Decluttering & Organizing My Arts & Crafts Supplies the Konmari Way | Moving Into My New Apartment

Decluttering & Organizing My Arts & Crafts Supplies the Konmari Way | Moving Into My New Apartment

– Hey guys, welcome
back to my channel. In the last episode of
my moving in series, we built my new furniture for
my new arts and crafts room and today it’s finally time to declutter and to organize my supplies. (bright electronic music) To make it easier for myself, I will be following the KonMari method invented by Marie Kondo. According to her method, you only want to keep
things that spark your joy, but to actually be able to fight it out you need to go through
everything you have one by one. Here, it’s important to
envision your ideal life, so I wanted to have my
arts and craft space to be organized but clutter-free and also accessible to
avoid any frustration or wasting time while
searching for my supplies. To have a clear and organized space would also mean having a clear mind that allows you to feel inspired. So in order to figure out
what we should let go of and what you can keep, it’s important to lay down everything that we have onto the floor. Since I’ve just moved and had all my stuff in different boxes, I put as much as possible onto the floor before I went through
every item in front of me. First I took some of the
items like pens, glue, if they’re still usable, and then asked myself if
they really spark my joy. Some other things you can ask yourself is when was the last time I used it? Will I use it in the near future? If so, for what? Why am I holding onto it? Was it expensive even
though I don’t use it? Did I get it just because it was on sale but I actually don’t need it? Did I get it only for the
thrill of buying something? Do I really use this medium? Would I buy this item again and do I really need 100
different pencils and ball pens? Sometimes you have those
items that are still usable and at some point you actually use them but not anymore, and some of those items can evoke feelings like
stress, frustration, or the feeling of being
overwhelmed or disinterest. This means these items expired for you. Maybe you had a hobby you used to enjoy or craft supplies that you
wanted to use but never did. They might still be in a good shape but their time has passed, and that’s okay when things
don’t serve us anymore. Those things have helped us, supported us and served a
purpose in our life in some way but now it’s time to thank
them and to let them go. Some items might be part of a collection, but do you really like all
the items in this collection? A collection should be curated
and not just being cluttered with all sorts of things
that fit together. They should be picked out carefully. For example, I had a huge tape collection but I actually only used two
or three different tapes. The rest, I didn’t really use or like, but I didn’t want to let go of them. You might think you will need
it at one day in the future, but one day usually never happens. I will be donating my
arts and crafts supplies to organizations that will
actually need and use them so they can bring joy to other people, and if you will actually need it one day, for example, in a few years,
you can still buy it again. Once I had everything discarded, I started collecting and
organizing everything into categories that made sense to me so I could see what I have left to be able to organize it
and to designate a space for every item better. I created categories such as paper, pens, molds, clay, soap, paint and
other things like brushes and organized everything accordingly, and from here I could
start placing everything into my drawers. I started with the lowest drawer first and placed all my different molds inside, dividing them into
silicon and plastic molds. I’m so happy that I can
now see exactly what I have and easily get something out instead of digging through boxes or looking through different
areas to find something. For organizing my arts
and crafts supplies, I used these paper dividers from IKEA and arranged them inside the
drawers the way I needed it. This is everything I have
in the clay category. Some clay, cutters and
other molding tools. I used the small dividers
to organize my tools and the rest of the space,
I could use for my clay. This is what I have left
of my soap-making supplies. Here I only threw out some empty bottles and the rest I placed
into small plastic bags so nothing could
accidentally leak out later. I divided the space
into my different soaps, soap color and scent, rubbing
alcohol and Popsicle sticks. I liked the fact that everything
is in separate containers and I can see exactly where everything is and how many things I
have to have an overview. Next we have my collection of
glues and all sorts of glazes. Here I kept most of it because
I use everything all the time and now it’s great to have
everything in one place. Next we have my leftover items for jewelry-making and other decorations. I divided them into categories like metal items and decoration items. I still have more in
the basement, I think, that I haven’t found yet so we will see what I
will do with the rest. Here I filled two small jars
with my decoration scents so I could throw away the big bottle and packed my small
glitter jars upside-down using the divider boxes so I could see exactly what colors I have. The next category
contains different tapes, ribbons, sewing and gift-wrapping items such as gift ribbon and tags. I felt like these items are
similar and would fit together. I got rid of most of my ribbons, tapes, and just kept everything
that sparked my joy or that I plan on using. Since I still had so
many DIY supplies left, I used my other tall ALEX drawer unit to separate the stuff the same way. In the lowest drawer I
used four different cups and containers that I use
for different DIY projects and then placed my candle-making
supplies in the next drawer and the rest, I filled
with fabric and other tools and DIY project supplies
such as Perler beads and the peg boards. Now we only have to
organize my art supplies. Let’s start with the paper. This is my painting and
drawing paper collection. Here I used the other ALEX
drawer unit to divide my paper into paper for watercolor,
drawing and acrylic, and then divided the rest of
my paper and special foils such as colored paper,
cardboard and shrinking plastic into one of the other drawers. I also put some of my old
drawings and paintings next to it but this is only temporary because it’s not everything I have. I still had so many different art supplies so I decided I will use the lowest drawer and place the paper divider inside to separate my smaller paints and pens. I divided them into porcelain pens, porcelain and fabric paint, and other art supplies and tools. Next on the list are my
acrylic watercolor paints and other sprays. Here I checked if the
bottles are empty or not and placed the rest into the
basket I got from IKEA as well. It’s great because you can move it around without having to carry
the bottles separately. I also decluttered my brush collection and for now I wanted to put
them above my ALEX drawers using small plastic baskets
that I got from IKEA as well that you can find in the kitchen section. It took me some time to
screw them onto the wall because the screws are below the bar so it was tricky and tiring, but once I attached
everything to the wall, I added the plastic baskets and
placed the different brushes by category inside the baskets. There’s still room for other
paints and maybe even plants. You will see. And my other things I use on a daily basis like pens and other everyday stationery, I put into my desk drawer
using my plastic containers from IKEA that I already had. I kept my tools together such as compass, ruler, tape and hole puncher so I don’t have to look
around in different drawers. And some other notepads and envelopes I placed simply into the drawers. I still haven’t figured out
the perfect organization for that but it will work for now. Now what was left to do was
attaching my pegboard I got from IKEA onto the wall, and then arranging all my other stationery that I use and spark my joy. The great thing about it is that you can always switch
things up and adjust it. I added some washi tapes and colorful pens and this is the setup at the moment. But for now I think this
setup looks cute and happy. I still have some other crafts and arts supplies that I need to organize such as gift wrapping paper and canvases so I will show you that
in one of my other videos, so stay tuned for that. In the next episode, we are going to decorate
my arts and crafts rooms so be sure to turn notifications on to get notified when I upload a new video. I really hope you like the
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I will see you soon, bye.

100 thoughts on “Decluttering & Organizing My Arts & Crafts Supplies the Konmari Way | Moving Into My New Apartment

  1. Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! I spent 2 full days decluttering & organizing my arts & crafts supplies and I'm so happy with the result! I hope you find this video helpful! Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up to support this channel, it would mean a lot to me! And let me know what other videos in this series you would like to see! <3

  2. Hey Makocino, ich wollte mich nochmal bei dir bedanken, da ich dank dir angefangen habe zu malen. Mittlerweile gucke ich seltener deine Videos aber früher habe ich sie viel gesehen und auch zum Teil nachgemalt.

  3. I think rather then organised and clutter free, my ideal lifestyle is more organised chaos 😅
    Sure, I want to eventually have the space for all that glorious organisation with my art supplies, but I also love being surrounded by my art, and things I like, and random objects, toys, things I’ve found etc.
    in fact my favourite part of tidying is arranging my shelves, I just love displaying things

  4. I don't want to be rude but for me sentence "in few years you can buy it again" for me the first thing which comes up to me with it is materialism. We throw things away when we don't need it at that time and if we need it again we will buy new one of that thing. That's just my opinion so please just don't be mad at me. Also i allow you to argue with me on this topic.
    PS! your room looks great❤❤❤

  5. To be fair, sometimes Ifind that supplies I think I will never use, I eventually use and I am glad I didn't throw away. Like I had some rubber pads that I can make a stamps from and I didn't touch them for 2 years. This year I had a project of mine and I remembered I had the pads and I didn't have to spend a single pound for them! So I always try to keep things organized and decluttered, but on the other hand, sometimes it is a good idea to just put a box of "unwanted" things somewhere on the side and it might eventually come in handy. If not, you can always throw it away later. 🙂
    Anyway a great video and really nicely organized. Love it.

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  7. I dumped 4 bins my whole floor is covered. I don’t know how you do it. It’s been 3 hours and my room is worse than it started. I’m DONE cleaning, it’s still a MESS I can’t see the FLOOR. This is why I don’t clean. Anyone else have this struggle.

  8. I have trouble with letting some things go and this helped me a lot. Will definitely be using this method too, thank you.💜

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  10. The only reason why I have so much art supplies myself is that I like to look around in art shops then I feel bad for leaving without anything, plus the lady's give me sad looks when I refuse to but something that's on sale. 😂

  11. Do you happen to know the link for the peg board and the hanging storage containers you used for your paint brushes? I’m in dire need of this!

  12. I’m so happy you could make your art space so organised and de-cluttered. I love watching the Konami method videos, I just need to stop watching and start doing. I would really love a fairy godmother to come and take over! I’m 46 and been creative all my life. I have a craft room but it is such a mess and overwhelming to even think about. How do you get going when you feel like you just can’t manage it?

  13. Awesome organization! I love clean and simple. Can you tell me where you got the little glass jars? Thanks for sharing xoxo Yall

  14. I don’t get rid of anything. I always end up wanting or needing something I just threw out. It’s a terrible feeling, plus makes me spend more. I love recycling stuff so I keep everything I don’t use in large storage boxes in my balcony, knowing that when my creative juices flow and I don’t have anything on hand those things would come handy. It has never let me down. I’ve probably created over six functioning diys all from stuff I’ve stored. So the Konmari method isn’t for me, but I do love watching a good organization video. My day is complete. Thanks.

  15. thats all well and good if you have a room you can do that with and by the looks you have a very large craft room..not everyone does

  16. First and foremost, please don't let other people rule your life (you don't even have to listen to my opinion :)) I have nothing against M.Kondo personally, she might be nice, she looks rather cute, what I truly detest though are her attempts to control people's environments. Even her mum used to be concerned regarding little Marie's obsession with sorting and throwing away things! Higly possible her attitude has something to do with the Japanese aesthetics, zen masters and their gardens, generally limited space there and earthquakes likely to happen in the Pacific Ocean but there's apparently no reason why should we/you get rid of your precious belongings. Things which you have accumulated for some important reasons, either financial or emotional. In fact here is an ongoing illusion connected to the fact of "emptiness" as a synonym of new beginnings, total reset and starting your life anew, but do you really think removing stuff will change your personality, goals and general approach to life? Do you want your friends to enjoy your empty walls and your kids (if you have any) to play with the sticks? What's more, many "businesslike" folks will simply follow you to the nearest thrift shop and make a good amount of money, thanks to your "generosity", selling what you drop on eBay. To sum up, I went through a similar "zen" phase in my life, before it was even considered trendy, I threw out my diaries, letters, photos, vases, removed high street labels from my clothes, donated books and some stuff of sentimental value just to feel "free". And you know, it didn't work. I regret it till today… Besides, if your general approach to spending money and shopping doesn't change, you will end up accumulating even more clutter in the future, which will not help the nature nor yourself.

  17. Hi. What are the plastic containers at 7:50 called. I’m struggling to find them on the Ikea website. They are the perfect size for what I need but I have had no luck finding elsewhere.

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    one day didn't happen yEt

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    Me after the end of this video: I have nOThiNg

  20. I followed the advice of asking yourself if you really need something and realized I own so much trash it’s unreal

  21. Ich glaube das Video hier ist genau das, was ich gerade gebraucht habe!
    Bin hier nämlich ebenfalls beim Ausmisten (same way) und aktuell am rätseln wie ich meine Art Supplies Ideal unter bringe, ohne alles direkt auf und unter dem Schreibtisch haben zu müssen.
    Die ALEX Teile von IKEA habe ich eh schon geliebäugelt. Aber nun bin ich mir sicher, dass das genau das ist, was ich hier auch brauche, um eine Bessere Ordnung zu bekommen.

    Und diese Papierboxen für in die Schubladen sind Gold wert. So fällt einem nicht immer gleich alles zusammen und es scheint perfekt in die Schubladen zu passen!

    Also, sobald mal wieder Kohle flüssig ist, weiß ich was ich mir anschaffen werde 😀

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  26. Welche Organisationen nehmen den Art Supply Spenden an? Ich habe auch ein paar Sachen, die ich schon lange nicht mehr nutze, aber wegschmeißen in den Müll- das würde ich niemals tun.

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