Deep Quotes

Deep Quotes

České titulky (Czech subtitles) Citáty a Rčení Vyrobila La Fleur Nejbolestivější loučení jsou ty, jenž nebyli vysvětleny nebo očekávány . Oči jsou zbytečné, když je mysl zaslepená. Vždy jsem milovala ten nápad nebýt taková, jakou lidé očekávají že budu. Zamilovala jsem se do duše, ne do tváře. Tvoje srdce ti nikdy nebude lhát. To je práce tvého mozku. Doufám že najdeš někoho, kdo ví, jak tě milovat když jsi smutná. ~Jsi roztrhaná z každého kraje, ale jsi mistrovský kousek~ Vše se změnilo a dosud , jsem více já, než jsem kdy byla. Nikdy není příliš pozdě na to, znovu milovat sama sebe. Chceš vědět co se někdo bojí že ztratí? Koukni se co fotí. Možná vše bylo mysleno být tímto způsobem. Proč je tak snadné zabít naší radost ale tak těžké zabít náš smutek? Ignorujeme pravdu pro dočasnou radost. Já jen chci mít čistou mysl a šťastné srdce. Některé srdce si rozumí navzájem a to i když je ticho. Jsem unavená/ý z potkávání stejných lidí v jiných tělech. Nikdo není ty a to je tvoje síla. Myslím že ta nejobtížnější osoba kterou můžeš milovat jsi ty. Konec Vyrobila La Fleur HUDBA Halo (Cover) – Madilyn Bailey Obrázky z

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  1. what we photograph says so much about what matters to us for me beauty is only skin deep its what is in the heart that matters loving ourselves can be a rebellious act! We are all a masterpiece in PROGRESS!💗

  2. Love u La Fleur for lines..
    I fall forward in life with your lines its all bcoz of u THANK UuU keep updating……….

  3. I had subscribed to you from the first video I saw of you but it suddenly unsubscribed you so I searched the whole internet up for you. I love you lots…. Please never stop💖💕

  4. Take youre time this is going to be long..

    I have a crush someone for 8 years. We grew up together and now we're bestfriends. He doesnt know anything about the feelings i have for him. Hes a dude who's searching for the love of his life by dating girls..and whenever he had a crush on someone he would tell me and and ask me for help. I always helped him since i was his bestfriends. Whenever we got in a relationship i would congrats him and later that night cry myself to sleep. Actually no one knows about how much i love him. 6 years past..we grew from little kids playing with dolls and cars to teens playing fornite. And i still have the same feelings. He dated every girl in the middleschool we where.. exept me. Because of that i suffered from anxiety and i hated myself for being so ugly that my bff wouldnt date me. Im high school..i felt like he was not the old dude i knew..he became very shy and seemed a little bit sad so i went to him and asked him friendly "whats wrong?" And he anwered the reason why he was down was because he felt guilty about how many girls he dated and that he lose the hope of finding his love of life. I was a little bit relieved that he told me he felt guilty but i was very mad cause why didnt he just come to me and ask ME out..why wasnt i his type..what is missing in me!
    Months past. A lot of girls asked him out and he would always regret them. I would always stick next to him and tell him that im here for him. I would give him motivation hugs when he was crying..i could tell that he was thankful for me. He didnt date anybody for about 2 years. The guy that would date every month didn't date for damn 2 YEARS, but i would still be next to him and help him. We were in the 3rd year of high school and i realized that how he was feeling shy around me…our friends also told me how this dude was acting different around me..they were teasing me…i loved it but would always scream "WERE JUST FRIENDS!"
    I felt really happy after so many years of waiting there was a chance of having him…but i wouldnt confess to him HE HAS TO CONFESS TO ME
    Cuz what if they are lying and our years of friendship would break. Hes SHYNESS around me was growing bigger and bigger and i was geting more excited every moment. We had holidays and i went with my parents in a vacation to asia…but what i didn't knew was that its not just a vacation…we were MOVING to this country. When my parents told me thay were going to LIVE here…the first thing i did was going to text my bff but i was to late…my self phone was gone and the nr of all the friends inside my parents phone where all deleted. I broke down and felt guilty why i didnt told my BEST FRIEND that i love him more than 8 DAMN YEARS before it was too late….
    Somehow i maneged to get his nr. After months of research on the web ..i found him by finding a small website of the swimming class his friend went (it was damn hard to find him)
    When i called him i was shaking crying and terrified of how im supposed to tell him about my feelings. We both cryed for a while and then he told me that he was DATING…AGAIN!
    Just..he told me he's them jappiest now ..and that he belives he fould the love of his life…it was a guy..A FXCKING GUY!! HES GAY…i acted cool and congratulated his like always…..and later that night….i didnt cry…infact i laughed. I was laughing at myself for how weird my love life is….
    Well now…im still single. I still wished to go back when we were young and tell him what he really means to me..but its too late..we both are in collage now he somewhere in europe and me somewhere in asia..hes still together with his bf while i am regreting every guy who's asking me out..i feel happy for him..and i dont care if his mine or long he is happy..we dont talk often anymore..we both got busy with our careers..hes slowly forgetting me and i want to ignore him and move on..
    But the truth is i still like him…thats why i care for him and his happiness..and if he's going to be happy without me i wont let him know what hes for me..wish me good luck to move on

    Now you might be thinking that all fake and i created my own ff…listen i dont care…i just thought my story is uncommon so i wanted to share it…have a nice day

  5. My life really such a depression and I hate it, it just annoy me and frustrated me I think it's too late even I read this quotes

  6. Imperfect

    Im perfect

    Play life just like how it play to you.

    Be with the star, light thus dark sky and prove that even in a hopeless place you can find ways

    Original by:

    Keep moving forward but never forget to take a look back
    Cuz a person who never look back from where he/she came will never reach his/her destination.

    -My country's favorite quote

  7. I smile to hide my laughter you know why ? Pain = laughter

    sometimes I laugh at my pain but that does not mean I do not feel it.

    – me

  8. I guess I love my scars and I’m supposed to love them because they represent my past, what I have survived that was supposed to kill me and they stay longer that anyone.

  9. "Someone's gonna know how much the person is worth to them when they disappear in their life's"

    "This world is full of fake people with fake personalities and 2 faces"


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