41 thoughts on “Dead Poets Society (Final Scene)

  1. I saw this movie when I was 12 and I cried my eyes out for 2 hours wishing the ending had been different and questioning every decision made. As I rewatch it now I cry again. This movie taught me so much and is a great example of losing the battle but winning the war

  2. I can't believe that he had passed away!!!! I watched the movie when I was around the third or fourth year in the university! We watched the movie together! I thought the ending was going to be a happy ending; Neill's father would understand him then allow him to be an actor. However, Neill decided to commit suicide! Finally, I understand the ending might be different if Neill became an actor. For, in my opinion, the most beautiful scene of the movie is the ending! And it also reminds me to Mona Lisa's ending, when all students rode their bikes to chase Julia Robert's car!

  3. In the current political climate of the United States the scene stands out to me even more. Even when you're scared or when you don't really want to be that person standing you have to in order to keep democracy alive. The cost can be very high but it's right.

  4. I was 14 when I watched this film. The whole audience at the cinema clapped at the very end, it was so moving and intense my friend and me could not stop from crying.

  5. Ending scene still reflects our world today. If you stand what you believe, there are a price to pay. Some people insist for their idology, on the other hand some people is covered by hegemony.

  6. Really interesting trivia about this scene – in the script, Cameron (the rat) was also going to stand on his desk. However, Dylan Kussman (who played Cameron) managed to convince Peter Weir that Cameron wouldn't do that. Peter Weir agreed, and instead you see Cameron looking increasingly flustered as all the other students show their respect to Mr Keating.

  7. This scene still brings a twinkle in my eye. Mad respect for Mr. Keating. You are being sorely missed, Mr. Williams 😥

  8. What an emotional film- shame about schools today. All the kids are terrified they may never get work if they don't obey,

  9. Props to the guy at 3:04–3:08. "(The Cat Sat on the Mat), I may have been your least enthusiastic student, but you have my respect."

  10. Great scene, but two things always bugged me:

    1.) the teacher suddenly disappears at the end
    2.) the music is great (imagine the whole scene without the music!), but I don´t like the 80s synthesizer-sound at the end

  11. Grammar school sucked for me. It used to be a perpetual set of rules & I always thought outside the box. English literature class was the only exception. My teacher wasn't this good, but he allowed a free exchange of ideas. This was in 1993, back when this nuanced way of educating was taking over. The problem is it needs a balance, or you get children today in 2017 who don't know how to accept a view different to theirs. I think any senior student (ages 16 to 18) should be ashamed if they can't have a talk & not get upset.

  12. There is a spirit
    Fighting for justice
    in all of mankind
    he taught them to follow it

    Now we can rate this haiku with the bs perfection scale on page 21 of the introduction in their textbooks.

  13. I remembered I watch this movie in grade 8 and I cried and then I watched it again last week ago and then I cried again. This scene was just so inspirational and emotional 😭👍👌

  14. GREAT SCENE, I LOVED IT ! Students has shown his teacher John they are his friends ! But John could stay in school.

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