a couple times it's just I want to make sure that everybody can see me and hear me and please forgive me I have a couple emails that people are trying to log in but can't so let me just resend something to them see so for you all who can see me and hear me if you have to use the washroom if you ever have to grab a coffee or tea now is a good time to do it so I hope you guys are excited I'm excited you can probably tell I'm very excited sorry Andrea yeah see on the chat walk is just your messages and mine oh really sir yeah like in our chat like I know I'm having the same problem oh really okay cuz I can hear now can you all hear each other yes okay cool I can hear another person but that's alright no yeah um yeah I think two of you were talking but that's it um yeah I'll check to make sure everything is opened up it looks like it is I'm sending everything to entire audience so that's all of you is it possible that for those of you who can't see the chat bar or you can't see what others are typing you had clicked off on something like you can't see the full chat bar or something I'm sorry um I'm not sure but try clicking on a couple things and see if that works yeah cuz I can see like what you say to me but I can't see you like whatever like you sent a message to Lisa but I can't see what she's saying oh god if she's typing stuff I can't see it I can only see you and I that's it okay okay so if worse comes to worse if you all can't see each other's typing the No just read what everybody is saying or also to for those of you who would like to turn on your mic that's okay we'll try that if and I could try to log back in again but I have a feeling like that won't do too much so I'm just gonna send an email to a couple people here because yeah some people are having trouble logging in still what's the point of doing a test if it works and then when people try to use it it doesn't work gotta love technology so yeah I'm trying some things for you guys to try to open it up so bear with me a couple minutes I'm kind of doing something in the background here just to see if I can like I'm trying to log in as a different person and tried to figure out why we can't see each other I'll figure this out if anybody can figure things out it's me just might take a couple minutes so I have a couple computer screens right now and for those of you who are joining late I was talking to Danielle saying I apologize for the mess in the background I'm not sure how much of it you can see but we're moving next week so there's boxes and stuff everywhere so I'm sorry about that and now I'm having trouble logging in on my other computer how funny is that it's not letting me in so if it helps we probably won't start until 12:30 so for those of you who are in now if you you know need to get a snack or something now is a good time to do it I'm so sad cuz I did like an hour and a half test everything was fine everything was awesome but no it's not working okay well now I can log in for some reason but I didn't have to download anything but I may have done it last night so it's quite possible because what happened was I clicked on the meeting link and then it had told me to launch the meeting and then I had to click something else to launch it from my desktop but yep I can't see what anybody is writing oh but I can see my face so that's nice umm and maybe I should be typing this in too just in case you all can't hear me but I think you can I think you can all hear me okay though right okay so I'm logged in here on the right side of my screen I see it's near the bottom of a menu it says chat so I click on chat I can yeah I can see what I'm typing but not what everybody else is typing that's what's the point see audio screen I'm just kind of looking at all kinds of things yeah you're right I can't see everybody else is typing well if it makes you all feel better nobody's typing anything important per se at the moment they're just letting me know that they can't see what everybody else is typing so I must have a lock on something which I didn't mean to do that and I'm not sure why I would have done that but at least you can all see and hear me so when somebody typed something in I will let you guys know what they had said um and and also I am completely okay if you would all like to turn on your microphone and then if you have a question you can just let us know and then we can go from there too so just in case somebody can't hear me I'm just going to type that let's see here but at least you guys can see what I'm typing that's a good thing maybe if I make you all presenters which I can do that for some reason you'll be able to type and see what other people are saying well let me do this first let's see okay oh I guess I should check my cell phone too cuz I told you guys to text me if there's any technical difficulties Oh where's my cell phone oh it's over there by the puppy okay so you will see the mess behind me for a second but I'm sorry I'll be right back there we go um sorry I'm just checking my cell phone to see if anybody had any technical difficulties okay well one person still can't you see here that's okay we have ten minutes until 12:30 I will figure this out I'm gonna try to make you all presenter so at least you can see what everybody is typing because I saw that I can do that attendees that's not it what so they do change presenter oh so I can I can only make one person the presenter which I guess makes sense so that's gonna have to have to be me so I can show you guys my screen let's see sorry everybody but thank you for your patience I do appreciate it I'm just kind of looking at my test screen right now and yeah I don't know why you all can't see what everybody else is saying but can you still hear me and see me okay cuz I did push a lot of buttons I just I just want to make sure that you can still hear me and see me okay okay so so far everyone's saying yes so that's good but trust me I'll be making a phone call to this software and asking them why you all couldn't see what everybody else was saying and I'll try to get some from it so cuz that's not cool okay so we do have a couple minutes now until 12:30 I've I don't think that you'll all be able to see what everybody is saying so if anybody typed something then I will read it out loud and like I said I am totally okay if you would like to turn on the microphones and then talk to each other talk to me that is awesome I do not mind cuz yeah I can't seem to see and even on my test screen when I typed something into the chat I can only send it to the presenter which is me it doesn't give me the option to send it to everybody so and I don't know why that is so I will have to figure that out if we ever have another session which we probably won't for those of you who are taking the board exam on the 20th I believe but um that's okay at least you can all see and hear me you know like I think that's awesome and I see that somebody has said that they're going to log in again and just kind of see if that works but I think it's you I think it's me I think that's why you can't see what everybody's saying so it's not you me I'm just checking on Facebook here to see if anybody has any questions or if they're having trouble logging in as well let's see here and thank you again for your patience I'll think of something to make this up to you all I promise I will do something because this isn't your your your fault and um it reminds me of I took a course a couple weeks ago um and the same type of thing happened I tried to login I couldn't login I was so annoyed I know it's not their fault but I had looked forward to this course for like a month and then when I tried to log in I couldn't the only the only way that I could was to call in um but as soon as I saw the callin thing I thought well I don't want to have to pay for this course that I paid for so why should I call in to pay more in this course I was based in Illinois I think so I called in for like five minutes I could hear and see things when I called in but then I thought I'm pretty sure I'm being charged for this so so I had cancelled it and yeah sure enough I was charged seven dollars so um I was pretty annoyed and I couldn't even hear or see anything live so I had to watch the recording afterwards so I do understand how annoying this can be but I'm just happy that the main thing is is that you can see and hear me so I hope that's okay with everybody I'm just gonna type something in here to say we will start at 12:30 just in case somebody can't hear it and I can't hear anybody else so I don't know if you turned off the mics or if you're trying to good talk and you just can't you can't do the audio or something but let me know I can hear somebody I can hear something like it sounds like a toilets flushing using the washroom with the door open I hear that true when you're hammering really oh I hope it's not me because there's somebody inside cutting the grass but it seems sound like that you have to live in a condo you get all kinds of things oh I don't hear it now no but when I heard that it said attendee 900 weird I'm not too sure with that one so weird oh my good after that when I heard that it said attendee 10 and there's not even ten people in so we don't know why I have six people in out of time six wait yeah you don't know why it's saying that I do apologize though this is like horrible checking my emails and stuff while you guys are waiting for 12:30 to come I have no more texts so I guess that means gonna resend the link okay and I do not hear it now so I don't know if somebody turns something off but that's good I'm not sure if anybody else can hear it but I don't hear that strange sound anymore normally it's better now okay good good cuz that did sound kind of funny mm-hmm and I see some more people are logging in so that's a good sign for those of you who are logging in now can you see and hear me yay somebody had finally gotten in hi Sabrina yay Sabrina how the hell did you manage to log in did you have to install anything different because I know you've been trying for a while so I'm just curious and I'm rescinding the linked buddy again just to make sure that you are able to log in for those of you who are having trouble cuz I see for some of you you're in and then you're out and then you're in and then you're out so I want to make sure let's see here I'd I just got a lot of emails in the past like four minutes which is awesome but students asking me questions about the board exam bootcamp that I just don't have time to answer right now so I'm just making sure there's nothing pressing I guess which sounds horrible but it's 12:30 so I don't want to keep you guys waiting too much longer and Sabrina says she did have to download something so that must have been the issue um let's see there's seven people here right now I'm sorry to repeat myself again but if you could all type in the chat bar and let me know if you can see and hear me or use the mic and say your name and then if you can see or hear me just so I know please and thank you and then Lisa and I can see and hear you okay good awesome and I see the others can see and hear me too so that's great I'm just kind of waiting for two other people act I'll send them a private message just to make sure they can hear me oh yeah okay I think everybody can oh my god I'm so happy because I want to get started I just don't want anybody to have trouble logging in cuz that that makes me feel sad because we did have a full session this morning and I apologize again for those people who tried to sign up and then I had sent you an email saying the session was full cuz I didn't expect that to happen which is good but um for my software that I was using I could only take 25 people at a time and I wasn't expecting to be tutoring 25 people so I I wasn't expecting it to fill up so that's why I had opened up this no no I hope that's okay though again I do apologize about that and I do hope that this helps because we will be learning a lot today I'm pretty excited I know when I took the board exam I did I didn't have a tutor I had nobody because there was not such a thing out there um I think there was actually there was one company I can't think of the name but they were poor like $600 or something for a course so I couldn't do it but though I do try to make this easier for you okay so it's 12:30 – I'm just gonna check my email one more time and then we will get started because hey we might as well um can everybody see my screen okay because I can see it on my test screen so I hope you can all see it and for the board exam boot camp today I'm literally going over questions from each topic so you will hear a little bit from oral pathology from pharmacology from add PI from community you'll be hearing some case studies all kinds of fun things so we will be doing a lot today I see a few more people logging in so that's good checking my cell phone making sure nobody's having issues and I suppose – I'll just keep on checking my email and stuff when you guys are thinking about the question so let me get started because that kind of makes the most sense so is everybody ready everyone ready and um yes you will be getting the questions and the answers afterwards plus the recording I have started it so that is good to go so you'll be having all of this afterwards not a problem and again I apologize that this took so long I could say this will not happen again but what if you are taking the board exam May 21st or May 20th I think so you probably will not have another session okay so everybody is ready I wish you I could see what everybody is saying but that's okay I will let you guys know so at the same time when I'm going over the questions don't be afraid to type in the chat bar your answer because nobody else can see it so you so you don't have to think oh well is this a stupid answer there's no such thing because you you have all studied a lot so when I go over the questions don't think oh well I'm kind of afraid to say something because Andrea might get mad or she might think that I should know this no because this is just to show you all what you may have to study more of or if you're all confused on the same question that will tell me you know oh well how come they're all confused I clearly haven't been clear on what you should know so anyway without further ado let's get started and everybody can see my screen okay I assume so here's the first question and this question has been on the exam quite often so I just want to make sure you all know this and in these answers a lot of them sound similar and I did that on purpose because on the board exam things are tricky so could this be an allergic reaction becoming paralyzed in both lakes a possible side effect of local anesthetic or a normal reaction that will go away so okay I will give you guys you know a minute or so to answer this and I won't be talking too much because I don't want to sound annoying so I will give you guys time but if at any time you have questions or you're not sure about something just type in the chat bar and let me know I like what I'm seeing so far though mm-hmm I can't tell you what that is because not everybody has answer yet and I kind of want to give you guys each a chance and also having that said if I'm moving too fast let me know okay so a lot of you picked C and yes it is C and this has happened actually not often but I work in an office part-time and sometimes after local I have client or patients say to me that they they felt they were they were frozen for too long sometimes the freezing comes out to two hours later sometimes six hours later it depends on the patient but if they still feel frozen a day after that's when we say to let us know because that's not normal but quite often that sensation does go away um it could go away two days later it could go away six months later it's hard to say but quite often it does go away to have it be permanent where a patient might say they've lost feeling in tip of their tongue or the side of their tongue that's very rare but to have them say they can't feel a part of their tongue as much as they could before and it lasted two months that could happen so does that make sense to everybody else um you all seem to pick the right answer here so I don't want to talk about this too much because you all seem to know what I'm talking about so okay and everyone's saying yep you know what easy just move on so I will move on okay so this is the next question now please pay attention to this question read all answers carefully so why are the vasoconstrictors added is it to increase the induction time to decrease bleeding and produce a longer duration to produce a longer duration or to increase bleeding and I'll give you guys some tips after you all answer just to kind of help you but you're all doing pretty awesome so far so I don't even know if I have to give you these tips but I will anyway okay well you're all doing pretty awesome so let me just move on so yes the answer is B which where is it there we go so yes so say you were looking at this question and you thought to yourself I have no idea look at the answers and think well it can't be d because why would they add something to a local anaesthetic to increase bleeding because that's not a good thing so you kind of have an idea of well that can't be the right answer because why would they do that I don't know if that helps anybody or if that even makes sense but if you're really not sure look at the answers and pick them apart and think well why would they want to do that because clearly and anesthetics we use them a lot so if we're adding something to it it's to produce a positive effect because why would they add something to it to produce a negative effect such as increased bleeding that just doesn't make sense so I hope that that helps I was gonna say something but now I can't remember and this is what I was gonna say if you're really not sure sometimes and most often the longer answer is the right one as silly as that sounds but if you have no idea pick the longer answer and that could very well be the right one like some of you have probably heard well when in doubt pick C I don't think right at all but I say when in doubt pick the longer answer so I hope that that helps and people are saying yes that helps good okay so next one so some of you may have seen this before for those of you who have taken the full board exam prep course but it's always on the exam so I want to make sure you know so some of you are answering pretty fast so I probably don't have to read out the question and answer so I won't because I'm probably sounding annoying for some of you it's just it's been a long time since since I've done a live session so this is kind of fun lip chat oh my gosh I forgot about my coffee yep that's cool I'm just waiting for some answers here but you're all doing awesome so far so happy and most of you have taken the full board exam prep course so I'm kind of hoping that I did help with this you guys are doing great Wow I hope these aren't too easy for you oh my god okay I'm just gonna move on because you all have the right answer awesome so this happens over time I don't feel like I need to go over this more because you all have the right answer but they do ask this a lot because patients will ask you about radiation all the time probably every other patient and and and if they have any concerns often what I say in a nice way is well you have a tan you know so you've been out in the Sun probably all day that's a lot more radiation than two x-rays so it's not as bad as you might think and if your office has digital that is 50 to 80 percent less radiation which is even better so I'm just going to move on since you guys all have this awesome okaythis you you all better get right or you're in big trouble seriously you're in big trouble because this is always on the exam but people often get it wrong in fact I had this on my exam a long time ago and please read that read the answers to because they're very close and I did talk about this in my individual tutoring sessions so for those of you who have taken it with me you better answer you know who you are hey not a lot of people are answering so sorry if I scared you whoops I didn't mean to do that but some of you different answers here so I'm going to say it again read the answers very carefully if you have to sort of use a piece of paper or something to block out each answer and then do the one that sounds the most whomped if that makes sense I'm just checking my test screen and everything's still working that's awesome you know what all of you have different answers well most of you I think I steer people I'm sorry scaring is not a very good tactic I should know this and also um what I should have said at the beginning is for those of you who could be looking at a question and then you look at the answers and say oh my god they all sound the same cover up the UM the answers first um read the question cover up the VM answers and then answer the question in your head and then find it in the answers a lot of you have different answers so you know what I'll move on because most of you have the right one but I have some people who have another one that sounds very very similar so let me just say this so some of you have B and some of you have C and those are they're pretty close actually so I can't get mad um if any of you had said D I'd be mad well well not mad but I'd be thinking come on so B and C are the closest one so that's good so dum dum dum what's the right answer C so healing arts radiation protection this will be on the exam I promise you well I can't promise you because that would imply that I write the exam and I don't but it's been on every exam I've been tutoring for ten years and I'm telling you it's been on every exam even in the Dental Assisting exam it's been on it so make a note please please please healing arts radiation protection this will be on your exam and you will at least have one mark right I um any questions or any concerns just let me know but so far everybody seems fine so I will move on this is a tricky one okay so what is the safe distance that the operator needs to be away from the tube head when exposing radiation though this is kind of the old school thing where I mean I've only been working for ten years but people are telling me that before that time they had to the the button was attached to something and they had to stand a certain feat of a certain feet away because they didn't have lead-lined walls oh my god but that's what they had to do and this has been on the past few exams so I'll let you guys think here two answers are the most correct because two two answers actually are correct but the most correct is one of them so I'll let you guys answer that so far so good I'm so proud of symbol I'm I am so proud of all of you but so far you are doing awesome yep and so far there's different answers so I'll give you guys another few seconds here so far I see different answers but that's okay because I had expected that for this one because to be honest with you when I was in school I learned it one way in Dental Assisting and another way for dental hygiene and I had asked the cd8 Jo and the board exam committee what the right answer is so I'm telling you the right answer cuz I'm a little I don't know if I should be saying this but I know somebody who is on the board exam committee she can't tell me of course what will be on the exam but if I ask her question she tells me what the right answer is so I know this which makes me a good tutor okay so let me some of you have a and some of you have B which is awesome because those are the two right answers the most correct is 6-feet and this is because it has to be at least six feet um six to eight feet is the correct answer so if you're standing say ten feet away you don't have to be and you'd be like on the other side of the office so well not exactly but you know so you don't have to be but the range is six to eight feet so if you see this on the board exam the answer is six feet now hypothetically say you see this type of question and six feet isn't in the answer then the answer is eight feet that makes sense if you see six and eight feet Arum yeah six and eight feet in the answers the answer is six feet I'm fine let me know if you're confused on that I'm just sort of checking the chat bar to see if anybody's confused but so far you all say things are fine I'm just gonna have some water here since my well actually I have a sticker for my coffee so let me take that that off because I think I can have a free one next time everybody seems fine so let me move on okay um somebody has a question if they had seven or eight feet should we still put eight yes so if six is not there put eight feet eight is not there put six feet but if six and feet are door put six feet because that's the minimum allowed but I'm happy to say that in the offices these days I'm please you have to have lead-lined walls so this shouldn't be an issue but they do ask that still on the board exam I don't know why but anyway so hopefully that helps that did sending a message to somebody here asking me something privately but okay um so is everybody okay with that it looks like you are so let me move on okay this is a fun one this will be on your exam I promise you that because they always ask you will not need to know this for the real world but you will need to know it for the board exam so I'll shut up I will let you I'll let you read it and then let me know what you think and I'll have some more water because I'm starting to lose my voice I can tell well there we go there's a chemical name and a no I did it good and I'll give you guys a moment because this is a hard one but I want you guys to know this everything seems okay on my screen here

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