Dead Poet Society ending clips

Dead Poet Society ending clips

find a permanent English teacher during the break who will tell me where you are in the picture textbook your standard sin' huh in I can't hear you mr. Anderson in Sugar kindly for me mr. camera we skipped around a lot sir we covered the Romantics and some of the chapters on post-civil war literature what about the realist I believe we skipped most of that sir all right then we'll start over what is poetry gun excuse me I came for my personals should I come back after class get them now mr. Keating gentlemen turn to page 21 of the introduction miss Cameron read aloud the excellent essay by dr. Pritchard on understanding poetry that page has been ripped out sir well borrow somebody else's bill they're all ripped out sir oh you mean the girl ripped out sir we nevermind rhe understanding poetry by dr. J Evans Pritchard PhD to fully understand poetry we must first be fluent with its meter rhyme and figures of speech then ask two questions one how artfully has the objective of the poem been rendered two how important is that objective question one rates the poems perfection question two rates its importance and once these questions have been answered determining the poems greatness becomes a relatively simple matter if the poem score for perfection is plotted on the horizontal of a graph mr. Keating they made everybody's identities you gotta believe me it's true I do believe you talk leave mr. Keating but it wasn't his true down mr. Anderson one more outburst from you or anybody else and you're out of this school leave mr. Keating I said leave mr. Keating captain my captain sit down mr. Addison you here sit down sit down this is your final warning Edison okay you hear me Oh captain my captain mr. Street I won't you sit down no part of you I want to see it be misleading you you Thank You boys thank you you

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  1. Still, after all these years, after watching it a zillion times, still, by far, my favourite film of all time ❤️😭👏😍😌

  2. It's funny how Headmaster Nolan emphasized "Understanding Poetry" as "Excellent". Where Keating thought otherwise of that section earlier. LOL

  3. in a Word.

    To understand you must first become,
    Words must fly like hearts in the fire,
    Like hopes from distant dreams,
    a simplistic song.
    Yet nay may music play upon this night,
    Only the purest spoken river,
    Washing over these rusting embers,
    Sparking that waltish melody stronger.
    Ay to Walt; to walt
    There be no finer line.
    For when that walt is true
    You can begin to fly.
    -E. L. H.

  4. One of the more interesting aspects of this scene is that the boys who don't stand have their heads buried in their hands, no doubt in shame. Saw this nearly 20 years ago, and it's still one of the more moving film's of my upbringing.

  5. 3:15 Every single time I watch this scene, at this precise moment I'm saying out loud and with all my heart : "C'mon Pittsy ! F**k Nolan" I swear ! Every single time, like I'm part of the class ! So much Love for this movie… Carpe Diem

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