10 thoughts on “Death threat to artist who also wrote letter to PM Modi

  1. Sad to see people who raise voice against injustice and bigotry getting shut down by the ruling party and their illiterate goons.

  2. Lynching has become a common thing since BJP has come to power and anybody who protests it is either trolled or threatened

  3. Hi.. Where those so called liberals n intellectuals went when 5 lakh Kashmiri pandits were driven out of kashmir, some hundreds of them got massacred, almost all temples were demolished in kashmir?? Enjoying 72 virgins then..??

  4. big joke insignificant people tries to catch the attention with the letter initially and claiming threat…. jokers, India will ignore them

  5. This is all drama these libtars and just exhausted by Modi win and just want to demand BJP but Indian has now awaken

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