32 thoughts on “David Sylvian – When Poets Dreamed of Angels

  1. Way not my best, yet seemed to belong… poets dream and dreamers verse, only warriors and slaves are left to build to destroy to die to be born, and born again, the vicious cycle of the souls' food chain… I curse and I dance here in the booming rain… for you, and yes I do like the axe work, has a sensitivity, not just an attack, more a tear drop and less a cloudburst. Thank you sottolelenzuola, I say your name and it tickles my tongue, so I offer …

    "An Angel’s Teardrop"

    I focus on one single rain drop;
    the Dali clock is my blanket from the cold.
    I am so much a blues song,
    the lyrics the subtle insanity of sanity itself,
    I was hung up on the nose hairs,
    and it is nice to be among the throngs,
    an angel's warm teardrop in an ocean vast;
    let me borrow your flask
    and we shall rescue
    this one salty tear of bliss…
    just one –just the one,
    an angel’s teardrop,
    thy kingdom come
    thy will be done,
    teardrop like an ocean…
    the will of the notion;
    the Mayan’s realized it,
    that time can not clocked,
    calendars stop, yet
    not the days we are graced.
    Yes I swim and warm my self,
    my soul and she is so
    happy when she’s hot…
    and she’s always hot, never seems to stop;
    yes, I swim within, live within
    the graces of an angel’s teardrop.

    ~Tentatio mortis honore~
    By RaVen DaWn

  2. The lovers in the song September now find themselves in peril of abuse and neglect. The games they played in September are now games of manipulation like cards and chess. Love the line History lined up at a flash of their backs

    I love how David extends his chess metaphor. Here he sings of the bishops and knights well placed to attack then into the next song Mother and Child when he sings shadows form knights and pawns upon the squares . Thanks for posting this great song!

  3. A wonderful song despite the apparent simplicity,
    this record has massively influenced my music,
    from the time of its release,
    when its acoustic choice was a break with the past and in advance for its time,
    thank you 🙂

  4. beautiful orchestration . amazing guitar. it was recommended to me for the lyrics…..as happened to me.About time it was said too……even so…..stunning stuff.

  5. Who's playing guitar?

    I'm new to David please don't kill me, also, where should i start listening to his music?

  6. Secrets of the Beehive … Is totally Sublime … I was hooked the day i bought it as a shiny new LP, and it just gets better with age.

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