DC Comics News: Black Batman Rumors, DC Continuity, YotV

DC Comics News: Black Batman Rumors, DC Continuity, YotV

I’ve been working on launching a couple new
shows for the channel so I haven’t laid down the nerd beat 411 in a while so
I’m breaking the news into 2 segments. Today I’m covering the latest DC Comics news.
Tomorrow I cover Marvel Comics and the recent Brian Woods controversy. But
we’re in the now and we’re talking DC Comics. DC Comics leaked plans for a black
character taking the Batman mantle next year, outrage clicks ensued. Tom
King swears Batman 78 and 79 are important. Year of the Villain mastermind
Scott Snyder is trying to spin DC’s broken continuity…the buck stops here folks!
DC continues spoiling Snyder’s “biggest event ever” Year of the Villain in
hopes people will care. Finally, Brian Michael Bendis is opting out of Year of the
Villain, every other writer at DC wishes they could do the same.
It’s time to dig into all the details of today’s DC Comics news!
ComicBook.com reports, Superheroes and race have been a hot topic the last few
years, as the comic book industry has strived for greater diversity in its characters.
Well, that discussion is about to enter a bold new chapter, as it’s being rumored
that DC Comics is about to introduce a black Batman into the franchise.
The new rumor states that in summer 2020 up through 2021, DC Comics will
introduce a Black Batman character into the DC Universe. As reported by Bleeding
Cool: “DC Comics is planning to bring us a black
Batman. Not Bruce Wayne, but someone else donning the cowl and cape. Who
this new Batman will be, we don’t know. All we have been told is that it won’t
be Duke Thomas, the young man previously teased as taking on the role of
Robin and Batman to come.” That’s not a lot of information to work on,
though BC notes that there are several likely possibilities for how this will go
down: Batwing – Both David Zavimbe and Luke Fox
have worn the Batwing mantle – and both men would arguably be contenders to take
on the full mantle of Batman. Black Lightning – Batman and Black Lightning
have been working together on The Outsiders team. If there’s a need for someone
to simply fill-in for an absent Batman, Black Lightning has the experience
and connections to do it. There is, of course, always the possibility
that DC will introduce a new character who will end up being the Black Batman. It’s
a move that DC Comics has made before: in 1992 the publisher introduced the
character of Azrael into the Batman mythos, as the assassin agent of a pious and
violent religious cult; one year later, Azrael stepped into the Batman mantle full-time,
after Bruce Wayne’s back was broken by Bane.
That’s all to say: with a runway of summer 2020 until 2021, DC has plenty of time
to introduce a new character and give him a story that allows fans to really get to
know him, before seeing him step up to take on the Batman mantle.
As should be expected, this change will no doubt spark the usual (and tired)
debate about whether or not changing an established character’s race is the way
to go, or whether or not expanded diversity means creating new characters of
different ethnic backgrounds. DC could arguably walk the tightrope down the
middle, if it indeed creates a new black character, but gives him a familiar mantle
to inhabit. First I want to address the hypocrisy of comicbook.com
reporter Kofi Outlaw. Specifically his stating, “this change will
no doubt spark the usual (and tired) debate about whether or not changing an established
character’s race is the way to go.” Bro you literally reported this to
generate outrage based clicks. So jump off your high horse. You could have just reported
a new character would be taking up the Batman mantle. You purposefully included
the rumor regarding the characters race because you wanted to spark
debate about established character race. The only thing tired here is you trying
to pretend like you’re above anything. Now that I’ve addressed the hypocrite in the
room I’ll give my thoughts on why it’s really not that big a deal and also why
people should be concerned. If we’re talking about Batman as a mantle
literally anyone can take it up and be Batman. Race swapping the Bruce Wayne character
would be wrong in my opinion. But they aren’t talking about that.
It sounds like Bruce will be giving up the mantle to work on his relationship with
Catwoman in Tom King’s Batman Catwoman maxiseries. I really hope you all
could hear my eyes roll during that line. The pervasive rumor is Luke Fox aka
Batwing will take up the role of Batman in 2020 for a relatively short period of time
before Bruce returns to Gotham. Are DC Comics customers going to support 12 months
of Batman comics with someone other than Bruce Wayne? That’s a whole
nother debate. And I personally don’t think race has much of anything
to do with it. People always resist change in the beginning.
But if DC Comics and the new Batman writer setup Luke Fox’s ascension to
Batman well and write good stories. People will support it. The debut issue is
all but guaranteed to sell a ton of Batman comics as speculators and collectors
gobble up as many copies as possible. It sounds like a nice problem to
have but DC needs to plan well for this. If speculators and collectors grab a majority
of the comics and actual Batman readers are left high and dry (which has happened)
it might not matter if it’s set up well. Would most readers prefer Bruce Wayne
as Batman? Absolutely! But I firmly believe readers will support any Batman
regardless of race if the story and character are compelling. And therein lies
the real issue with this proposed change.
This has Brian Michael Bendis fingerprints all over it. He already used this exact
same plot device twice at Marvel Comics with Spider-Man and Iron Man. Neither
characters ever really caught on with Bendis at the helm. Not because people are
opposed to the change but mostly because he’s beyond spent as a writer. Miles
Morales was bland and his only real character trait was being severely
overpowered under Bendis. He wrote Riri Williams as sociopath who never learns
from her mistakes, because she was never allowed to make any. Both characters
were dead in the water under Bendis. And a lot of that has to do with the age of
the characters. Bendis-speak is an issue with any series he writes but if the
character is under the age of 20 it gets dialed up to unbearable. His younger
characters are always way too snarky and the supporting cast are just there to
reaffirm how great they are. If, as everyone expects, Brian Michael Bendis
is the writer behind the new black Batman it will absolutely fail. He’s tried
the exact same story twice and failed miserably. His writing quality at DC continues
sinking as he picks up more and more titles to write. The easiest way to ensure
this new black version of Batman fails is to let Bendis or any of his minions
get their hands on him. And that’s not the fault of comic readers. That’s on DC management’s
Dan DiDio, Jim Lee and Bob Harass, who continue proving month after
month they’re completely incompetent.
CBR.com is reporting, Ever since the heartbreaking events of Batman #50, Bruce
Wayne and Selina Kyle have been, for lack of a better term, broken up. While the
series was building up to the two’s wedding, things took a turn when Catwoman,
unknowingly manipulated by Bane, left Batman at the altar.
Since then, the two have been on the outs – that is, until Selina showed up to
help Bruce at the start of the currently unfolding “City of Bane” storyline. Now, it
appears as if the series will once again shift focus to the two star-crossed lovers in
the next two issues, which writer Tom King promises to be the most important of
his run. “Starting next week, Batman 78 and 79, which
focus on Batman and Catwoman after the wedding, may be the most important
issues I’ve written,” King tweeted. “The culmination of so much. And Clay’s art…
From the first kiss to the last…” On top of this tease, King also shared a page
from one of the issues featuring Batman and Catwoman on a
boat, a flashback to the Golden-Age version of the start of their relationship.
King took the reins of the Batman series at the start of the Rebirth initiative in
2016. The writer’s tenure will end with the conclusion of “City of Bane,” which will
lead to the 12-issue limited series Batman/Catwoman that will serve as the official
ending of King’s story. Tom King’s Batman has been spectacularly bad
during the lead-up to and post- Wedding. The 12 Angry Men story following
it wasn’t terrible but there hasn’t been an issue worth recommending since Tom
King shot Dick Grayson in the head and ruined the Nightwing series alongside
his Bat-mess in Batman #55. The only thing important about Batman 78 and 79 is
readers are 2 issues closer to him exiting the series for good. Anyone who believes
King’s hype at this point might as well wish upon a star while they’re at it.
After all the damage King’s done to the Batman character and DC as a whole now, all
he has left are empty promises. After customer backlash following the events
of Batman #50 he reassured readers that this was the midway point of an epic
100-issue story arc and if they remained patient, they would be rewarded with “City
of Bane”. I remember thinking this man expects readers to spend $200 and wait
2 years for the payoff? Thankfully most sane people exited the series and the
only people left buying it are King fanboys and completionists who don’t read
the comics anyway. Of course he didn’t even make it to issue 100 before exiting
and “City of Bane” is fourth-rate Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises fanfic.
Anyone who believes Tom King’s fake hype deserves to be ripped-off at this
point. I will of course fully document two more empty promises in all of Tom King’s
disappointing glory right here on the channel with full reviews of Batman 78
and 79. I’m reading these books so you don’t have to!
According to CBR, Recently, in the pages of Justice League, several of the team’s
heroes traveled back in time, only to find themselves face-to-face with the Justice
Society of America in their physical prime at the start of World War II. However,
the crossover event Doomsday Clock had revealed the Golden Age super-team
was erased from the DC Universe by Doctor Manhattan. According to Justice
League co-writer Scott Snyder, these discrepancies will be resolved in the near
future. Without spoiling the current Justice League
storyline, Snyder hinted that the connections between his series and Doomsday
Clock will be addressed soon. “We’re all working in one big tapestry. What
Geoff [Johns] is doing in Doomsday Clock is definitely going to inform what we’re
doing here. And think what Brian [Michael Bendis] is doing with Millennium
is part of a big story that we’re trying to coordinate with,” he explained to Newsarama.
“We definitely want you to feel like, as you read these, that there are
connections, and that they make sense, and that they tie together and all of that,”
he continued. “If you’re patient with us and just wait and see, some of those
connections and some of those ties are going to come in later when we explain
how things cross over from one neighborhood of the DCU to another.”
I really like Scott Snyder. He seems like a good guy and I personally feel he
genuinely wants to deliver quality comics to DC customers. But I don’t by for a
second that he, Geoff Johns and Brian Michael Bendis pre-coordinated anything
between Doomsday Clock, Year of the Villain or the Legion of Superheroes
relaunch. DC continuity is an absolute mess at this point and I don’t necessarily
blame Snyder, Johns or Bendis to be honest. This is all par for the course of
widespread mismanagement plaguing DC Comics the past 12-18 months. Dan
DiDio, Jim Lee and Bob Harass have done everything in their power to kill any
momentum DC Comics had following DC Rebirth. Geoff Johns laid the foundation for years
of success that would culminate in the Doomsday Clock series. Unfortunately, Geoff
Johns vacated his Chief Creative Officer role to pursue a more lucrative future
in Hollywood. As soon as Scott Snyder’s Dark Knughts Metal hit, which I unaffectionately
refer to as lame 5th grade fanfic, Rebirth was abandoned and DC
immediately started going to crap. Sure there are some hit books like Batman
Who Lols but they basically carved up their mid-tier books at the same time. Flash,
Aquaman, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps and other titles that perennially
shipped at good volume are all cancelled or are basically dead at this point.
What does Snyder mean by this will all be connected? They’re gonna add a couple
of panels here and there and say, “See it’s connected!” But DC readers already
see through this and know their continuity is the biggest joke in comic books at
this point. There’s a reason DC feels like a disjointed mess right now. Because it is.
And it’s all Dan DiDio, Jim Lee and BoB Harass’ for not managing the characters,
titles and creators appropriately. Newsarama reports, The last two DC heroes
infected by the Batman Who Laughs to serve as part of his villainous Secret
Six have been revealed in a video posted to the publisher’s official Superman Twitter
account. As revealed in the tweet, the final two members
of the Secret Six are Donna Troy and Jim Gordon. They join Shazam, Hawkman,
Supergirl, and Blue Beetle to round out the heroes secretly subverted by the Batman
Who Laughs as part of DC’s ongoing “Year of the Villain” story.
The new Secret Six are also the primary villains of the just-launched
Batman/Superman ongoing title, with some of them even spinning off to solo
one-shots. DC finally spoiled the only mystery left for
their DOA Year of the Villain event. I’m not sure if the event would have been successful
if they hadn’t revealed every single secret before Joshua Willaimson’s Batman/Superman
launched. But spoiling the entire event and the central
mystery behind the series was managerial malpractice as far as I’m concerned.
I for one can’t wait until AT&T get through all their priorities and finally take
a peek at DC Comics. There’s no way Dan DiDio is surviving the absolute train
wreck he steered the publisher into. I do think Jim Lee will survive because everyone
like him for reasons and Bob Harass is a comic’s industry zombie who can’t be killed.
My prediction, Dan DiDio gets a boot squarely in his behind within the next
24 months. The sooner the better. #firedandidio
According to Newsarama, DC have pulled November 13’s Superman #17 from the
“Year of the Villain” crossover event, and have informed retailers they will be
replacing the planned acetate cover with new art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
without the event’s trade dress. That new cover has not been released – we have
included the two-part original cover here. Back in mid-August, DC de-listed Superman
#14 and Supergirl #33 as tie-ins to the event. Superman #15 and #16 remain solicited
as part of “Year of the Villain.” I’m not a huge fan of Brian Michael Bendis
but he’s doing the right thing disassociating his Superman series from Year
of the Villain. Superman has its own vast array of issues and probably couldn’t
survive another failed idea, not f his making, weighing it down. It’s too bad other
writers don’t have the stroke to get their titles away from Scott Snyder’s latest
“biggest idea ever”. It’s the Albatross weighing the entire publisher down at the
moment. I personally cancelled all my ongoing DC Comics titles because I want nothing
to do with the idea. And I have it on good authority that I’m not the only one.
Many loyal DC readers have also said enough is enough and cancelled their pulls
for any DC series associated with Year of the Villain. Kudos to Bendis for reading
the tea leaves correctly and using some of his power at DC to free his fans from this
stupid, awful waste of time and money.
That wraps up today’s DC Comics news. DC are heavily rumored to introduce a
black Batman in 2020. I personally think there will be resistance but if the story
and character are well written people will buy it. Unfortunately, it appears Bendis
is writing it so the story and character are guaranteed to be not well written. Tom
King is desperate for readers to stick with Batman through the end of “City of
Bane”. Newsflash they shouldn’t. Scott Snyder is trying to sell that year of the
Villain, Doomsday Clock and Legion of Superheroes are all part of one large pre-
coordinated DC tapestry. Sorry Scott nobodies picking up what you’re putting
down. DC continuity feels like it’s a complete mess because it is. DC’s brain trust
finally spoiled the entire lineup of the Secret Six, people still hate Year of the
Villain. Finally, Brian Michael Bendis used his superpowers for good for a change
and spared Superman readers anymore tie-ins to the lame as hell Year of the
Villain event. Thank you all so much for joining me and I hope you come back
tomorrow for the conclusion of this week’s comic industry news!

47 thoughts on “DC Comics News: Black Batman Rumors, DC Continuity, YotV

  1. We already have a black Batman. It was on one earth that raced swapped. This was mentioned in either final crisis or infinite crisis.

  2. +Thinking Critical I think it's a joke putting a Black Batman, not understanding the character has always been Bruce Wayne and that goes to Bendis!!!. meanwhile I think Snyder is going overboard with his Year Of The Villain arc. I still kinda support Jean Paul being Batman

  3. is true that in the minds of tom king fanboys(cat ladies and single lonely man) he's a genius or some shit like that, but man, at last in the minds of real comic book readers, people who read batman before him taking over the character and will keep fallowing after he leaves he will always be a joke.

  4. Here's the problem with a new Batman , be they black , white , green , blue , male , female , gay .straight , bald , freckled etc .etc ..in the Batman title , there will still be Detective Comics , Batman and the Outsiders , Justice League , Superman / Batman , The Bat and the Cat , The Cat in the Hat , The Batman who laughs , The Batman who didn't take out the garbage and his wife is making him sleep on the couch that features Bruce Wayne as the Caped Crusader ! Why ? Because DC couldn't spell continuity if you spotted them the cont AND the inuity !

  5. Honestly in my opinion this isn’t the first time Bruce Wayne quit being Batman because the last time this happened was during the Gordon Batman era which wasn’t really that great in my opinion so whatever this won’t be the first time this happened.

  6. EDITED:
    Scott Snyder adds dimensions to everything he can.
    He did it with Metal, The Flash, Justice League and will continue to do so without realizing just because you add cosmic scales and stakes that doesn't mean it's going to make your books great, it needs good writing.

  7. Readers loved it when Dick Grayson took over for Bruce from 2009-2011. Because the story was great. Batman’s first protege finally came of age and succeeded him. This…. while it could be good, it has Bendis written all over it, and it’s not too far fetched to say that Bendis would take over Batman once King was taken off of it. He was my first prediction.

    I’m still working through the Batman and Nightwing titles literally only for my scholarship in grad school, cause I study these characters. So one day I’ll be writing about how these runs went completely off the rails and failed to maintain and manage the characters.

  8. Also I am starting to feel that this year of the villain stuff has been a complete waste of time and effort and I will admit while I don’t like the idea of Superman issue 17 cover getting changed and making retailers get screwed over again I will give bendis some credit at least he’s taking Superman Away from the year of the villain stuff that’s some good news at least but now it makes all of that built up in Superman issue 12 pointless but that’s just my opinion.

  9. I love Batman, But Personally I prefer only elseworld stories now. It's too much pain to keep track on messed up continuity. For example, Scott Snyder broke Batman's legs in justice league but he was completely fine in Tom king's (shitty) batman title. And all the deaths, resurrections, reboots etc I am just tired of this Shit.
    Maybe it's good idea to permanently shift at Manga, also not to mention shonen jump has made such a sweet deal.

  10. I feel like this is being done as a test to see if they can make a Hollywood movie with a Black Batman. Not a fan of "Black versions" or "mantles", never have been, but especially not a fan of destroying the comics for Hollywood movie and entertainment aspirations. Behold the corporatization of comics and art in general.

  11. I really don't like the idea. New "artists" are using the diversity as an excuse to gives us stories and characters lacking in style and substance. What's next? Making Robin autistic? And look, I'm autistic, but I won't support that idea because I love comics as an art (if you know what I mean). I fear Bendis and DiDio are fulfilling their dream of turning DC into Marvel to a worse degree.
    Worse, I enjoyed and defended Tom King's Batman run since day one, but it all went downhill since 50th issue. The guy just makes promises he won't keep, and City of Bane is already labeled as his worst arc in the title. 2019 has been a tragic year for DC, and DiDio and Jim Lee are destroying it, wanting it all to be like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns.
    Forgive for my very long comment. I just can't cope with this Year of the Villain crap.

  12. Geoff Johns clearly had a plan for Shzam (delayed/soon to be cancelled) JSA and LoS,as well as 3 jokers and DC Managment have ruined it all.(Potentially).

  13. New black character mean Dick doesn't fill in for Bruce as he normally does. So Ric Grayson may be around as late as 2021. Good grief

  14. I am sick to death of this bullshit by DC! They keep going on about trying to turn their major established superheroes black, INSTEAD of actually trying to push and develop their ACTUAL black superheroes or even create original black superheroes! 😡

  15. Are we forgetting WHO is currently writing Batman? Tom King has wrote Batman into a weak-willed and co-dependent mess! If DC can’t even keep main-line Batman interesting or viable, then a black Batman is already doomed to fail! Especially if Bendis is the creative lead on the character! Bendis has gotten so bad at creating and developing characters, that virtually every proceeding writer handles his characters better than he does!

  16. Dude Miles Morales Spider-Man is a huge success. He's a fan favorite for many fans. He's even the star of the Spiderverse movie. Sure he had a rough start but eventually became a staple of the current Spider-Man landscape and is gladly accepted by most fans.
    Riri is going through the same rough start. Time will tell if fans eventually warm up to her or not.

  17. I had Hope for Legion of Supereheroes, LoS Millenium was CRAP… I won't support more comics with Bendis writing them. I will have more money for back issues, good comics

  18. Funny how one of the worst writers, Bendis, can opt out of crappy events if he wants to. And create more unreadable comics in return. King, he can leave with the rest of the trash.

  19. if you add claws on the black Batman he looks like a bootleg Wolverine lol. DC needs to stop giving Bendis more control

  20. Bendis needs to be the toilet cleaner at DC Comics, he should be on his knees working his way up to top notch writer in DC Comics, keep him off all DC Comics canon, an keep him on Jinxworld & elseworld titles only.

  21. Quick theory… they're gonna to remove Bruce from being Batman, so that he can be with Selina, while they introduce his black Batman, which will alienate everyone, so later they can reintroduce Bruce to be the same lonely and angry man or whatever they want.
    Man I really dislike Metal, it was the door wich Didio, Lee and Harras used to reintroduce their New52 abortion.

  22. If those creators failed to write good Batman stories with Bruce Wayne, then I never trust they'll do any better with a different character. This sounds like a poor man's Knightfall, except Knightfall was awesome, but here we've got Tom King's stupid version of it.

  23. I’m really looking forward to getting back into Batman when King leaves. That said, if they replace him with Bendis, I’ll stay gone.

  24. The mantle of Batman shouldn't just be handed over like an article of old clothing. If they are going to pass it to a black character then it has to be someone Bruce trusts deeply to live up to his standards of who Batman is and his role to the city and I don't know if there are any Black characters currently who could do so. Duke Thomas for example is working through his own shit and lacks the experience.

    To me he'd only trust someone who he's had a long working and personal relationship with and that be Nightwing. When he passed it to Azrael I really had a tough time with that, to me he passed it to Azrael out of desperation.

    I also think you can't have such a character put on the cowl and not know that this is a different Batman without changing the look entirely ie hiding his lower face and if that where the case people would suspect and not have the same impressions of this new Batman, they would just perceive him as the fraud Batman. So might as well just make a new character. Honestly I would like to see more of Luke Fox being used.

    or if they do go with the Black Batman Ideal I think i should be someone not associated with the Batfamily. A complete stranger who picks up the mantle and makes it their own because the original is gone and they feel they need to step in.

  25. Really appreciate your hard work on this video and on this channel! I don’t always agree with you, but your perspective is always well argued and reasoned, and you speak your mind openly, which is much appreciated! Love your channel!

  26. You can't just jump into the batsuit and become batman. Bruce has devoted his entire life to training for that job. Just putting on the suit doesn't just automatically give you any fighting or detective skills. I get that it's just comics and perhaps I'm overthinking it, but the whole idea that someone can just jump into his place is absurd.

    Fuck Bendis.

  27. I've dropped pretty much everything other than Detective Comics. And I was very much a DC fanboy. Going to go back and read Rebirth I think. There was so much good stuff there, and still some stuff I haven't read yet.

  28. Bendis is a follower of similar eugenics beliefs that Epstein would promote on the ruling elite. Just look at his comic book relationships between men and women. Then there is his adopted daughters. This is the reason he left marvel for d.c. rebirth against his social beliefs.

  29. Eh… I don't trust Bleeding Cool as a reliable source. Comics aren't produced on that far of a schedule. He may have saw something. But who knows what it was. Bottom line is nobody wants to see the "mantle" handed over when batmans just kind of getting going again. Two Robin's, a nightwing, batgirl, a signal, occasionally a batwing?!? ENOUGH.

  30. Beautiful art and coloring. I love how much detail the artist puts into his work.

    I also love the story. It was good to see Selina helping Batman get his
    mojo back after all he has gone through. I also loved how they were so
    torn between their love and emotions after their non-wedding. It felt
    real and deeply emotional. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I find it
    funny how so many reviewers are upset over this interlude because of the
    timing of it. I'm glad they wrote it. It was beautifully done. I don't
    think at this time Bruce has found out about Alfred yet or maybe he has
    and that's how Alfred will end up still being alive. Maybe Bruce and
    Selina set something up that switched him out somehow and he didn't get
    killed. I for one am interested in finding out how it all comes

    I honestly haven't totally hated Kings run on Batman. At times it has
    gotten so slow a dead person could out run it. Hate Gotham Girl. Hated
    Dick getting shot. But that is mostly because of him losing his memory
    more then anything else. And I'm not happy about the whole Bane arc.
    It's to much of a repeat of the Knightfall story arc. I would have liked
    it to have been centered more around Thomas Wayne instead. I think
    having him show up and the crazy things he's doing is interesting. Now
    there has been a lot of it I have liked also. Love the relationship
    growth of Selena and Bruce. Loved the date issue. I thought the jokes
    and riddles arc was good. I like how the Joker stopped him from killing
    Riddler. It made for a cool twist. King did write some interesting
    things. I'm looking forward to his run on Batman/ Catwoman series.

  31. Again? I'm starting to think that when those White Nationalists marched and chanted "they will not replace us," they had a point.

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