DEBRA JUNGLING - Art Market Artisan

DEBRA JUNGLING – Art Market Artisan

I live in this magical Valley more layers of time are exposed for the naked eye to view where prairie grass tickles air and landscape is kissed by wind and caressed by waters tongue a timeless love affair with the elements I am a third generation Badlands dweller my name is Debra jungling and I'm a digital artist I'm a photographer a surface designer a textile designer so basically I take my photographs and I combine and manipulate them and to form art pieces basically I'm a photographer by chance I don't necessarily go out looking to set up a shot I'm just going out for the day to see what Mother Nature has to surprise me for the day unless it's when crocuses are blooming or cacti are blooming then I'm going out specifically but otherwise it's just I'm just bumbling around looking for cool stuff and and then I can't wait to get home to see how they look I enjoy the whole process really I like I like the photography part I like the design I like the fact that I'm always learning something sometimes I wake up in the morning with an idea and I have to decide am I going to go to the computer or am I going to make myself coffee which one is going to come first I would say my favorite part is the going out and taking the photographs because that's the only real time my mind is quiet otherwise it's it's always talking to me and looking at different things and I'm always distracted but when I'm out photographing it's quiet I'm always looking for new products sometimes it doesn't even exist what's in my head doesn't exist and I came across digital printing and it was the perfect marriage between my love of photography and textile designs and so there I was like years later into textiles again and what I liked about it was it set me apart from other merchants because it was my own product what I didn't expect was that the locals would embrace it as well as they did I thought it was a tourist product but it was the locals that we're buying it and they were sending the images all over the world to the relatives to their friends it was like sending a piece of home to other places

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